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(Take a deep breath and smile - only a couple spoilers.) 

Hmm, what to write, what to write.  On my trusty little tablet, I have a total of one page of notes for GH.  I watched and enjoyed but was too tired to concentrate on the offbeat.  So this is what Iím gonna do.  I am going to fast forward my tape through this weekís episodes and write about whatever hits me.  Ready?  Think fastÖ.. 


Emily returned the bracelet given to her by Nickolas and managed to convey how touched she was by the gift while she explained why it would be wrong to keep and wear it.  ďIt was the most meaningful gift anyoneís ever given me.  And if things had worked out differently, I would have been honored to wear it for the next 60 years.Ē  Nice for Nickolas that his gift was returned and I think he left her room feeling better than when he entered. 

I thought there was a rule that women always keep jewelry. 

In one of my favorite scenes all week, Faith became giddy at the thought of running away to New York City with Ric.  She practically skipped from the room as she left to pack.

Ric makes Faithís day when he says, ďOK, Faith, you can

fly to New York with me but I get the window seat.

And you have to give me your little bag of snack peanuts too.Ē 

Big Alice needs a bonus.  I bet dressing teenage groupies wasnít in her job description as Cynthia displayed herself in Neddy Eddyís bed.

You put your right arm in, you put your right arm out,

You put your right arm in and you shake it all aboutÖ 

Letís make something perfectly clear.  A.J. DID NOT push Carly down the stairs.  I was there.  I saw the episodes.  A.J. and Carly argued on the stairs.  Carly yanked herself away from A.J., lost her balance, and tumbled down the stairs.  Sonny told Jason his second child wasnít born because A.J. pushed Carly down the stairs.  On A.J.ís behalf, I protest this revision of history. 

Sonny told Faith, ďI told you to do something.  You didnít do it.  Right?  So now, youíre gonna have to pay for the consequences.Ē  I started laughing.  Really?  Faithís gonna pay?  Iíll believe that when I see it.  Whatís he going to do?  Take away her black clothes and force her to wear plaid?  Faith had a great reply but I donít think Sonny appreciated her answer, ďOh really?  Clue.  I donít work for you.  Iím not your wife.  And Iíve never obeyed anyone in my life.Ē  The concept that Faith refuses to be controlled by Sonny is an idea that Sonny is unable to process.

See that broken headlight, Faith?  With my X-Ray vision

I can tell thatís where Lizís body tried shake hands

with your car. 


For the record, I volunteer to go away with Jason whenever, wherever.  And Iíll confess all my problems whether I have any or not while he gazes at me with those understanding tender eyes.  ďIf you canít trust anything else.  Just trust that I love you.Ē  Sigh.  ďOK,Ē my sappy insides answered.

Jason gazes into Courtneyís eyes and compels her

To confess her deepest emotions.

ďAnd when I was three my puppy died.Ē

ďAnd when I was five I lost my favorite lunch box.Ē

ďAnd when I was 12 I had a big pimple right on my chin.Ē

ďAnd when I was 16 Johnny Taylor dumped me for Sherry Sue.Ē 

GH today was a layer cake of age groups.  First, there were scenes with Maxie, Kyle, Georgie and Dillon as they decided how to handle Kyleís witnessing of Lizís hit and run.  Next we saw the musketeers Ė Emily, Nickolas, Liz, Lucky and Zander as they rallied around Liz.  Then Sonny, Faith and Scotty had a scene in the garage by Ricís car.  All the demographics were addressed except the very young and very old. 


Tuesday must be demographic rating day. 

Sonny visited Ric as he sat in handcuffs at the PCPD accused of running down Elizabeth, which mistakenly made Ric believe that Sonny cared.  He asked for Sonnyís help in convincing Elizabeth that he didnít roll over her with his car and then couldnít believe that Sonny wouldnít go to bat for him.  Silly Ric, thinking Sonny cares.


ďSonny, I know you love me. You have to, Iím your brother.Ē

ďFeel the hand around you neck, Ric?  Think about the wire, Ric.Ē 


Liz canít see, Bobbi showed up for a day, and Emily walks with a cane?  Whatís up with that?


Hey, Liz, whatcha doiní on the floor?

ďYeah, Liz, can I play too?Ē 

Dillonís wonderful expressive face told a whole story of what Faith might be doing to parts of their bodies off camera, while Faith played blackmail and seduce the minor. 

Tickle, tickle, want to play?

I canít believe I just wrote that. 

Newsflash!  Jason without a shirt!  Pfft! lasted about 2 seconds, doesnít count.  I liked that Courtney confessed her fear to Jason regarding the pills.  ďIíve been taking them a lot.  All right, Iíve been taking them too much.  And Iím afraid that Iím not going to be able to stop.Ē  I liked that Jason supported her and asked how she wanted to handle the problem.  What I want to know is how feeding the plants Hydrocodone is meaningful.  Throwing them away in the ocean is significant.  Burying them in the sand is significant.  Dumping them in the plants really doesnít move temptation very far away.


Peek-a-boo.  Now you see the chest, now you donít.

A new concept in plant food, drugs for the hyper-active perennial. 

I just liked the picture. 

Isnít it amazing that Liz was smacked by a car, suffered scraped corneas and a little cut on her forehead and isnít even sore?  Talk about miraculous!

Iím not holding a pity party until Liz

shows me blood and guts. 

The idea of Sonny and Carly doing Lamaze together tickles my funny bone.  One scene, just one scene is all I want to see of Sonny and Carly in class learning to breathe. 


Poor Lydia-Boop excluded from the magic that binds Emily and Nickolas.  Because her character practices calculating, but behaves like an ingťnue, I canít read her, which makes me crazy.  When she figures out her personality, Iíll practice tolerance.  Until then, I consider it open season on Lydia (Betty)Boop-Cassadine.  One benefit of her scene with Emily on Thursday was the presentation of Emilyís new expression, which conveyed jealousy.  Good one, Em.


Perky Lydia says, ďIím just so happy to be Mrs. Nickolas Cassadine and youíre not.Ē

Emily says, ďWell, honey, you can have his name, you can even have his baby, but

youíll never beat my record for the most hunks sitting by my bedside in this town.Ē 

When Nickolas and Lydia kissed, I expected Lucky to walk in without knocking to ask an inane question about Stefan or Darius.  Be honest now, did the idea occur to anyone else? 

Whereís Lucky, the Nickolas and Lydia marriage bed monitor? 


Dillon the FBI agent, apprehending Georgie, the notorious drug runner for Alcazar was better than warm, dry feet on a cold, rainy day.  Why do farmers receive a bad rap as dumb hicks wearing overalls?


Now listen up, Pardner, you done caught the bad girl.

Just mosey on inside and wait for your ree-ward. 

Anyone believe that Courtney has conquered her jealousy regarding the suddenly restored friendship between Jason and Liz?  Not me.  I enjoyed Jason and Lizís conversation in the hospital.  Maybe they make better friends than they would have lovers.  Since Courtneyís firmly ensconced in the Fab Four storyline, I guess our chances of knowing remain only a slim possibility for the future.


Really Jason, Iím so secure that I donít mind if you visit poor pathetic run over blind Liz.

But Iím going to eavesdrop just in case. 

Dreaming that I ran over someone would definitely freak me out!  The clues seem to be leaning towards Courtney, but the promo shows three suspects - Sonny, Faith and Ric.  Maybe A.J.ís the culprit.  Scapegoat for most despicable deeds in Port Charles, hit and run would be right up his alley.


Courtney argues with herself, ďIím driving this time.  No, Iím driving.

You drove last time.  Give me the keys, Iím driving.Ē

Delusional personalities, donít let delusional personalities drive on drugs. 

Did anyone else yell, ďTake off the coat!Ē at Carly?  

I liked Katrinaís comment, ďBut itís Ittalllliiiiiannnn.Ē 

Fun Spoilers 

Judge Farmer decides Kristina's fate

Must we endure more scenes with this woman? 

Em prepares dinner for Zander, but he is called away by Alexis.

Where and when did Emily learn to cook?  Perhaps itís the beginning of a new storyline as Alexis saves Zander from Emilyís attempts to keep house and cook for her man.  Since sheís unable to handle a power outage, I canít see her cleaning a bathroom or knowing how to plug in and turn on a vacuum. 

Ric makes use of tough love for Liz's sake

Gee, I hope his brand of tough love doesnít involve the panic room and a chain.  Heís already tried that ploy and it didnít work well for him. 

Capelli is working for Alcazar!

If Taggert were still running the show, Capelli wouldnít have taken a bribe from the dark side.  Isnít it scary that the only two known cops in the PCPD are Capelli and Lucky?   

I had a soapbox moment this afternoon and since I feel like venting, I guess I am going to let loose here.  Let me preface my little angst by saying that I hold teachers in highest regard.  Any person able to lock himself in a room for 8 hours a day with a positive attitude and teach children of any age deserves respect.  However, donít think that I am not aware that the stress of a teaching position makes for the occasional need to lash out.  What, ask teachers with innocent eyes, could I possibly mean?  Well, Iíll tell ya.  Iím talking about projects, which require posterboard, markers, Styrofoam balls, wire, glue, scissors, etc.  These projects are a teacherís revenge upon parents.  I see my sonís science teacher at home this weekend relaxing, maybe lazing on the couch watching a movie on Lifetime, and every few minutes breaking out in a gleeful smile, maybe even in maniacal laughter, at the thought of parents and children ransacking Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart searching for crafty items to use in the construction of a plant or animal cell.  Why must we build such a thing?  Itís not like the kids canít be forced into memorizing the parts and identifying them in numerous quizzes.  Oh no, we must create; we must become crafty.  And for people like me, that would be the noncrafty type, such projects make for nightmarish afternoons in which I try to help my son work the glue gun and not get in his way.  Nothing like a little torture for the perfectionist since glue guns and I are not best friends and my son doesnít seem to have inherited the glue gun gene either.  I am certain itís not a teaching tool, no matter how forcefully teachers may protest.  Itís payback, pure and simple. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  May your week be filled with extraordinary ideas.  Thanks for stopping by.

As always, my thanks to Terry who works so hard on her screen caps site. 

Letís think outside the box.

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