Comments through August 2, 2003 

Comments?  Iím supposed to make comments?  Darn, few comments crossed my brain this week.  Currently, I am experiencing the adrenaline let down, after-the-big-event mellow interlude.  On Monday, July 28 I watched GH and wrote comments.  Finally, on Sunday, August 3, I was able to watch Fridayís episode.  My troublesome problem being that I barely recall what happened on the days in between with relatives flying in, finishing the work in my house, ordering, picking up and setting up food, picking up tuxes, getting hair and nails done, my daughterís missing shoes, etc.  But the big event has passed in all its glory and now we are savoring, remembering, cleaning up and returning various rental items.  The following picture is a brief recap of pictures from my digital camera, which is all I have to offer this week.  I could write reams of family stories and a vow renewal recap but those stories usually only entertain those involved so Iíll try to keep my fingers under control. 

Well my computer just froze twice when I tried to make the collage so hereís one of the ceremony on Saturday morning. 

I canít get over how beautiful my kids and husband are. 

And now, the very little that registered about General Hospital.   

I didnít count by Iím sure I heard Emily say, ďIím so sorry,Ē a few times. 

WHY would Johnny let Faith, Sonnyís enemy, into the penthouse by herself knowing Michael was home?  WHY would Johnny let Liz in knowing Sonny was away and Faith was supposedly packing? 

Lydia was the happiest little scorned suicidal fiancť Iíve ever seen. 

While Faith was away she should have robbed a sperm bank and then she could swear sheís carrying Ricís child. 

Faith cried again.  Better watch out, she might become sensitive. 

WHY is Lucky following Lydia around?   

Way to go Emily.  Way to interrupt Nikolasí wedding for no reason.  ďPlease donít marry Lydia.Ē And ďNo Nik, I wonít make a commitment to you.Ē  Weird. 

Courtney, we got it.  Youíre pregnant and nauseous.  You can stop rubbing your tummy now. 

Sonny and Jason, sexy men in black. 

Itís short and sweet this week because I havenít read a spoiler or surfed the Ďnet since last Tuesday.  And if you e-mailed and I havenít answered, please forgive me.  Iíll catch up in the next few days.  Thanks for stopping by.  Next week Iíll get my brain up and working again.



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