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The photos in these galleries are certainly not intended to represent all of the GH photos on the net.  There is no favoritism played to any particular character.   The number of photos is based solely on what we had available to us.  The pictures on this page are thumbnails and not particularly indicative of the quality of pictures in the actual galleries.  Our utmost thanks to ABC.com for having the foresight to come out with wonderful new photos *right* when I was doing the galleries and to SoapsGirl who has a FABULOUS soap opera (and other shows) photo site and was gracious enough to allow us to hork her wonderful pictures.  There are bound to be criticisms, but please recognize that this is just as much of a pain in the butt as it looks like it would be.  Cast aside your natural tendencies to be judgmental and thwart that need to exercise (exorcise?  -smirk-) your superiority by firing out e-mails to me for not having enough Sonny and Brenda pictures or only having two Mike photos.  Some of these folks are true camera whores and others must run every time they see one.  If you have cool pics, send'em on.  Just don't swipe pictures that will make people fuss and say that we violated the copyright laws that cover the pictures they stole from someone else.   Some of these photos are only thumbnails when you click as well, because they were the only pics available to us and were too cool to pass up.  A warning:  Be careful on the Hotties page.  There are nekked pictures of Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas) that might burn the retinas of those not prepared for such steamy morsels (no frontals, just booties).  There are several hundred links here, so be sure and let me know (katrina@eyeonsoaps.com) if you find any broken links, pictures that won't load or other mischief.  Refer to our copyright notice if you are interested in taking any of the pictures.  It will tell you that you are welcome to do so.  We at EOS, particularly Renee and I, sincerely hope that you enjoy these pictures as much as we do.

AJ Quartermaine

Alexis Davis

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Amy Vining

Audrey Hardy

Bobbie Spencer

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Brenda Barrett

Carly Corinthos

Chloe Morgan

Edward & Lila

Emily Quartermaine

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Felicia Jones

Hannah Scott

Helena Cassadine


GH Hotties

Jason Morgan

Jasper Jacks

Juan Santiago

Laura Spencer

Elizabeth Webber

Lucky Spencer

Luke Spencer

Luke and Laura

Mac Scorpio

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Mike Corbin

Monica and Alan

Ned Ashton

Nikolas Cassadine

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Nurses Ball


Other Residents


GH Memories


Roy DiLucca

Sonny Corinthos

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Stefan Cassadine

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Marcus Taggert

Tony Jones