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(Spoilers R Us) 

Sometimes I watch GH and my attention fully engages, so scenes grab and pull at my emotions.  Other times, I watch and it’s like a comedy where details and plot twists filter through my mind like a tickle I can’t stop.  Either way, I usually enjoy myself.  This week was a tickle. 

On a poor, poor pitiful me scale, Sonny may have reached the pinnacle this week.  I like tortured Sonny, enjoy his drama, but he needs to admit that his mind has a few kinks different from those around him.  Hint to Sonny – When you are breaking glass to make yourself bleed profusely, this is not normal.  When you regularly see a ghost – not normal.  Bossing your ghost – “You need to pray for me, Lily.  Can you ask God to help me?” – not normal.  But I wasn’t rolling my eyes at mind crazed Sonny until the people around him began seeing Lily and he couldn’t grasp, didn’t even try to grasp, the fact that he wasn’t seeing a ghost if everyone else was seeing the same lady in a floaty pink dress.  Faith, well yeah, I can see him doubting her word.  But Michael and Jason?  C’mon Sonny, pay attention, you’re being played and usually about this time you’re making The Plan with Jason.  Remember The Plan?  It’s always the same.  Play the player, wait for him to make a mistake.

Remember the Sonny and Brenda song

called Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls?

“You bleed just to know you’re alive.” 


Isn’t trying to kill a ghost redundant? 

A big eewwww went through me when Sonny asked the graveyard guy to open Lily’s coffin.  After seven years, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight in there!  I liked the ground fog swirling around Sonny’s feet and the bottom of the coffin though.

I hate to be morbidly grotesque here, but Lily


What the heck is Sonny lookin’ at? 

Carly deserved a whole basket of sympathy with expensive bath beads and lotions included for putting up with Sonny.  Granted, she shouldn’t have strolled through the back alley where Jason was on a murder Alcazar mission.  But sheesh!  After she saved Lorenzo, she went straight home and did what Sonny’s always nagging her to do.  She told THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH per Sonny’s law.  And what did she receive for her troubles?  Pfft!  More tortured, it’s alll about me, Sonny!  “I’ll tell you what scares me.  Someday, I am not going to be able to get over this.  You know, I mean, maybe this time when the anger burns out, I’m not going to have anything left.  You ever think of that when you pull this crap?”  You ever think that you’ll push Carly’s buttons so hard she won’t care what you do and don’t get over, Sonny?  Most people couldn’t walk away from an injured or dead person without making some effort to help.  If Carly had walked away from Alcazar lying unconscious in an alley, I bet Sonny would have had the same my-way-or-the-highway tantrum at Carly because she went to alley in the first place.  I say Carly’s pregnancy outweighs Sonny’s ghost angst.  Get over yourself, Sonny.


I will not leave unconscious men in alleyways without rendering assistance.

And furthermore, I’ll eat ice cream whenever I want!

You go, Carly!  Lay down the law to Sonny for a change. 

Question of the week – How did Lily know that Carly and Sonny’s baby has a heart problem if the doctor didn’t know it? 

In what has been a long time coming Jason showed impatience at Sonny’s drinking.  “Sonny, you know fear wears people down.  Tires them out.  Makes them lose their judgment.  Fear does something different to you.  It makes you blame yourself.  You get trapped in this dark place.  You know drinkin’ is not gonna help.”  It needed to be said.  Too bad Sonny, trapped in his private hell of self-destruction, won’t listen or heed advice, not even Jason’s.  One of my favorite lines this week was Jason telling Sonny regarding Lily’s ghost, “I think you saw your own fear.”  It was so, so…wise.  Good one, Jase.

Is this the beginning of tough love?

Is there a ten step program in Sonny’s future?

Can we picture Sonny, A.J. and Skye bonding in an AA meeting? 

OK, so I admired Courtney’s guts in apologizing to Liz for what she thinks she did.  Admitting to running down a pedestrian and facing them takes a strong person.  I also liked that Liz clarified her feelings for Jason as a friend, thereby opening the door a few more inches to more interaction between Jason and Liz.  Ric’s zealous defense of Liz and judgmental condemnation of Courtney made my hackles rise.  Since he’s avoided punishment for heinous crimes, I dislike any time he opens his mouth and speaks condemning words to others.  He’s not forgiven in my book of soapy bad guys and saying his punishment is that he ends up alone doesn’t reek of justice by a long shot.

“How many times do I have to tell you women?

I AM A GOOD GUY!” Ric says stomping his foot. 

Talk about a bad week, Stefan didn’t fare well in any arena.  Tried to kill Lorenzo - failed.  Thought Nik took his side against Jason, but no The Prince expected him to turn himself in and go to jail.  Capelli, the new assassin in Port Charles, almost snuffed him on the docks.  Then Luke put him on trial.  Poor Stefan, who hasn’t been nice since he returned to the Port of Cheerless Chuck, made a cry face on Tuesday at Nickolas that pulled my heartstrings and another as he defended himself against the charges which seemed out of place considering his superior demeanor the rest of the time.

Good Cry Face                                 Bad Cry Face

I bought Stefan’s hurt over Nik’s rejection.

Stefan bursting into tears on television didn’t fool me.

He’s playing Luke, playing the audience. 

Ric and Stefan, lawyer and client - now that’s an appropriate character pairing.  If Mr. Cassadine were sticking around, I’d have loved to see plotting between those two.  Equally twisted and self absorbed they could make major mayhem.  Oh well, there’s always Helena.  Maybe she’ll resurface and Ric can be her boy toy. 

Doncha love Luke and a plan?  I don’t know what it is about Luke but whenever he’s in a scene, I’m glued to the TV.  And no matter how over the top his story, I’ll buy into it, just because it’s Luke.  Like pirating the airwaves of Port Chuck with a video camera in a warehouse.  If Luke’s doing it, I’ll accept it.  Maybe it’s Luke’s demeanor and delivery of clever dialogue that grabs me.


After successfully trading barbs with Stefan at the PCPD,

Luke sets up his own private playground for his friends and enemy. 

Luke to Stefan at the PCPD:  In fact, my condolences.  Karma’s a snaggle tooth bitch and she’s about to take a big nasty bite out of you. 

Luke to Stefan at the PCPD:  Vlad, lemme tell ya somthin’.  On the great karmic wheel of life, you’re about to become road kill. 

Lucky spoke one of soap’s classic lines this week.  When Luke called him a Spencer traitor for becoming a cop, Lucky replied, “Don’t you get it, Dad?  I’m doing this for you.”   I don’t think Luke bought it though. 

Did you notice that all the minorities were represented in the rookie cop graduating class?  I laughed.  I can see it now.  The next time comments are made regarding GH being the whitest soap on television TPTB at GH will point to that ONE scene and deny the allegation.

Couldn’t find a better picture.

A white man, a black man, an oriental woman, and Lucky.

No way it’s a random ethnic mix. 

Isn’t it amazing how stuff happens wherever Dillon and Georgie happen to be?  These two remind me of a romantic adventure movie.  Dead bodies, smoke alarms, kidnappings, overhearing vital conversations they’re everywhere at the right or wrong moment.

Adventures in Young Wonderland 

A.J.’s interest in the Deadman’s Hand is certainly understandable.  The phrase, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all,” was probably coined for him.  In A.J.’s mind, I bet he sees owning the famous lucky cards as insurance while running ELQ.  That way, if he decides to buy another sea crane, which every one seems to have made fun of at one time or another, the lucky hand will insure that his business decisions work out in his favor.  Hope no one tells Edward that A.J.’s not at the office, he’s running around the world chasing old playing cards.

A.J.’s playin’ hooky.  Think Edward will give him an ELQ detention? 

How stupid was it of Emily to sit in front of a two-way baby monitor and ramble on about her dream to wow Nickolas?  Even though she qualified it later saying it was silly and she wanted to be with Zander, the thoughtless cruelty of her words astounded me.  The conversation with Skye while Zander listened and hurt had the affect of filling Zander’s sympathy glass.  Then, when Zander called the attending adults connected to Kristina to task for not placing her needs before their vendettas and desires, I applauded.  He’s just an all around great guy this week.  When he asked Emily straight out as they sat on the porch, “Am I the man you want to be with?” my heart ached for him.


                         Duh!  Emily.                      Zander gets all the sympathy right now. 

Jax and Sam…what to say…don’t care yet.  With Jax, I have a difficult time moving past the arrogant jerk who treated Skye like dirt for another woman and then humiliated Brenda at the altar because he couldn’t forgive her for kissing Sonny.  In her two days on screen, Sam comes across as another character for Jax to rescue then dump.  Sorry, Jax, I didn’t miss you while you were gone, and I’m not anticipating any scenes you have now.  Hopefully, we’ll be treated to some intriguing storytelling and I’ll change my mind.

Why Sam, what large ta-ta’s you have.

And we know that because they’re all over the ‘Net. 

Spoilers say that Jason and Courtney tie the knot on October 13 followed by a romantic honeymoon in Paris.  Wonder if they’ll run into Robin?  Wouldn’t that be awkward.  Following the 6-month rule, we haven’t glimpsed Jason’s chest (the 2 seconds when Jason and Courtney were at the island don’t count) since early March.  He’s due for a few love scenes that involve more than a hug or quick kiss on Courtney’s cheek.  Whether you like or dislike the character, pecs is pecs.  Hope springs eternal in my romantic heart. 


A wedding in Paris 

GHH2 has some intriguing and funny spoilers this week.  I love spoilers.  They’re so much fun! 

“Something Alky did not count on....
Marcella ("Lily")  begins to  develop empathy for Sonny's  anguish.”

Duh.  Like we couldn’t see this one comin’ from the moment Lilly Melgar signed on the dotted line.  My guess is that when the writer’s experiment with Carly and Alcazar, even if they only dip their toes in the water of a relationship, Sonny will have Lily’s shoulder to cry on.  ‘Cause we certainly can’t have Sonny hangin’ around without a woman now can we? 

“Carly gets ordered home by Sonny.”

I wish this spoiler read, “Carly gets ordered home by Sonny.  Carly tells Sonny where to stick his orders.”


“Emily is shocked.”

Ooh!  And I bet she reacts with her usual expression. 

“Bobbie Spencer to Stefan's rescue!”

Bobbi sees some action!  This will be a good day! 

“Stefan's death shatters Nikolas, who collapses in Emily's arms.”

Emily, because she is so compassionate, resuscitates Prince Nik by kissing him, which leads to sex in front of a fireplace, etc., etc., etc.  Oh, and sex with a prince cures her cancer which has been treated lately like a bad dream in a previous life. 

"We really believe having a balance where actors of all ages are represented.  We just don't want to put up a show for people who are watching for 20 years and exclude everyone else, and we just don't want to put on a show just with newbies and exclude those who have been loyal fans...

On a strategic basis, we're working to balance these shows out.  I think GH is a good example. You balance your canvas using Sonny,  Monica and Alan, Edward, Ned and Alexis, but at the same time build up Dillon, Georgie and Courtney. We hold onto our tradition, but start to expand into the next generation. That was our number one goal and I think, to put it in baseball terms, that we've had a great draft year.

Brian Frons, ABC DayTime President
(source: TVGuide)

Carolyn and I talked about this quote and I used some uncomplimentary words describing Mr. Frons like dense and living in an alternate universe (and maybe a couple others that I don’t really want to admit to).  After some thought, I believe I’ve figured out the strategy he’s employing.  Many moons ago he talked about supercouple Jason and Courtney and then proceeded to ram them down our throats.  Only a few weeks ago, he was quoted as saying that they see now that a minority might be for Jason and Liz (Hello?  Full page ads in soap mags sound like a major minority) so they were going to bring back their friendship.  Now he’s saying that they’ve expanded the canvas to balance and encompass generations of players.  In each case, he quoted an idea like it had already happened and then proceeded to make it so.  It’s a form of reverse psychology.  That we’re too smart to jump on his bandwagons just because he’s willing to be quoted on a subject is beside the point.  I think we, the fans, create the bandwagons and when he finally catches a whiff of the horse doo-doo as the wagon circles past for the 85th time, he jumps on board and makes a statement sounding like he’s been holding the reins all along.  Delusional he may be but as long as the ball hits him on the head and an idea forms, perhaps issues will be addressed.  I like to think of him in this way so I don’t have to be completely disgusted every time the man speaks.


I know because of the e-mails I received that many of you noticed the change in the opening credits.  They kept the updated pictures of characters but returned to the action sequence of Luke jumping off the boat.  Good for them.  Much as I enjoy the Fab Four, overkill is overkill. 

This week I have been thinking about the unfairness of being a man on a soap.  Sure there’s pressure on a woman to be thin and shapely but it seems to me that times they are a’changin’.  Meaning it seems to be more acceptable for a woman to not have the perfect, wand thin figure.  Women in commercials are not always model perfect anymore and Just My Size products as well as a few others glamorize woman of all sizes which is a good healthy trend.  Times do not seem to be changing for the men.  Can you picture a men’s underwear commercial for an overweight man?  I can’t.  I don’t want to try.  If Sonny, Jason, or Jax gained 20 pounds over the next few months and became pudgy, would they still hold the same leading man appeal?  I think not.  And I am right in there with the sexist judgments.  I appreciate the romance on my soap and when I see a love scene I want, expect to see a manly guy with muscles rippling.  I don’t know how to change the unfair standard or if I even want to since for so many years it’s been the other way around and pressure for women to have the perfect body was excruciating.  I should know, I’ve lived with the pressure of striving to attain the perfect body since birth and I know it’ll haunt me til death.  So, while I’m not jumping on a soapbox over the unfairness, I can offer a small helping of sympathy.  Sorry guys, life’s not fair, now drop and gimme another 20 push ups. 

I hope you have the opportunity to stand outside and soak in some cool autumn air.  If you hear singing, it’s probably me, I’m currently experiencing a light hearted mood.  Thanks for allowing me to air my thoughts.  Thanks for reading.

Where would I be without screen caps?  Thanks, Terry.


…and then the prince and the princess lived happily ever after.

The Adult Version:

And they rode off into the sunset on a beautiful white horse

with the princess nestled comfortably against the prince’s

manly naked chest. 

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