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(If a spoiler is posted and no one reads it, is it still a spoiler?) 

Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul books?  Filled with short, feel good stories, they are designed to be picked up and savored in small gulps.  Thatís what GH does for me.  Whether Iím experiencing a high stress super busy week or an easy laid back moment, General Hospital offers 38 minutes of time out.  Time to step out of myself, away from mundane chores and responsibilities, and into stories that make me laugh, bring tears, and occasionally inspire deep thought.  Thatís what I found this week. 

Daily my admiration grows for Tamara Braun.  This week I saw her as a wife, mother and old woman in her dreams.  Well, she had the voice and mannerisms of a much older woman, but her face still looked 20 something.  When she woke up, I saw a woman uncertain about her emotions towards those around her expecting certain reactions.  Watching unsure Carly trying to respond to emotional Lorenzo and Sonny sitting at her bedside, I felt for her.  And isnít that the goal of hardworking soap actors?  To make us feel?  Make us understand the characterís motivation and emotions?  I tip my hat to her this week and canít wait for Monday to see what happens next. 


Eyes wide shut.  Psyche! 

Awake but kinda wishing she wasnít. 

Do any of the following statements sound familiar? 

ďSonny, youíre not thinking clearly.Ē

ďSonny, we need to take care of Faith.Ē

ďSonny, Ric took Carly.Ē

ďSonny, youíre not seeing Lilyís ghost.Ē

ďSonny, Carly might not be able to handle visiting Michael and Morgan.Ē 

Jason practices his ďDr. PhilĒ with Michael 

No one listens to Jason, especially Sonny, but heís generally on target with his observations.  It occurred to me that Jason is the Port Charles version of Dr. Phil.   

A spoiler says Brian comes to work at the PCPD.  Somebody ought to warn him that transferring to the Port Charles is a sure fire career buster.  But really, heís not transferring because of the job; heís changing locales for Courtney.  We all know that TPTB had little triangles dancing in their heads when they wrote him. 


Courtney loves Jason or maybe not.

She told him once but she forgot. 

Wasnít it dumb that Sage fired the gun and terrorized Alexis and then was released without even a threat of consequences?  While Lucky was rebuked severely for shooting Dillon who pointed the gun he wrested from Sage at Lucky. 

Sage made a good impression this week.  According to spoilers, weíll be treated to a nuSage in the next few days.  I felt bad for Sage and her jeans that were cut so low that she had to hold them up to cover her behind after diving off the dock.  Note to GH and wardrobe, if the pants are riding so low that they donít cover the crack in the girlís behind, theyíre too low!  Iím totally with Katrina here regarding GHís overboard enthusiasm for major inches between where the pants end and the shirts begin.  Since when did modesty become a bad thing?  These kids are cute both inside and out and they should enjoy this time of life with attractive clothes that reveal cute bellybuttons and tight tummies.  But when they look uncomfortable in the clothes and canít move freely, the fashion statement doesnít work.   

No matter how cute she may be, I donít want to see

or almost see, the crack in her behind. 

And speaking of fashion, perhaps youíve noticed that red hair and high boots are IN.  Several heads have changed color while all skirts must be paired with boots.  I also noticed that Wednesday was GH Bad Hair Day.  Carly looked like they slapped a bad wig on her head.  Apparently, whoever styled Bobbiís couldnít decide between straight or curly.  Dillon takes the finger in the light socket look to a whole new level.


What were they thinkiní?  Mustíve been an off day in hair and make up.

On the other hand, Faith looked mighty fine in her boots. 

My favorite line this week came from Luke at his hearing.  Nickolas testified that his uncle attacked Luke and Luke vehemently objected.  ďThatís a lie.  I attacked Stefan with a knife because I wanted him dead.  IĎm not ashamed and Iím not sorry.  I willfully, knowingly, remorselessly murdered Stefan Cassadine.  And if he comes back from the dead, as his kind often do, Iíll kill him again.Ē  Whatís a guy gotta do to be punished for his crimes in Port (crime welcome here) Charles?  Itís funny that Luke can freely, loudly declare he burned the PCPD and murdered Stefan but he canít get sent down the river.  Jason can show up in the same room as a cop and the cuffs are cominí out. 

ďI roasted marshmallows and made jokes on Stefanís coffin.

No one is stealing my victory!Ē 

Tracy uttered my next favorite line.   

Dillon to Tracy:  This is my girlfriend, Georgie.  Georgie, this is my mother.

Tracy glanced at Georgie and replied:  Is she pregnant?


ďDillon?  Mommy warned you about girls like her.Ē 

Tracyís so unashamedly terrible, I find myself loving to hate her, almost rooting for her.  Wouldnít it be a blast if Tracy, Faith, and Helena teamed up to take over P.C. for Fan February?   

Nickolas needs to learn the no-girls-allowed-in-dirty-business rule.  Every time he has to deal with Faith or her henchmen (i.e. Zander) Emilyís trailing along behind him ready to bop Zander over the head and call the police or get in Faithís face offering to pay Nikoís debt. 


Emily says in her breathy voice, ďIím so, so sorry.Ē

Oh wait, that was the old Emily.  Now she says,

ďAll right, stop it.  Stop it right now.Ē 

So glad that Jax didnít let his fatherís death get in the way of his sex life.  On Monday, he and Sam hit the sheets with red lighting so we'd understand they were having red hot sex.  For weeks, weíve watched the set up between Jax and Sam as he determinedly sought the Deadmanís Hand to save his father.  When he finally accomplished his goal, Sam sabotaged his car and they were stuck in a casino.  What to do?  What to do?  Why have sex, of course.  When Jaxís mom called to inform him that his father wouldnít last much longer, Jax, amazingly, found transportation.  I say amazingly because isnít this Jax Boy Wonder?  The renter/flyer of helicopters in stormy weather?  The diver out of helicopter when Brenda supposedly died?  The desert survivor after a plan crash?  Itís hard for me to believe he couldnít wave around a big enough check to rent a casino patronís car.  Finally, he remembered poor dying Daddy and rushed to his side just as Daddy Jacks drew his last labored breath.  And after a bit of emotion what do we see?  Jax in bed again with Sam.  Now I donít know about you, but I kinda think sex wouldnít be a prime activity on my to-do list scant hours after my parent died.  Yeah, yeah, he cried over his dadís casket, but that was after he fought with Sam.  Iím sure Ingoís doing his best, but somebody needs to protest the flow of the story.


No Avlimil needed here. 

Iím thinking a remedial Just-Say-No class should be offered in Port Charles.  Attendance will be mandatory for Jax, Dillon and Courtney.  Jax blamed Sam because he didnít reach his fatherís bedside in time but all he had to do was forego his night of passion with Sam.  Jax, next time Just Say No.  Sage gave Dillon a long thank you smacker at the hospital and when Georgie walked in he acted like his arms were broken and he couldnít push Sage away from his lips.  Dillon, next time Just Say No and move your lips away from hers.  Courtney can have a gold star because she didnít let Brian kiss her but she seemed tempted.  She may need some practice to reinforce the lesson.  Courtney, if Brian tries to put the moves on you again, Just Say No.



Címon guys, practice with me.

ďNo Sam, Little Jax is grounded and canít come out to play.Ē

ďGet off me, Sage.  Iíll push you away with my good arm.Ē

Courtney did fine when she jumped up and moved out of the vicinity of Brianís lips. 

Where did Marcella go?  And why hasnít Mike been around to visit Carly, comfort Sonny or acknowledge his new grandson?  How come Lydia hasnít had an exit scene or mention?  Whatís A.J. up to?  I want some scenes with Edward and Big Alice!  Why hasnít Gia received a bye-bye mention?  When is Capelli going to get caught taking bucks from Alcazar?  Is there a Coleman in the house?  Was Lucas sent to boarding school?  Did Chase the astronaut only have a two day gig?  How come Carly knew Lorenzoís telephone number by heart when she called him on Friday?


Oh wait, thatís Sonnyís personal number.


Lots of other cool scenes played out this week but Iím running out of time and energy before I run out of comments.  Skye and Luke captivated me when Skye didnít buy into Lukeís self-pity.  Faith and Zander make a twisty, if brief, couple.  Carlyís confused reaction to holding her baby for the first time pulled me in.  Dillonís reaction to Tracy and then to Lorenzoís babysitting Sage proposition made me laugh.  Hopefully, this week will be calmer and Iíll have time to write.  LOL  Maybe youíre sighing in relief that I am forced to pull my fingers from the keyboard to sleep. 

Iím thinking about taping the Sonny-licious marathon on SoapNet the day after Thanksgiving just so I can count how many times Sonny breaks glass in twelve episodes.  I, of course, will be away most of the morning on the annual Big Shop with my friends.


I couldnít select one picture because he really is so delicious. 

Jax has some second thoughts about having a relationship with Sam. (GHFF)

Guess this means they have sex again. 

Courtney is not sure she can remain "Married To The Mob". (GHFF)

Donít even get me started on this one.  I had to e-mail a couple of my friends and rant before I copied it.  From a fan point of view, I have to stick with my sexy fav Jason and think bad, really bad, thoughts about Courtneyís oh-so-true-love (NOT).  From a show perspective, Iíd like to tap Frons, Guza, and Pratt (whoeverís responsible) on the forehead and demand, ďWhat are you thinking?Ē  What ARE they thinking?  First, they declare Jason and Courtney Supercouple and cram them down our throats and ten minutes later Courtneyís having lifestyle doubts?  Oh well, like the saying goes, ďIt will all be fine in the end.  If itís not fine, itís not the end.Ē 

Liz finds out she's pregnant and the Daddy is....ZANDER (GHFF)

I love a soap!  And Iím looking forward to this storyline.  Oh, and guess what?  Not a MOB Fab Four connection in sight!   

Liz and Ric spend quality time together.  (GHH2)

Please, please donít let this mean they have sex and then Liz spends the next few months playing Whoís Your Daddy.  We just navigated that story twist with Carlyís baby. 

Tracy discovers a nekkid Georgie in Dillon's bed!  (GHH2)

Arenít you glad we only endure the painful teenage years once?  Poor Georgie. 

I drove past the funniest sight this week and couldnít stop to take a picture.  Darn it!  Just a small event, it wouldnít make the evening news but I liked it.  Finishing my morning bus route, I have to make a few turns through a neighborhood after I drop my elementary kids at school to return to the bus barn.  Nearing a corner, I had to make a wide path around a landscaping pickup truck and trailer.  I looked over and saw a hefty older gentleman whizzing past me mowing the large corner lot lawn.  Nothing unusual there, right?  Except he wasnít on a common riding lawnmower, he was standing on a totís plastic wagon, with little plastic wheels, which heíd attached with ropes to a self-propelled lawn mower.  Moving along a good clip, smiling, he was obviously pleased with his invention.  I, too, had to smile at his cleverness.  Who says brain cells dwindle with age?  Maybe the neurons and synapse rearrange themselves so we can figure out how to connect a mower and a Tiny Tots wagon to efficiently mow a lawn on a beautiful crisp morning.  

Christmas shopping has begun!  My mom and I hit the mall this weekend and I managed to buy a couple gifts.  My goal is to complete the bulk of Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving, which means I have about a week and a half to knuckle down and hit the stores.  Carolyn, my super organized friend, has already bought and wrapped most of her gifts so I know my goal is feasible.  Stress hasnít hit yet.  That usually occurs when I have to drag out the decorations from the attic.  Itís like a trigger - put up the tree, begin making endless lists of what needs to be done, bought, wrapped, delivered, mailed, etc.  Every year I vow to go with the flow and simply enjoy the season.  Most days Iím successful, but I tend to forget when Iím standing in the middle of a crowded store trying to decide on the perfect gift.  So again, right now, I vow to concentrate on the meaning of the season.  Peace, hope and love and the greatest of these is love (except when Iím standing in Wal-Mart or Target in a messy, crowded aisle with tinny holiday music grating against my ears).  Have a wonderful week as we move closer to the holiday season.  May you possess the ability to select perfect gifts if thatís how you celebrate.  Thanks for stopping by. 

I love screen caps!  Thanks, Terry. 

I love the symbolism of an open gate.

Do adventures wait outside or inside?

Does comfort and safety lie within or without?

Iím feeling philosophical this week.  Care to join me?


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