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(Someday I’m going to try spoiler free.  But not this week.) 

I knew I was in trouble when I found myself in the middle of Thursday and I’d only watched part of Tuesday’s episode and Wednesday’s show was waiting for me.  On Thursday, I weighed two shows on one hand and Thursday where I knew Jason was going to be romantic in France with Courtney.  If you just laughed and thought to yourself, “Of course she watched Thursday first.”  You know me well. 

I’m a sap.  I admit it.  I love this stuff. 

Jason and Courtney in France played like chapters of a Harlequin Romance in between other more grim storylines.  Romantic, but not cheesy.  Happy, but not feigned cheeriness.  Jason was appropriately Jason when he chased down the guy not so subtly flirting with Courtney, while Courtney drew me in with her surprise and joy at seeing Carly and Sonny in the garden as they prepared to say their vows.  Let me pause a moment to say I loved Courtney’s dress - beautiful, but not traditional.  Sonny’s plane must be a concord jet because that’s the only way they could’ve arrived so quickly.  The blatant disregard of Carly’s about-to-give-birth condition is so ridiculous, I’m not even going to address it.  Pfft!  One bit made me laugh when Jason suggested to Courtney that they return to their room after the ceremony and close out the world and Courtney worried that perhaps they were ashamed and hiding away.  I distinctly remember poking fun at Courtney a few months ago for wanting to keep their relationship hushed so they could live in their “own little world.”   My how things change.


If you’re happy and you know it just say yes.

If you’re happy and you know it buy a dress.

If you’re happy and you know it,

Then the script will surely show it.

If you’re happy and you know it try wedded bliss. 

A championship blue ribbon should be awarded to Carly and her Brave Face.  “Sonny, I need you to come with me to see Bobbi.”  Things are definitely off kilter when Carly states an outright need but Sonny must go and sit at Lily’s grave to wait for her next appearance, her next message.  Even though emotionally, Carly’s carrying the full load for her family, she’s still trying to fix Sonny’s world.  Yeah, yeah, Sonny’s thinks he’s saving his family by moving out, but Carly’s gonna snap at some point.  It was telling that she waited to freak out over the baby’s heart problem until Sonny was gone and Jason, her safe haven, was there to offer support.


Jason tells Carly the usual stuff.

You are brave and strong.  Sonny loves you.

Sonny and Carly should pay him counseling fees. 

Carly told Sonny, “I did not survive the panic room for this.” but Sonny couldn’t process the words.  I can see and feel Sonny’s gut wrenching fear for his family, especially since he’s seeing Lily’s ghost.  But how far is too far when it comes to weighing what Lily’s says against what his family needs?

Carly’s Brave Face 

Other than Jason and Courtney doing the romance dance, I also liked when Alcazar approached Sonny at the P.C. Grille.  The scene was low key, but it amazes me how these two actors can throw power into a scene.  It’s not fireworks; it’s more like rolling thunder waiting to explode or two trains on a collision course. 


Can you hear the roar, feel the rush?  They’re gonna collide soon. 

Stan, Sonny and Jason’s new go-to surveillance guy, might be interesting.  I like that he talks back to Jason and Sonny.

More please. 

Emily scolded Zander and Zander, instead of responding with anger, looked at her and asked, “Do you have a button that automatically clicks to defend Nikolas?”  Zander’s just so impressively mature the last few weeks I find myself completely on his side.  I know, Emily’s been honest, but Zander called it right when he said she seems to like the attention while he and Nikolas hurt.  I liked that Zander fostered the drama as he casually mentioned to Emily that he had a thing for Carly while she was gone.  What a concept.  Zander had a life while Emily was out of town.  He pegged Emily’s outrage perfectly when he told her she was looking for a way out of their marriage and hoping he’d be the one to leave so she wouldn’t have to take responsibility for the break up.  Zander informed Emily, “I deserve better.”  Yeah Zander, you do.


Oops, somebody pressed Emily’s button, her eyes light up and she scolds Zander.


“Emily, while you were gone I had no love interest so they

Kept throwing me in scenes with Carly and then Liz.

You understand, a few brushes with danger and pretty soon it’s unplanned sex.” 

So here’s some honesty for ya.  Zander pulls at my heartstrings.  Nikolas and Emily kissing in the elevator on Friday?  Hot!  I can honestly say that I’ve never felt pulled in opposite directions in a triangle this way before. 

So much for vows and fidelity. 

Fire meets Face.  I flinched.  No matter what Stefan’s done, Cassadine Toasty, made me cringe.  I feel kind of lost on this story because it’s moved so quickly from Uncle steps over the line of redeemability, to burn victim, to death by dagger on purpose.  Was it suicide?  Desperation?  Or giving up?  I liked Stefan’s character and I always rooted for him because it was clear that no matter how outrageous his actions, they were dictated by love.  But this time around, it seemed that he justified his actions for love of Nik, but the actions benefited him.  Steven Nichols could act with a brick wall and draw me in.  Steven Nichols and Anthony Geary keep me glued to the scene with their larger than life personalities.  Their story has been like watching a classic movie in another language.  I understand the emotions and high drama, but the words don’t make sense.  Am I the only one feeling this way?




Maybe the meds made Stefan appear dead and the knife plunged into his Kevlar vest.

He’s a Cassadine.  It’s possible. 

Whatcha think Stefan was gulping down outta that meds bottle?  I bet it wasn’t pain pills or antibiotics. 

Lucky arrested Luke “for his own good.”  Isn’t that what Lucky said when he signed papers to commit Luke to the loony bin?  Yep, I’d think a commitment and an arrest might put a strain on a father/son relationship.  “Damn boy, you’re really starting to annoy me now!”  Luke stated succinctly.  Is it any wonder Luke refused to untie Lucky on Friday? 

We only learned how to work the handcuffs in cop school.

No one mentioned ropes! 

As punishments go, Ned grounding Dillon for hanging around Alcazar wasn’t outrageous.  But did anyone expect Dillon to accept the punishment?  I didn’t.  Being ticked at Georgie was expected since she blurted out information guaranteed to put Edward in a snit and push Ned into adult mode.  My favorite part was Dillon’s hat.  I figured he was wearing it to the concert to hold down his hair.

Am I cute or what? 

Anyone else catch Jax and Ned’s secret handshake at the restaurant?  Too funny! 

Why does Sam keep scratching the back of her head?  I’d prefer that she move the bangs out of her eyes.

I feel like my Grandma.  Give the girl a bobby pin or something. 

Who’s that guy lookin’ so fine in his power suit?  Oh darn, it’s Ric.  Noooottt looking, nooooottt getting sucked in…he does look really great in that black suit and blue tie…nope, crossing my fingers in front of the TV screen.  He’s not forgiven yet, so he has no right to parade around looking intriguingly handsome.  Scotty called Ric a weasel bringing new meaning to the old phrase, “The pot calling the kettle black.”  This partnership in low life lawyers running Port Chuckie won’t last long because the clash between Scotty’s shirts and Ric’s power suits will probably cause the judges to go blind.

The snake and the weasel size each other up. 

What is it with the men on GH and their obsession with women’s reproductive organs?  Sonny’s hauntingly psyched over Carly’s pregnancy.  Ric obsessed over Liz losing their baby to the degree that he had to have Carly’s baby.  Alcazar’s unhealthy affection for Carly was born as they bonded over Carly’s premature labor.  Stefan thought he could solve the Cassadine financial woes by knocking up Lydia.  Courtney’s recent downhill spiral resulted from a miscarriage.  It seems to me there’s a whole lot of emphasis lately on women and their ability to bring forth offspring. 

General Hospital, the facility for night owls, boasts evening OB appointments and ultrasounds for the woman on the go, while the lab runs blood work and sends results to specialized oncologists who also keep late night hours.  Only at GH…


The hospital where doctors work at night.  Think it’s leftover vampire vibes? 

Spoiler Time 

Alcazar and Sonny: tensions run high as they go head to head, and gun to gun...when darkness falls (GHH2)

Closing my eyes….predicting the future….I feel vibes….lots and lots of Sonny/Jason/Alcazar/Carly/MOB vibes… 

AJ has Coleman sniff around Sam for info (GHH2)

A.J. AND Coleman, bound to be an entertaining day. 

Faith touches off a massacre!!
Sonny swings into action (

I’m just a bloodthirsty wench because I’m definitely wondering what Faith’s up to.  And I can’t wait for Sonny to become Action/Adventure Sonny instead of Angsty/Paranoid Sonny. 

Dillon and Georgie finally make love when they believe Dillon is on his way to Military School. (GHFF)

Pfft!  So much for a written agreement to wait. 

My Ten GH Positives for the Week 

1.  Luke – anything Luke.

2.  Lots of uninterrupted romance between Jason and Courtney

3.  Ric lookin’ good in a power suit.

4.  Liz hasn’t offered Ric forgiveness yet.

5.  Sonny’s angst over Lily’s warnings.

6.  Carly fighting for her marriage and against Sonny’s fear.

7.  Zander dumped Emily and kept his dignity.

8.  Edward showed a smidgeon of understanding to Dillon.

9.  Alcazar discussed his motivations with Lily/Marcella.

10. Stefan’s belief that underneath the anger, Nikolas loves him and understands his actions. 

There’s a new project on my horizon.  It’s called Giving Up The Zip.  As in, I’m pouring too much, waaayyyy too much Diet Coke down my throat and I need to change my wicked Diet Coke ways.  The problem is, I don’t want to.  My body keeps sending out distress signals like headaches and high energy, low energy zigzags, telling me I’ve gone overboard again.  But my mind and emotions remain staunch in their view, saying plain and simple, “I don’t wanna!”   

I am an on and off health nut.  Meaning I’m On Monday through Friday as I eat mainly nonprocessed foods - protein, fruits and vegetables.  Simple starches and sugar have no place on my menu.  On weekends, I’m Off as I break the healthy rules and eat what I please.  I’m no Dr. Phil and I’m not making suggestions for anyone else, this is what works for me.  Except when it comes to Diet Coke, which I consume with a passion.  No 6-pack a day, I’m way past that.  If I practice the other healthy habits, why should I be forced to give up soda?  I shouldn’t.  However, it’s beginning to feel like the caffeine runs me instead of me enjoying it, which smacks of unhealthy addiction.  Time to cut back.  My goal for this week - I will only drink one can of Diet Coke in the morning and fill my 64-oz cup one time.  You are probably laughing cause that’s still a lot of soda.  Yeah, but it’s better than a can, or two, in the morning, two 64-oz refills and a can before I go to bed.  And if I become grumpy, I plan to call and e-mail Carolyn since she’s been my inspiration to address my bad habit.  Change is possible.  She did it and so can I.  “But I don’t wanna,” the little voice in my head whines insistently. 

I wish you success in eating this week.  May you meet your dietary goals and fulfill your edible dreams.  Hmm, I’d be fine with easing back on Diet Coke if I could substitute chocolate.  And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.  Thanks for stopping by.

Where would I be without screen caps?  Thanks, Terry.

I really, really don’t do decaf.  Soda, ice, no zip?

What’s the point?  It just makes me mad.


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