Comments through September 5, 2003
(This is how you read a spoiler - lick some salt, suck a lime,
read the spoiler - and you thought it only worked with tequila.) 

For the past couple weeks Iíve been operating in a blue funk.  I think itís the let down from the excitement I lived with over the General Hospital Fan Event.  Adjusting to regular life without the buzz of anticipation juggling my insides has been tough.  Katrina and I were talking about our lack of adrenaline drive and how it seems to be manifesting itself in a loss of motivation to clean house.  We sympathized with each other and began to compare messiness.  Katrina said her house had to be messier than mine and I said no way.  And so, The Messy House Contest was born.  With the magic of digital cameras guiding our steps, we snapped shots of the most disgraceful areas in our homes and e-mailed them to each other.  Somewhere during the afternoon, Carolyn decided she wanted to participate and she also e-mailed photos.  Iíll have you know it was neck and neck between Katrina and I but she won by a garage.  I could bring up the sticky issue of whether garages should be considered part of the house and does it matter if the garage is attached or not, but I wonít because the kick in the pants I felt from admitting my mess and embracing it gave me the stimulus to begin cleaning and straightening.  Carolyn was the loser, which actually makes her the winner, since she hasnít fallen into the morass of lethargy.  My long winded point being that itís time for me to start counting blessings and looking forward to new adventures, such as working towards a few interviews and the Fan Event for 2004 and as always, watching GH.  Have I mentioned yet how much I enjoy my little GH vacation each day?   

I cried some more this week.  Not since Robin broke up with Jason, Lucky died, Jason gave up Michael, Lukeís tears at Lauraís madness in her torn wedding dress, and Alexisí hysterical tirade at Kristinaís funeral, have I felt so tearful.  As each person showed up at Emilyís bedside to say goodbye, my emotions welled up.  And then, guess what?  She didnít die!  Cool deal for Emily that she experienced a wake and was alive to appreciate it.  How often do you think that happens?  Of course, she didnít cross over into the bright light because in the room next to hers Nickolas slept with his hand on the magic wall.  That would be the magic wall in Miracle Hospital on the show called General Penthouse.  (I think Sherry of  Sherry's Jubilee coined the new title.)

Prince Nik sleeps near the magic wall,
 which is built over the magic spring,
 which flows under General Hospital,
which Helena drinks out of to stay young and spry.

Call me a loony tune for romance but the dream that Emily and Nickolas shared was wonderful.  Though I want to say for the record that my sympathy goes to the ripped-off Zem fans.  Like Jason and Liz, Emily and Zander had build up, build up, build up and then, when pay off seemed imminent, a triangle was forced upon us.  I can go for the hot Nickolas/Emily/Zander triangle, soaps would be boring without Ďem, but I wish TPTB would realize that romantic pay off = fan satisfaction and investment.  Now, while Emily bravely wears her I-love-Zander face, the feelings are forever tainted by her secret longing for Prince Nik.  Zem fans should have been granted at least a few weeks of happiness between Zander and Emily.  Stepping down from my soapbox now.

Nik whispers lovingly, ďThe good news is youíre not dyiní.
The bad news is we have to keep dressing up and meeting like this.Ē

I loved Emilyís wedding gown, even though it was really a nightgown.  Only it was a nightgown with falsies because she suddenly had a bosom as she lay weakly in her sick bed.

Loved the romance.  Loved the gown.
Wish I had the bosoms.

ďThe first one who admits that he saw thatÖhas to go deal with it.Ē  Edward remarked regarding Dillonís rendition of ďThatís AmoreĒ for Emily and Zanderís gondola ride.  They may be dysfunctional, but theyíre not stupid as the whole Q clan fell to planning Emily and Zanderís reception to be held when Emily recovers, completely ignoring the boat ride paddling past them.


Iíve warned you over and over about allowing gondola rides in hospital corridors. 

Edward can have the cupcake for a great moment this week when he welcomed Zander into the family.  Go, Eddy!  You definitely have your finer moments.  Also, high on the list was the scene in which Emily asked Jason and A.J. to acknowledge each other.   

Sheís come a long way, baby!  Remember when Gia first appeared in P.C.?  Her intro to P.C. involved attempted blackmail of Emily.  Now, sheís with the IN crowd.  Friends with Emily, Liz, Lucky, Zander and even former fiancť Nik, sheís an open character.  I want her to find her real hair again and a storyline. 

At the risk of bringing down the wrath of opposing factions, I am going to discuss Courtney and Liz in the same paragraph.  In a touching scene in the hospital chapel, Jason prayed and Liz sat down next to him as they shared their grief over Emily.  The best part of Jason and Liz was their friendship and the way they talked over their problems.  Well, mostly Liz talked, Jason listened and occasionally interjected a comment or feeling.  Anyway, I enjoyed seeing a hint of that connection again this week.  Not much understanding filled me as drug crazed Courtney and then psycho, insecure Ric reacted with unreasonable, irrational jealousy.  Itís friendship, itís comfort Ė itís not passion on the pews.  Courtney and Ric need to get over themselves.  Even though I feel sympathy for Courtney, itís still hard to watch her become unreasonable, angry, and rationally challenged.


Remember the days when Jason and Liz talked?
Remember when Jason laughed a few times?

And wasnít that an ugly face that Courtney wore for Liz and then Jason? 

My favorite part of the Courtney unreasonably accuses Liz
of trying to steal her man and orders her out the penthouse
was Jasonís complete lack of control over the situation.

Offering us a scary new perspective, Sonny and Carly have become counselors for Jason and Courtney.  Itís not the blind leading the blind, more like the relationship challenged leading the emotionally impaired (referring to Courtneyís current fondness for numbing her feelings with drugs). 

Drug etiquette.
When taking drugs, one must hold the cup with two hands.

Any time Sonny and Alcazar appear in the same scene, itís a good day.  These two players possess a powerful presence that makes me sit up in anticipation.

Go shop for a new color shirt Scotty,
cause Lorenzo and Sonny are way out of your league.

Lest we forget who wears the golden bad guy stars, both Alcazar and Sonny showed their meany side this week.  Alcazar ground it into Courtney, ďYou would still be pregnant if you hadnít ignored my crewmanís order and jumped into the water.  Iím not going to apologize for holding you as collateral, thatís a function of my business. You chose to risk your childís life and you lost it.  You brought this pain on yourself.Ē  Sonny practiced ruthless with Ric.  ďAre you thinking about the future, Ric?  The wire around your throat?  How long itís going to take?  One year, three years?  Or maybe Iíll change my mind and make it happen next week.  Are you having trouble sleeping, Ric?  You trying to avoid going out at night alone?  Smart move taking precautions, trying to broker a truce, trying to feed me Alcazar.  Ainít going to work.  I made you a promise little brother.  Iím gonna keep it.Ē


Would you want to meet either of them in a dark alley?
I just heard about a million women thinking, ďDuh, yeah.  I donít
care where I meet them.Ē

Picture me singing and dancing.  I know how to redeem Riiiccccc.  Oh, IIIII know how to redeem Riiccccc.  But Iím not telliní.  Yet. 

Snap!  It was a small but distinct sound on Friday as Sonnyís mind took an irrational turn.  Seeing his son on the ultrasound was way too big for Mr. Corinthos to handle.  My compliments to Maurice Benard on his ability to play a scene within a scene.  Carly fell more in love with her baby seeing him alive on the ultrasound screen while Sonny supported Carly but showed us his immediate withdrawal and inability to handle the reality of his son.  Sonny confessed to Jason, ďI know it doesnít make any sense but it all started when I saw him on the monitor.  It would destroy Carly if she lost this baby.  But heís my son.  And I just canít stop thinkiní that heís never going to be born.Ē  Last time the snap sounded Sonny began skipping down the breakdown path.  Alcazar will have a hand in making Sonny crazy as he Lily returns to haunt Sonny.  Sonnyís in for a rough couple months until the baby is born.


Sonny seemed afraid to look at his child.
So Jason, Sonnyís right hand man, had to look for him.

Please donít write evil e-mails to me for wishing bad upon an infant but it would make a good story twist if Carly and Sonnyís baby were born with some type of handicap, for instance deafness.  I would love to see GH deal with an issue (Emilyís breast cancer doesnít count because it was barely addressed and itís been years since Stone died of AIDS).  Sonny could run around feeling guilty, blaming himself for cursing his own child while Carly steps up to the plate to show us how life works with a deaf child.  We can all learn sign language.   

Do I even need to address the ridiculousness of Lucky, Cop-in-Training, ďworkingĒ a case in which he is personally, passionately invested?  If his whole attitude while he searches for evidence is ďGet StefanĒ instead of ďlearn the truthĒ or, hereís a good one, ďinnocent-until-proven-guiltyĒ then he needs to be directing traffic.  Oh, good one, Kathy.  If he was assigned traffic duty, then he could witness Lizís body meets car meets pavement scene.  Mac needs to lock Lucky in a small room and force him to watch back-to-back episodes of Dragnet so he can practice his cop face.

Oh pulleeeease, donít issue Lucky a gun! 

Didnít you want warn or save Elizabeth?  Get off the street!  Many angry and/or impaired people are driving about in expensive cars.  Since the kidnapping storyís over leaving Carly and Courtney free to run around town without guards and Emily has awoken with a whole new attitude and a healthy body, an invigorating Hit and Run Mystery is just what we need. 


Bad                                    Sad                                     Mad



I am totally into a story in which Mr. Stefan Arrogant-Cassadine owes Sonny and Jason.  A spoiler says that Nickolas will be working with Jason.  Letís go!  Cassadineís, Corinthosí and Morganís in a storyline sounds good to me. 

I truly donít like Stefanís thick black rim glasses with the tinted lenses.  Not my favorite fashion statement, they make him look evil.

Why is this handsome, compelling man
wearing 50ís style glasses?
He could be a serial killer.

Please call me when the real Alexis shows up.  ĎCause meek and bullied isnít workiní for me.  Every time Alexis talks to Stefan I want to be in the scene fighting for her, holding her up until she finds her backbone and can throw Stefanís manipulations back in his face.  

Did many of you catch SoapNetís Soap Talk debut on ABC last week?  It was a fun way to promote ABC soaps but I had to laugh at the gasp big reveal spoilers.  I laughed rather smugly because I already knew each and every one of them.  I so love the Ďnet!  What I didnít love was the introduction of General Hospitalís next supercouple, Jax (Ingo) and Samantha (Kelly Monaco).  Excuse me?  Supercoupledom is decided by fans, not ABC marketing execs.  So promote all you want ABC, but donít think just because you call them a supercouple, they are.  You tried the shove-Ďem-down-our-throat-promotions with Courtney and Jason and itís taken me two years to warm up towards Courtney.  Striking also, is Kelly Monacoís resemblance to Brenda Ė petite, dark haired, feisty.  Must they be sooooo obvious? 

The passionate liaison between Vanessa Marcil and ABC Soaps In Depth bears mentioning this week.  Great actor, interesting person, but now sheís a prime time player and ex-Brenda.  Poor left behind ABC Soaps In Depth is pining after her so badly that theyíre still making reference to her in each edition and last week gave her a cover and a six page write up on her new show LAS VEGAS.  Get a clue guys, itís a heartless world in Soapland and your baby has grown up and moved on.  Try to let her go gracefully and focus on the hundreds of other ABC soap actors needing a photo op and write up.  Theyíre who I expect to read about when I shell out my $2.99.  OK, stepping down and putting away my soapbox again. 

In my usual madcap way on Saturday, I pushed myself away from the computer and dashed downstairs to find my two children in electronics heaven.  In the living room, my daughter lounged on the sofa singing along with her headset watching Sponge Bob do his underwater thing while my son lay on the floor flipping radio stations on the stereo.  Informing my son that it was time to get a haircut he said OK and then in a leisurely 15-year-old manner picked up his cell phone and grabbed my CD player and headset to take with him.  How and when did we become so electronics dependent?  Computers, DVD players, VCRís, home entertainment systems, video games, PDAís and cell phones reign.  And even though both my children are involved in sports, I donít think they possess any concept of life without electronic gadgets at every turn.  Now this is not a commentary bemoaning the good ol' simpler days.  Pullease!  Like Iíd give up my computer, my VCR that tapes GH every day, CD player, or cell phone.  Itís more of a notation of how far our society has traveled and how happy I am to live in America where all these fun gadgets are readily available.  Itís a brave new world Little Toaster. 

Pack a picnic, go for a swim, swat some flies and get ready!  Ready for what, you ask?  Why, autumn, of course!  My favorite time of year.  Thanks for reading.

As always, my thanks to Terry who works so hard on her screen caps site. 

Like every other American, I will remember forever

where I was and what I was doing September 11, 2001.

I wish you peace and comfort on September 11, 2003.

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