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(Laugh out loud spoilers) 

Wow!  What a week.  I hope you experienced a joyful week full of holiday celebration.  If you’re like me, you came, you celebrated, you reveled and now you’re ready for life to return to normal.  Are you busy thinking up meaningful, attainable New Year’s resolutions?  I don’t do resolutions because knowing me, if I wasn’t eating right, exercising, practicing patience, etc. yesterday, saying I’ll do it just because it’s January 1st isn’t gonna happen.  How about making a joint GH resolution?  Let’s all resolve to watch, appreciate, and write like mad both when we are pleased and displeased.  This week, I was pleased, especially with Luke’s “Christmas Carol”.


New Year’s and Stavros, what could be better? 

I love Luke.  I love Luke dark, light, drunk, in pain, angry, tender, funny, hurting and hurtful.  Luke saving Skye from the psycho Quartermaine’s as they went on an emotional feeding frenzy at her expense pulled me in.  Later, Skye, swept away with gratitude that he’d come riding to her rescue, said the scary thank you words and Luke ran like crazy.  Really he walked away from her on the docks, but the affect was the same.  He walked because he doesn’t want to become emotionally involved even while he’s drawn to and genuinely likes Skye.  As Katrina wrote in her recent soapy column “Considering Luke Spencer”, Luke and Skye are kindred spirits, which fills Luke with terror.


First he saved her, then he rejected her.

No one ever accused Luke of being easy to get along with. 

OK, let’s dive into the highlight of the week – Luke’s special Christmas episode.  I’m sitting here at my desk thinking about what to write that will sound intelligent without gushing.  Simply put, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, thought it was presented beautifully without over dramatizing, and I adored the ending.  When the grim reaper appeared, Luke wasn’t scared or surprised, he reacted as though he knew he was doomed and expected him.  “Well it’s about damn time you showed up.”  The ending worked perfectly as Luke looked up into the falling snow and spoke to Laura.  “I did it darlin’.  I’m here.  And I did it for you my angel.  Merry Christmas.”  Because life for Luke is and always will be about Laura.


From death to renewed life - it was a bumpy but worthwhile ride. 

Did anyone else think that teenage Lulu grieving over dead Lucky was Katie Stuart (Sage) in a wig or curly hairdo?  Talk about your multi-purpose actor.

If this is Katie Stuart, I wonder if she’s set a record

for most characters played within the shortest time period. 

No Fab Four members were invited to the wonderful Christmas special.  It was a nice change.  By the same token almost every cast member made an appearance on screen this week – regulars, plus Coleman, Dr. Cam, Reginald, Bobbi, Baby Kristina, Lulu, Leslie, and Mike.




I think seeing so many players in one week was a

Christmas bonus for viewers and actors. 

“Gone fishing.  Do me proud.  Luke.”  I understand that Anthony Geary has paid his dues to daytime and he deserves his perks.  But darn!  Does he have to go on winter hiatus now when I’m so absorbed in his storyline?  Obviously, his break is scheduled in January so he’ll be back by February sweeps, but I’d rather he was gracing my screen.

Dear Skye,  Time for my winter vacation.

Try to keep our storyline alive until I return.

Don’t drink from any cup that Faith has touched.  Luke 

“Jason, why are we doing this to each other?”  Well, Courtney, let me explain it to you.  You fought for your man, caught him, married him, and then left him a few weeks later when he wouldn’t change his life the way you wanted him to.  That doesn’t add up to “we” in my book.  It smacks more of “you”.  I think Jason and Courtney both need a good finger shake for not fighting for their marriage.  Jason should refuse to divorce Courtney.  Courtney should shed some tears, bite her lip and TRY to work it out with her husband while sharing the same living space.  Dressing up and partying with another man doesn’t help either.

Jason and Courtney act miserable but don’t make

any effort to work out their differences.

Kathy rolls her eyes but thinks a kiss on Monday won’t hurt. 

Anyone who thinks Brian isn’t working an agenda raise your hand.  Anyone?  Anyone?  I didn’t think so. 

I’m not buyin’ the nice guy, just want to help act. 

Alexis spoke my favorite line this week to Tracey when they were sniping at each other at the hospital.  “The Cassadine's are all mentally unhinged,” Tracey thrust.   “People in glass mental institutions shouldn’t throw stones,” Alexis parried smoothly.


I’ll pay you a dollar if you let me taste your candy cane. 

Lorenzo must not have seen the elf costume Sage was wearing when she left the apartment.  Cute as she is with her size 0 body, she was right next to indecent at the hospital Christmas party.

The invitation said to dress like Santa’s helper.

Sage thought it said Playboy Bunny party. 

I laughed on Monday when Sam declared ownership of the treasure from the Courage and then covered her ears when Nickolas didn’t agree.  “Would you please tell him (Nickolas) to take his pompous butt straight to hell,”  Sam instructed Jax with her fingers in her ears.  What was that about?  Maybe she is that childish since she played let’s make a deal with Tracey which seemed uncalled for.  Tracey will receive 30% of the treasure for the use of the Q boathouse?  Doesn’t track for me but apparently Sam bought into Tracey’s scheme.


Nanananana.  I can’t heeaaarr you. ..

If Ric’s gonna keep wearing the tender, understanding face with Liz I might begin liking him which I don’t want to do because I know I’ll be disappointed when he schemes against Sonny again.  No way do I believe that he’s over his fratricidal feelings towards Sonny.  (Isn’t fratricidal a cool word?)

Ric hugs Liz and calculates how long until he can

Realize his dream to destroy Sonny. 

Phew!  Liz finally told Zander about her pregnancy so now she can stop hiding her tummy and begin wearing cute maternity clothes.  If she dresses half as beautifully as Carly, she’ll be stylin’ big time.

Wow, beautiful and able to tolerate winter conditions in light wraps.

These actors are amazing! 

How rotten it is that Zander turned dark in a fascinating way and he’ll be leaving GH soon?  To Faith and Skye, “Ladies, isn’t it a little early to be throwing glass?”  To Faith after she offered him to Skye, “You’re lending me out now?”  He strikes me as dangerous because of his lack of caring but endearing when he smiles.  Plus, Zander in a suit with his shorter haircut appears more mature, and definitely more sexy, than the young wild man who hit Port Charles a few years ago.  And underneath the cold exterior, I know he still loves Emily.  I’m intrigued and hoping he doesn’t face budget cutting sacrificial death in February. 

Zander – Luke in Training 

Sometimes I read spoilers and roll my eyes - yeah, yeah, more of same.  But once in a while there’s a loopy one that makes me laugh or sit up in my chair in anticipation.  This week, I saw both.   

Carly commits herself to a psychiatric facility.  (GHFF)

What a crack up.  I hear voices across the land commenting, “Well it’s about time.”  When she lays on the shrink’s couch what do you think she’ll address first - the revolving love door in her mind between Sonny and Lorenzo or her penchant for trashing her life at Jake’s?

I’d like to analyze the fact that Carly has no scar

From her bullet wound. 

Jax breaks up with Sam.  (GHFF)

Okaaayyyy?  Was the compass necklace Jax’s message to Sam and us that she’s his woman now?  Or did I miss the scene where Jax asked Sam to go steady?

With this compass, I, thee own. 

"We're going to fold every single story into a cataclysmic event...We're going to turn the canvas, literally, upside-down.  It's going to be the biggest production thing this show has ever done. Nobody is going to emerge unscathed.  A number won't survive. Secrets will be revealed." .  Bob Guza (co-headwriter)
"People will do heroic things to live."  Pratt (co-headwriter) (excerpt from SOD)

Hmm.  Earthquake?  Flood?  Fire?  Deadly flu virus?  Can we say February Sweeps?  Please, please don’t let it be another explosion. 

Justus has a secret. (GHH2)

I read he’s been playing with Faith.  She probably tried to poison him with her deadly ring and that’s why he was hiding in the monastery. 

Nikolas as Johnny Depp?  Stay tuned as Emily and Nikolas do their own version of The Pirates of The Caribbean. (GHH2)

Gimme some eyeliner and long locks!  I’m there! 

On Christmas day I went to my cousin’s house like an innocent lamb to slaughter.  We talked, laughed, munched, opened presents and played Pictionary.  The three of us and our families usually manage to gather together a couple times a year and in between times, sad to say, we hardly even speak on the telephone.  In a funny set of circumstances, we each work, have two children living at home, one boy and one girl, and smart, fun, wonderful husbands dedicated to their jobs and families.  It was all normal until the last few moments as we were saying good-bye.  Hugs, kisses, yell for the kids one last time, throw down the BBQ gauntlet.

What?  How did that happen?  We did the usual have to get together more often.  I brought up BBQ in the spring, someone mentioned cookoff (we’ve been discussing it for a year now), another person said challenge and we were ON.  Guess what’s happening at my house on New Year’s Day in the afternoon?  Extraneous guests were invited to judge the offerings.  We’ll probably be hanging out playing charades, pictionary or some other party game, maybe discussing politics or religion.  I always have to OD on CNN and Headline News before we gather so I can contribute intelligently to the conversation.  Feel free to stop by and sample what’s sure to be an interesting array of testosterone flavored BBQ.  Picture men beating their chests and grunting proudly over meat they asked their wives to buy so they can throw it over the coals and watch it roast.  Right guys, call me when you can bake a pie.  Thanks for stopping by EOS, thanks for reading. 

Once you’re hooked on screen caps, there’s no goin’ back! 

This is a picture begging for a story to go with it. 

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