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(If it werenít for spoilers, Iíd have oodles of free time.

PUT DOWN THE FORK AND STEP AWAY FROM THE TABLE!  Thanksgiving is over folks and itís time to dish and I donít mean the kind of dish that has calories.  I donít know about you, but Iíve had enough of the calorie laden, butt widening type dishes so after a four day break, Iím ready for normalcy before the Christmas whoopla begins.  GH must have experienced the same craving since they didnít even have Thanksgiving.  Llanview had Thanksgiving.  Pine Valley ate turkey.  Port Chuckie residents didnít acknowledge the holiday by word, deed, or episode.  How odd.  

What a relief that Liz knows whose baby sheís carrying.  She can waffle over informing Ric about her hour of passion with Zander at Jakeís but we donít have to endure months of daddy fears and DNA test threats.  Did you like Ricís video?  I kinda did which ticks me off because Iím not ready to forgive him.

Liz, Iím begging you.

Please tell me why youíre always carrying your coat in front of you?

Was it something I said? 

Whoever dresses Skye can shop for me any day of the week.  Her red outfit with the cutouts on the sleeves and ruffle dangling from her elbow looked classy and elegant.  But since she danced with Luke in a tux, she needed to look great.  For me right now, scenes during an episode with Luke and Skye offer the most fun with entertaining dialogue. 


I couldíve danced all night.

I couldíve danced all night.

And still have begged for moreÖ 

Dayna brought it up in her column and I wanted to mention too that Sam sure does sport an expensive and extensive array of black leather for someone who recently lost her boat and personal possessions.  Iím wondering how she happens to have so much of it and where sheís living with no income?

Skye suggests helpfully to Sam that perhaps

a few nights of sex does not make true love with Jax. 

Well, I see Alcazar has been studying at the School of Sonny.  Obviously, he passed the Break Glassware class.  Mourning the loss of Carly, the true love he never had, Lorenzo shattered the antique necklace he bought for Carly, swept his arm through the drink bar satisfyingly breaking lots of glass and threw a vase.  He gets an ďAĒ for his mobster-goes-berserk scene.  He receives a failing mark for hair though.  In one of the soap mags it said that Ted King is growing his hair out down to his shoulders so we are experiencing the in between awkward stage, but Iím not enjoying his current look.

Like a bowling strike, Alcazar gets

extra points for breaking all the glass in one swoop. 

Nikolas spoke my favorite lines again this week.  At the hospital, Faith smugly, triumphantly informed Nik that heíd received her message and he will do business with her the next time she asks.  Though how she expects him to transport drugs when she sunk the boat she wants to use, confuses me.  With a quiet controlled anger, Nik delivered his personal threat right back at her.  ďDonít walk away from me.  Let me tell you something Faith.  My familyís been organizing vendettas since the days of wooden swords and fire breathing dragons.  Itís genetic.  We canít help ourselves; we always seek revenge.  You remember that.  Donít underestimate me.  And donít you ever, ever put Emily in danger again.  You think my family is brutal to one another?  You should see what we do to outsiders.Ē  Stefan and Helena would be proud.  Faith doesnít have the sense to be afraid, but Iím hoping she should be.


Doesnít Niko look like he commands a stable full of fire breathing dragons? 

Zanderís finding his footing without Emily.  His tough guy mode gets better and better along with his tough guy glare.  I liked his defiant attitude towards Emily who continued her save Zander campaign.  Itís understandable that he works for Faith, probably set the bomb, and threatened Jason because, according to Emily, he canít be held accountable since she hurt him so badly. 

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo,

Catch a prince by the toe.

If he hollers, make him pay,

Sink his freighter in the bay. 

Alas, Emily finally chose between Nik and Zander but she needs schooling in the rules of husbands and lovers.  Itís bad form to declare allegiance to your lover over your husband and then run around protecting your ticked off husband out of guilt, leftover love or justification.  In her mind, sheís responsible for Zanderís bad behavior so she must save him by explaining his actions to Nikolas, Liz, and Jason.  I think she should concentrate on her pirate.

Prince Nik acts all princely with his current princess. 

Speaking of Nik, Carolyn and I have spoken of him often in the last few weeks and we reach the same consensus each time.  Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassadine is HOT - both in looks, (bulging muscles, great chest) and acting ability (the guy even cries well).  I havenít heard much from anyone regarding Nikolas, other than how good lookiní he was in his pirateís costume, so Iím curious how heís coming across to others.


Lest we forget how amazing heís been lately. 

Itís the new word in daytime.  Jason faced off with Zander telling him, ďYou set that bomb on Faithís orders.  Itís really, really good work.  (Sarcasm and disgust dripping.)  In one night you managed to screw up the job Faith wanted you to do and almost killed the woman you claim to love.  You couldnít handle the job and you tried to cover your a**.Ē  Of course, Iíve heard the word many times, but Iím not used to hearing it on my soap.  Did the FCC recently change a profanity rule?

Somehow the balance of power is tipped when one guy

wears leather and the other sports a hospital gown.

Bare legs just donít look tough. 

Iím willing to offer Brian the old P.C. fish-or-cut-bait chance because, so far, heís a breath of fresh air.  Not corrupt as of yet, he and Mac are the only stand up guys at the PCPD.  However, because Ric endorsed him (and we know what kind of guy Ric is) heís still on probation. 

Wasnít that a fine smooth move of Jasonís when Brian slapped down his badge declaring himself off duty and Jason pulled his gun?  Nothing like drawing a defining line in the sand Ė my wife, my business, my town - cross at your own risk.  Not that Jason verbalized his territory claim, but the meaning was clear.  Brian and Jason make good enemies Ė each guy, hot in his own way, representing opposite sides of the right and wrong dilemma.  Too bad Courtneyís in the middle and weíll be forced to endure her ditzy indecision.


So far, Jason holds all the cookies.

Got the wife and the gun. 

Courtneyís not adjusting well to life as Mrs. MOB Morgan.  Married a month, sheís already run away twice.  First, she decided it was her duty to leave with Sonny and Carlyís children because Jason wouldnít choose her over The Business.  Now sheís mad because Jason wouldnít follow her orders and save Sonny from himself.  Itís a little hard to swallow the recent morally offended Courtney after months of her kick butt, defiant, mafia-lifeís-a-piece-of-cake act.  I wonder if Alicia Leigh Willis reads her script and rolls her eyes.

Courtney makes her dramatic elevator exit.

Grand Stand No. 2 

Gratuitous picture because half a chest is better than no chest at all. 

Sonny went bonkers in a new way on Wednesday.  Carly tried an innovative concept called Honesty and described her inner turmoil between her coma dreams and real life.  Sonny, filled with hurt and anger, returned to Port Chuckles (on one of the magic ten minute flights between New York and Paradise) to remove Alcazar once and for all.  Since Lorenzo had the nerve to wear a bullet proof vest and no one in P.C. aims above the chest, Lorenzo took the shots Sonny fired after jumping out from behind a handy bush, and then stood up again.  Meanwhile sirens blared, the police arrived, Carly ran up and placed herself between Sonny and Alcazar, and then Sonny grabbed Sam as a hostage.  It was one short scene with lots of intriguing possibilities for Monday.


Honesty                                  Violence                           Repercussions 

I wondered how the scene would have played out in different formats.  And since thereís not much to say with only three days of GH, I thought Iíd try something new.  Iíll write a short paragraph describing the scene as a romance story, a news story, and a gossip at Kellyís.  You decide how you think it should end.  So kind of you to be my creative writing guinea pigs. 

A Romance Novel

Sonny positioned himself behind the bush and desperately clutched the numbness that was allowing him to breath and move.  The pain was eating at him and he didnít know if he could hold out to accomplish his task before it swallowed him up.  How could he live without Carly?  He didnít think it was possible.  For all her impulsiveness, she lit up his world and made the ugliness surrounding his business fade to a bearable level.  Supported by her love, Sonny could fight the darkness that lived inside him. 

Hearing footsteps, Sonny straightened and prepared himself to kill his enemy.  Business meant nothing, this was personal and Lorenzo Alcazar had to be eliminated from this world so his hold upon Carly would be broken.  Without a conscious decision, Sonny stepped out, shot three bullets directly into Alcazarís chest, and watched him fall.  Several things registered at once.  Sirens were drawing closer, Carly called his name momentarily grabbing his attention, and Alcazar stood up, unhurt.   

Carly jumped between his gun and the guns of Alcazarís goons while police surrounded them.  How could she be so beautiful?  He should hate her for her betrayal, but he couldnít.  All he could think of was protecting her from more violence and that meant removing himself from the situation.  Using a policemanís arrival as a momentary distraction, Sonny dashed in front of an oncoming truck hoping he could force the driver to stop.  He heard the confusion behind him and Carlyís voice yelling but he focused on the young lady driving the truck.  Yanking her out of the truck, Sonny held her hostage in front of him as he decided his next move. 

We interrupt your daytime viewing to bring you breaking newsÖ 

In down town Port Charles alleged MOB kingpin Sonny Corinthos has fired several shots at alleged international crime lord Lorenzo Alcazar.  The men, sworn enemies, have sparred publicly, and several acts of violence have been attributed to their ongoing hostility.  Immediately after shots were fired, Carly Corinthos, wife of Sonny Corinthos, in an act of amazing bravery stepped into the gunfire to stop the two men.  The Port Charles Police Department, alerted by an anonymous tip moments before gunfire erupted, arrived on the scene as Ms. Corinthos placed herself between the two men apparently hoping to avert more gunfire. 

Yes, yes, I can hear you Cyndi.  Can you see whatís happening?  Oh my, let me inform our viewers.  It seems that Sonny Corinthos has taken a hostage.  What we know at this time is that the hostage appears to be a young woman driving an old, light blue pick up truck.  The situation is volatile and reporters are being forced back for their safety.  Cyndi, can you hear the helicopter yet and is there any report that Sonnyís alleged enforcer, Jason Morgan, is at the scene?  Can you see enough to give us an estimated body count?  Yes, weíll be standing by for your next report.  Iím sure the residents of Port Charles are aware that this is the second MOB related massacre in recent weeks. 

Folks, as soon as our helicopter is in place we will broadcast information as we receive it.  Recapping, alleged MOB kingpin Sonny CorinthosÖÖÖÖ (This is where my attention wanders as the newscaster repeats ad nauseum the five known facts because he/she so loves the sound of his/her own voice and speculates on worse scenarios to titillate viewers.) 


Gossip In Kellyís

ďHoney did you hear whatís happening down town?  Sonny Corinthos went crazy and started shooting at Lorenzo Alcazar.  Remember when Alcazar was on trial and how good lookiní he was?  Yes, that Lorenzo Alcazar.  I hear thereís bodies sprawled all over the place.  I wonder what set him off?  If I had as much money as he has, living in a penthouse, riding in limos, I wouldnít risk my freedom in a gunfight.  Anyway, I thought Jason Morgan usually does Sonny Corinthosí dirty work.  You know itís that life.  It leads to violence.   

I heard that Carly Corinthos is right in the middle of the mess.  Wonder what itís like married to a man who carries a gun?  He sure is handsome.  Maybe Iíd put up with a gun if I had a man like Sonny Corinthos.   

Anyway, thatís not the end.  The police arrived and Sonny took a young lady hostage.  He grabbed her by the neck and threatened to shoot her if the police didnít back up.  Can you imagine?  She must be scared stiff.  Wonder where heís takiní her?  I sure hope he doesnít lose any more marbles and shoot that young girl.  Oh my, what is the world cominí to?Ē 

Iíve had some fun and practiced writing,

Guess whatís next in our Sonny sighting?

An e-mail I ask of your thought,

To what resolution will Sonny be brought? 

 Itís not the spoilers that steal my time; itís the possibilities they represent. 

Sage and Dillon get down, ...all the way down.  Georgie wants revenge.

Iím curious to see what Georgie, the ďniceĒ girl, thinks up in the way of revenge.  I expect to be seriously disappointed in Dillon for sampling Sageís wares ten seconds after Georgie rejects him for his own good.  Hope he visits Jakeís first because thatís the official starting point when a character wants to shred his life. 

Courtney and Jason come to a life altering decision.

After much soul searching and agonizing over making a decision for someone else, Jason decides NOT to give Courtney the keys to any more vehicles. 

Courtney fears her marriage to Jason is on shaky ground.

This should read, ďCourtney gets a clue and wishes she knew a vowel so she could buy one.Ē  See paragraph above. 

Luke saves Skye when she is thrown overboard by Faith after the pair has a real catfight on The Haunted Star.  (GHFF)

Catfight!  Iíll probably have to be embarrassed for enjoying it so much.

Thanksgiving came and went quietly at my house.  Itís been many years since weíve had a family dinner, so feasting followed by a movie presented a nice break.  I planned the day with my usual obsessive control and then expected everyone to fall in line.  My husband fried two turkeys while I pulled kitchen duty making green bean casserole, broccoli, rice and cheese casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, cream cheese pie, and two kinds of cookies.  We sat down to say grace with our laden plates in front of us and I discovered with horror that Iíd forgotten to prepare stuffing.  Can it be Thanksgiving with no stuffing?  I felt like I was breaking a major rule in the Thanksgiving Book of Traditions, but guess what?  We survived and no angry pilgrim ghosts descended to haunt us for our lack of stuffing.  I also suffered a pie crisis.  Food was chilling, simmering and baking and I realized that I needed pie.  Cream cheese pie tastes fine, cookies are nice and my family loves them, but I need fruit pie to satisfy my sweet tooth.  No pie, darn it.  I called my mom who was busy cooking at her house in Indiana and she offered brief pie instructions but Iídíve been forced into the wilds of Super Wal-Mart so I decided with reluctance to skip pie.  Sunday evening has rolled around and I still havenít eaten any pie and now it seems redundant so I guess Iíll wait until Christmas. 

Sigh.  No pie.


Thanksgiving afternoon I took my children to see The Cat In The Hat.  You know the phrase if you donít have anything nice to say, donít say anything at all?  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   OK, enough not said. 


Insanely early on Friday, my friends and I sallied forth into The Big Shop.  Iíll be writing a nonsoapy soon but for the record, we were successful shoppers.  Meaning we didnít get hurt or hurt anybody and we left the building with all our items, fingers and toes.  May you be able to hold on to your good cheer during the week no matter where you are, why you are out, or what you are seeking.  And remember the pool of stones, available to hold all woes and worries like Christmas lights (not my friends), will my daughter sit with Santa or freak out again, and serious troubles like relationships and soldiers stationed out of the country.  Feel free to throw a stone or two if they are weighing you down.  As always, thanks for checking in.


I love screen caps!  Thanks, Terry.


Iím ready for a loonnnng winterís nap.


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