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(Spoilers Ė the gift you can peek at and not feel guilty)

Iím becoming concerned over GHís lack of holiday acknowledgement.  No Thanksgiving, no Christmas decorations in sight and not a mention of a holiday yet.  Some serious Grinchness has swept the town of Port Bah Humbug Charles.  What do you think should be done about this?  Maybe drop a card in the mail for Mr. Guza and Mr. Pratt to remind them of the season?  Send a few plastic Santaís to sit innocuously around the set?  I know, letís call the GH comment line and sing ďWe Wish You a Merry ChristmasĒ.   We could sing ďI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausĒ but then it would probably show up in Sonny and Carlyís next storyline as Sonny fights his jealousy once again and tries to make Carly love him more than a holiday icon.  (Note:  At least they mentioned decorating a tree on Monday.) 

OK, itís definitely a good thing that 99.9% of parents donít live a life even remotely parallel to Sonnyís, but I bet all parents can relate to the scene where Sonny talked to Morgan and decided that he must return to P.C. for his trial because thatís the example he wants to set for his child.  Habits like driving with a lead foot, wearing a seat belt, and cursing come to mind when I think about what changed for me when I had children.  For Sonny, itís facing responsibility.  Sorta.  He stated outright to the jury that he intended to kill Lorenzo Alcazar so I guess he tried to take responsibility but the jury found him Not Guilty on all counts anyway.  Sonny must stand under the same star (or writerís pen) as Luke who does as he pleases, announces his guilt, and canít get convicted.


Sonnyís Daddy face. 

ďAnd then I, ah, I looked up and I saw what I had done.  What this man had driven me to do.  After that I sat there, helpless.  Watching the woman that I love fight for her life.  And still, this man didnít have the decency to stay away.  After I shot my wife, I promised I would never fire another gun.  But this man, this predator, did not stop.  He just kept coming and coming.  He was like a cancer under our skin.  Thatís why (he shot Alcazar).Ē  When I thought about the words, I realized that they didnít exonerate Sonny, but after Sonny spoke them, fighting tears and emotion, I wanted him to be found not guilty.  Maurice Benard remains top of the heap in soap stardom for a reason and itís because he can deliver the dialogue, express the emotion, and engage my feelings.  Yeah, Sonnyís a whack job, but even when I make fun of him, a part of me stays in his corner rooting for him.


Sonny goes Gangsta.

I so want to know what the Fashion Police think about his ensemble. 

Does anyone else see parallels between Sonny, Carly and Lorenzo and Luke, Laura and Stefan?  The stories havenít traveled exactly the same path but the triangles, based on traumatic circumstances and obsession, are similar.   

I donít think Justus out spoke Ric to the jury, but I liked his zest.  Where have I seen that beforeÖwait, Iím remembering a lady I used to knowÖgot it!  Alexis!  Why are we being denied smart, ruthless attorney Alexis learning to be a mom and finding her footing again in the land of lawyers and legal losers? 


Iím intrigued.  I loved him with the Qís. 

Itís time to address the time travel problem in Port Charles.  In one day Sonnyís trial began; Courtney, the Corinthosí childrenís caseworker, and Jason flew to the island; Jason and Courtney traveled from the island to France; then Sonny hopped a plane and made it back to P.C. where his trial was still in session.  Never fear, I have figured out how to deal with problematic issue.  Itís simple.  Whenever Sonny, Carly, Jason or Courtney make a statement about France, pretend in your head that you misheard and they really said Wisconsin.  A hop, skip and a jump over some water, land at a private airstrip and there they are.  I watch my soap and suspend reality.  Now I find myself watching my soap and suspending their reality which is convoluted even for me.


Donít you wonder how many planes Sonny and Jason own?  Courtney called Meyer and asked for a flight to the island.  Jason followed within minutes but they werenít together.  Sonny and Carly hopped a plane to France.  Sonny snagged a flight back to the states with Carly, Jason and Courtney hot on his heels.  How many is that?  Two, three, four?  Pretty soon, Iím going to need special meditation techniques to suspend this much reality. 





Wednesday was Fab Four Hug Day. 

I like Sam.  ďI am a hard fighting, hard drinking salvage captain who happens to think you are a really decent guy.  When you are being a decent human being.  Now if you happen to find that guy I like, give me a call.  Otherwise, itís been fun.Ē  She threw her coat (the coat I think Jax bought for her) at Jax and stalked down the hall.  Not a victim, not a damsel in distress hoping for rescue, and not afraid of Sonny Corinthos, she could go far.  Iím sure Iíll laugh at her antics another day because a character with that much independence is bound to make some wacky decisions, but sheís like Faith without the poison ring and penchant for murder.  Sam is out there, willing to walk the plank, and then fight the sharks.  I saw a Kelly Monaco interview once in which she was asked how she managed to have chemistry with so many leading men.  She matter of factly replied, ďItís my job.  If they told me to have chemistry with a brick wall, Iíd have chemistry with a brick wall.Ē  (Or something close to that.)  I like that sheís willing to work that hard to give viewers her best. 


Take your jacket and put it in the closet where you keep

your Brenda memorabilia! 

By my count Jax rushed in to save Sam at least three times last week.  He dropped from a helicopter onto the stolen boat, saved her in Jakeís from the angry boat owner, saved her from her father, and then invited himself onto the boat that he gave her to hang around while she dove for sunken treasure.  I know Jax has a fan base.  Power to them for hanging in there, I just donít feel the attraction.  As far as I can tell, Jax operates in one gear, knight-on-a-white-horse mode, and when that doesnít work, he dumps the damsel.  When Brenda and Skye werenít properly needy, he pushed them off his white charger into the dust.  The only woman he didnít dump was Chloe and I liked them together, but it didnít play like supercouple love so Chloe was sacrificed on the altar of Cassadine mayhem.  Alexis doesnít count even though she married him, because they were ďjust friendsĒ.  So while Jax doesnít pull at me in a romantic leading man kinda way, Iím curious to find out how he deals with Sam who refuses to fit into the role he wants her to play. 

Jax mustíve tethered his noble white steed around the corner. 

Can Luke get any better?  Can Skye?  He called Faithís bluff and sent Skye hurtling into the freezing water and then promptly dove in to save her.  I donít care if Luke and Skye ever kiss or play horizontal tag as long as they banter back and forth, Iím happy.  Luke and Skye are the friendship, partnership, I think the writers were seeking when they tried out Luke and Felicia who danced well but fizzled otherwise.  More Luke and Skye please.  Much, much more!


They donít need a comment Ė theyíre just good together. 

My favorite quote from Zander this week came when Faith ordered him to push Skye into the freezing water and he replied, ďNo.Ē  Zander might be Faithís current love puppy, but at least heís not her pushover love puppy.  No matter how tough he acts, I have the picture in my head of Zander fighting back tears after he and Emily signed their divorce papers.  What keeps me glued to Zander is his ability to be tough while hinting at vulnerable good guy underneath. 


Tough guy made a cry face and I totally bought into it. 

Sigh.  The road to true love never runs smoothly.  Of course, I refer to Georgie and Dillon.  Whatís a girl to do when her boyfriend canít stay away from danger or the new nymphet in town?  She must play letís make a deal with neglectful, wicked Mommy to save his clueless hide.  Meanwhile, Sage tried a few new tricks to grab Dillonís attention and then a new pathetic poor rich girl personality to gain his (and our) sympathy.  Since I canít make sense of what Sage is doing in a scene, I tend to dismiss her.  Besides, who cares what she does when Dillonís saving imaginary butterflies.


Thereís butterfly love and then thereís sex for the heck of it. 

A.J. has left the building!  On one hand, Iím sorry to see him go, heís an excellent love to hate kinda guy.  On the other hand, I love that A.J. left in triumph.  No broom closet disappearance or slinking off the set in character shame.  A.J.ís liviní large on a tropical island with ex-princess Lydia.  Yep, heís got the money and the honey and I like picturing him washing away the stench of Q shame and becoming his own person.


They told me not to look at your chest but who cares?

Itís our last day. 

Rebecca Herbst has to be the cutest pregnant woman Iíve ever seen.  Iím stating here and now that I think sheíll have a little girl because she looks much different this time around from her last baby.  Iím not going to ask what every one else thinks because I feel some new poll questions forming. 



A little pregnant, a lot cute. 

Love Traceyís new haircut!

Sheís lookiní good for a Helena-in-training.

And speaking of hair, Lorenzo is looking marginally better. 

If you donít have SoapNet in your area, call your cable company and complain.  Loudly.  ĎCause youíre missing some fun stuff.  Last week by accident, I caught Scott Clifton on Soap Talk singing a song that he wrote.  He was good!  I read a spoiler that heíll be singing on GH soon and I am looking forward to the episode.

Dillonís gonna sing for his supper and I canít wait! 

A couple web sites have reported that John Ingle, Edward Quartermaine, will be leaving the GH canvas early in January with rumors that Alan and Monica wonít be far behind.  At the rate players are leaving, there may be precious few Cassadineís and Qís left for us to bond with.  I feel a letter campaign coming on.

Please donít leave us, Eddy. 

Has anyone bought Celine Dionís new scent?  Did you buy it because of her commercial where she swings over the world?  That commercial annoys me every time I see it and I see it a couple times during a GH episode.  Even fast forwarding, it rubs me wrong.  ďIIIímmmm soooo allll thaaaatt so I must smell goooooddddd.  Spend your money and make me richer.Ē  She gives Diva a bad name.  Liz Taylorís a Diva.  Bette Midlerís a Diva.  Cherís a Diva.  Celine Dionís a chick who believes her press agent and thinks sheís a diva.  Hopefully, sheíll hop off her swing with her happy Zoloft overdose smile after Christmas and go back to her show in Vegas.

Note to Trista and Ryan Ė I didnít watch your media-hyped wedding on television but I truly wish you happiness, success and true commitment.  Please donít plan an anniversary special. 

Packages mailed Ė check.  Christmas cards sent Ė check.  Saw The Nutcracker Ė check.  Cookies made Ė tried to check and rescheduled til next weekend.  Christmas shopping completed Ė almost check.  Wrapping Ė almost check.  Tree decorated Ė not so check (those darn lights make me crazy).  Scheduled and prepared for various school and work parties Ė check.  As you can surmise the holiday is in full swing at my house.  Itís down to serious brass tacks this week as I dedicate my time to finishing and fulfilling the must-do Christmas tasks before the weekend so I can relax the few days before Christmas.  Thatís the plan and Iím stickiní to it no matter how tired and aggravated I try not to become this week. 


Hang on.  Weíre almost there! 

Last week I kept my happy Christmas spirit front and center except for the few minutes I spent in the presence of a sullen Office Max employee who stood behind the counter where I was shipping my packages with the best mad face Iíve seen all year.  I tried really, really hard to be pleasant but she finally won the battle of whether sheíd become cheerful (or at least crack a smile) or Iíd shut up and hand back the blank, sullen face she was wearing like a bullet proof vest.  Sadly, I report that she won and resigned, I finally handed back the face she was handing me.  She wanted grim, by golly, I can do grim.  So we played who can be more serious until I was ready to leave and then she said, ďHave a nice day.Ē  Have a nice day?  She totally bummed me out and then she had the nerve to say ďHave a nice dayĒ?  It was so out of the blue, I turned around and look at her face to see if she was being sarcastic.  Nope, she wore the same blank, sullen face and I blurted out, ďYouíre joking.  Right?Ē  To which she offered a glare and walked away.  Now I ask you, why is it, out of a whole day of cheerfulness, one person in 15 minutes can change the tone for the rest of the afternoon?  I say Pfft! and bah humbug to Office Max and grumpy employees.  Next year Iíll stand in line somewhere else. 

Grab a good mood this week and hold on tight!  I plan to.  Feel free to e-mail and complain if you need to vent.  I recently learned some new elephant jokes and Iím more than willing to share to cheer you up, if possible.  And if elephant jokes donít break the bondage of blues, well, thereís always our daily dose of GH to float away in.  I know youíre busy, thanks for stopping by.  (And if youíre not busy, get a move on or youíll be one of the frantic folks haunting the aisles at Toys R Us or Wal-Mart at 11:30 P.M. on December 24th.  That used to be me.) 

Once youíre hooked on screen caps, thereís no goiní back! 

Help!  Iíve become entangled in the lights
and I canít get out. 


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