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I had to share this General Schmospital outtake with you.  I have to tell you, Marzipan just freakin' cracks me up.  Be sure and visit her site and have a great laugh!

Nikolas: Make a wish, Lulu!

Lulu: I wish for Tyler Christopher!

Lucky: HA HA! Eat dirt, Coltin!

Lulu: And Jonathan Jackson!

Nikolas: HA HA! Kiss my ass, Jacob!




As your webmaster, I am obligated by the Surgeon General to issue the following two warnings before you enter into this site:

1).  If you are light of heart and easily offended by colorful language and very off color humor, do NOT go to this site (yes, I do recall the "F" word being used and I'm not talking about "Felicia").

2).  If you are light of heart or suffer from any medical conditions that would make it unhealthy to laugh yourself into a coma, do NOT go to this site. 

I accidentally found this site while surfing and I thought I was going to laugh up a lung.  I am a REALLY hard sell on laughing out loud and while I was reading the outtakes, my family kept looking at me to see what I was cracking up about.  You see, I love, nay, LIVE FOR off color humor and speak fluent French (shall we say), so it was right up my ally.  Be sure and explore the whole site while you're there, but the outtakes are by far my favorite.  You absolutely MUST go to the outtakes.