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(Coupla spoiler references.  Do they count?) 

Well, the deck is built, flowers planted, house cleaned inside and out, rings purchased, dress bought, tuxes rented and I am totally freaking out!  Next Friday and Saturday, my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a party for family, friends, and neighbors on Friday evening and a vow renewal ceremony on Saturday followed by a small reception.  Many years ago my husband and I visited a Justice of the Peace and said I Do.  Since we never had a wedding or a honeymoon (we’ve never successfully mastered convention or tradition), we are having it now.  Well, the ceremony at least.  For two years I’ve been notifying my family and his of our plans and now they are finally coming to fruition.  Even my father and stepmom, not big travelers, are coming so my father can escort me to my husband who I will promise to love and cherish for the rest of my life.  (The vow part will be easy because he really is the best guy God put on this earth.)  And lemme tell ya, it has to last for the rest of my life cause I am not marrying this guy again.  Now I know how smart we were to wed without fanfare the last time.  Because planning an event such as a wedding or vow renewal ceremony is a LOT OF WORK!  I plan to write a column through Thursday’s episode and then let the good times roll.

My new deck
Picture a canopy top over the gazebo

Want to know how much power Mr. Corinthos exerts over Port Charles?  On Monday, when Sonny was playing rough with a semi-conscious Ric, Capelli, the only detective on the force since Taggert left, dashed into the panic room to be ordered by Sonny to “lock up That Bastard.”  That would be Ric “That Bastard” Lansing.  Ric was arrested and transported to GH to patch up his wounds.  Only he was in a hospital room with no handcuffs, no guard, nothing, so the charges must not have been too serious.  Sonny and Jason followed Ric to the hospital where they discussed business like who’s allowed to live and for how long standing by the nurses’ station while Georgie blatantly eavesdropped.  Hmm, I feel a detail nagfest coming on, be prepared.


Sonny gives orders to the PCPD
Georgie demonstrates the fine art of blatant eavesdropping

I am totally confused regarding “The Plan”.  Except for Sonny’s part because he always has the same plan - sit back and wait for the current enemy to make a mistake.  That plan aside, why did Scotty threateningly tell Sonny that he better not allow Alcazar to transport drugs?  According to the FBI plan, Sonny’s supposed to make nice business-wise with Alcazar.  Why did Sonny allow the drug boat into the harbor and then blow it up?  Wasn’t he worried about ruining negotiations for securing Carly’s release?  Maybe blowing up the ship was Sonny’s way of stopping the drug shipment and thumbing his nose at the FBI.  Why does Sonny believe Alcazar will land his drugs and then release Carly?  Alcazar only holds power over Sonny if he can force Sonny into compliance.  How did Sonny know Dillon was supposed to make the vital call and so what if he did since the boat was slated to become harbor trash?  Either some pieces of the puzzle are missing or I’m not seeing what I am supposed to. 

My favorite Sonny moment aired on Wednesday when Sonny demanded to know if Carly’s all right and Alcazar started with “Unless you cooperate…”  Sonny broke in throwing a pen (because he wasn’t standing near to any glassware) as Super-Sonny-In-Charge, “No!  You’re not getting jack unless I see my wife.  Either you arrange for me to be in the same room as my wife or I will order you killed and open up negotiations with your lieutenant.  I’m tired of this now.  It’s in your best interest to prove to me that my wife’s OK.”  Alcazar agreed because Sonny’s known as a man of his word.  What I want to know is what kind of reputation Alcazar possesses that would cause Sonny to put his life in Lorenzo’s hands and trust that he would see Carly?

The real Sonny stands up. 

Excuse me, but why would a telephone have a cord that attaches to a wall on an airplane?  I thought cords from telephones plug into telephone jacks which consist of wires running to bigger wires outside, running to telephone lines and cables.  On the never-ending flight, Alcazar demanded that Sonny call Jason to order the hit on Ric using a telephone with a cord out the back.  Is there some easy techy explanation for this?


Alcazar is a much better class of kidnapper that Ric.  He let Carly speak with Michael and drop blatant hints about where she was like Alcazar wouldn’t catch references to a boat and plane.  Next, she was able to change into new lacy, skintight maternity clothes with makeup.  Talk about lookin’ good pregnant!  Plus, she makes up lists and sends the flunkies shopping.  Personally, I would love to be kidnapped like that for a couple days.  Solitude, privacy, and men to shop for me, that’s not a kidnapping, that’s a vacation.  Not that I want Sonny and Carly break up, but I did enjoy Alcazar’s smile when Carly wasn’t looking.


I never looked this good pregnant!
Oh yeah, TV.

I want to see more smiles on this guy. 

Scotty informed Sonny that Faith had disappeared.  Before she left, she must have stopped by the PCPD for a nice visit to inform Scotty of Courtey’s punching problem.  How else would Scotty have the info to tattle to Sonny?  I know where Faith might be.  I bet she signed up for a Dr. Phil retreat.  Probably the fact that she shed an actual tear over Ric so deeply affected her that she had to leave town to get in touch with her inner self. 

I only received a few Faith names but they were worth sharing: 








(Thanks Ruth)

And one crack up Ric name from Dayna:  HOTTIE BOOM BOTTIE. 

Gia informed Zander that she thinks Emily “has feelings” for Nicholas.  So?  I have feelings for men other than my husband - friendship, affection, camaraderie, even love.  I don’t want to marry them or have sex; they just hold a special place in my heart, as Nicholas should hold a special place in Emily’s heart as her first crush.  I know, the story dictates that they feel love for each other and it tears at the fabric of their other relationships.  OK, I’ll buy into it as long as they address the fact that they have a choice in what to do with those feelings and how they honor their commitments to others.  That means you, Emily.  Don’t be jerking Zander around because you have “feelings”.  Though with Nicholas and Zander being so darn noble lately, Emily could end up alone as each guy steps aside for the other.


Nik and Em practice secret scratch-the-ear code speak for
I love you, but I can’t say it.


On bended knee, Zander proposed marriage.
Oddly, Emily responded with a horrified expression.

Zander and Emily had a lovely sleepover with music and montage.  I hope they locked the door this time.  Nicholas and Lydia did the passionate clinch and the hate sex music played - the same music that played at the beginning of Sonny and Carly’s first hate sex and for various unfriendly sex scenes since then.  Hearts were racing and breaking all week.  On Friday, Nicholas admitted his love for Emily and she responded.  They hooked me into the scene big time.  Then Emily remembered Zander and promises and obligations (which I thought highly appropriate) and made Nicholas cry.  Emily repeated her favorite line, “I’m so sorry.”  She offered bleak comfort by telling Prince Nik that he will always have half her heart.  “That’s OK, Nicholas,” I thought, “I think I just gave you half of mine.”  What a great heartbroken rich nobleman he makes. 

Best heartbreak I’ve seen in a long time. 

I don’t know who Lydia thought she was foolin’ with that bra she proudly dangled in front of Stefan cause those cups appeared more generous that what she’s carrying around.

I guess she left the padding on the floor for the servants to pick up. 

I try diligently to remain positive and for the most part, I suspend reality and just enjoy my show.  However, I have one serious complaint this week regarding Emily’s so-called cancer and so-called chemo treatments.  We, the viewers, really should have received a disclaimer from the show stating that Emily doesn’t have cancer as we know it, not the heart wrenching, life threatening, hair falling out, sick kind.  Like the difference in enduring a 24-hour flu bug or catching SARS, Emily has glamour cancer.  That would be cancer in which a few tears and a little discomfort make background music to the real story of the Emily, Zander and Nicholas triangle.  (Oh, whom do I choose because I’ve discovered a “feeling”?)  I think that when they tried to figure out how to make Emily look sickly and discovered that they couldn’t do it without wiping off some of her make up, the idea of a real, grab the audience and tear their hearts out cancer story was scrapped.  So, while I am glad to see Emily, Zander and Nicholas on my screen, I am not appreciating the cancer-is-pretty part of it.  Probably in the next few weeks, when TPTB become tired of addressing the cancer-that-isn’t, it’ll fade away.  Perhaps a mention will be made that Emily was misdiagnosed or has experienced a miraculous recovery.  And that will be that.  If I am proved wrong in my assumptions, I will happily sing praises to TPTB for not whussing out on what could’ve been, should’ve been a great story.


And while I am being nit picky, one other scene kinda threw me.  Jason shot Ric in front of Elizabeth who screamed, “No, Jason don’t.”  Jason picked her up and carried her struggling out of the house.  Off screen he locked her in the car and then threw Ric’s plastic wrapped body in the trunk.  Next, Jason dragged a protesting Liz into the penthouse.  What bothered me was that Liz appeared angry at being manhandled, upset at being locked in the car, but not wet-my-pants-I-just-saw-Jason-murder-my-husband-in-cold-blood horrified.  Then, as she was running out, Ric called out her name.  Finally, a little shock and then she moved right into righteously indignant, “I will never come back to you.”  Umm, I’d still be in the freaky, shaky haven’t-recovered-from- what-I-thought-was-murder state.  Plus, Jason should have been worried that Liz would run right out and tell someone because that girl tells what she knows to the first person who asks.  Yep, Scotty asked, she told.  Go figure.

She’s mad AND she tattles. 

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Serious payback was comin’ Ric’s way.  Some people experience a rough day but he had a seriously BAD week. 


Knocked on the head and left for dead by Alcazar’s men

Knocked around and slapped twice by Sonny

Slapped and rejected by Elizabeth in the hospital


Unhappy Ric questioned by Courtney

Questioned by Jason with rough enforcer persuasion

Obviously knocked unconscious by Jason as he kidnapped Ric from the hospital

Chained and locked in the panic room


Good day for Ric.

Liz dramatically rejected him – again


Rejected – again – by Liz

Fake shot by Jason


Rejected – AGAIN – by Liz (she’s consistent anyhow)

Duct taped to a chair by Jason

Smacked around and threatened by Sonny

Thrown down the stairs by Sonny


If I were Ric, I’d take all my toys and go home cause he’s not havin’
any fun and next week looks bleak too.

Apparently, Courtney’s experiencing an identity crisis or the power of living in Sonny and Jason’s world has gone to her head.  Yeah, I remember making fun of her a few months ago for thinking she was tough when she definitely wasn’t.  She’s made big strides away from the deer caught in the headlights nice girl, which I appreciate, but there’s a difference between tough and becoming a tiny Tyson.  Someone, like Carly, needs to explain to her that most of tough is about attitude.  Any why is she in the middle of Jason’s work?  Kicking Faith out of the penthouse, questioning Ric, following Jason, she’s a regular mafia cowgirl.  Jason angrily confronted her and later tenderly explained that he can’t be controlled or managed, sending the same message – Butt out, Babe.  I appreciated the references to Robin and sadly shook my head when Courtney tearfully told Jason, “I had to save you for me.”  Because that’s one of the ways Robin justified what Jason considered her betrayals.  Should we post storm warnings now or wait until the blue line shows up on the pregnancy test? 


Courtney thought she was runnin’ the show.
Jason explained that she’s only allowed to run her show, not his.

On Friday, Ric played mind games with Courtney as he justified his own behavior by saying that he tried to do the right thing in the end.  He asked Courtney, “Ever wonder if Jason would do the same for you”?  HA!  Not gonna work, Ric.  Jason already proved he’d do the same for Courtney when he rescued her from the mineshaft you threw her down when you, the evil twisted one, kidnapped her at gunpoint.


Ric tries to manipulate Courtney.
She’s not buyin’.
Too bad Ric, you’re still the bad guy.

Pheewww!  No more Dobson!  I was so done with that charade.  The best part of the scenes on Monday as Dobson transformed himself into herself, was that the only people in the room unaware of Dobson’s real identity were Judge Farmer, Edward and maybe Scotty’s Dr. Lindstrom.  Poor Edward was traumatized.  “You saw me in my underwear.”  And later, “I can’t believe it.  She actually saw me in my bathtub.”  Alexis looked like a sympathetic victim, Edward traumatized, Scotty triumphant and then angry, Ned empathetic, and Skye came across as vindictive and plain old mean. 


Edward wears his eww face and Skye practices cruel. 

Baby switch.  Who caught the baby Kristina switch?


Baby 1 and Baby 2 

Alexis was disguised as Dobson on Monday but wearing a lady’s diamond ring while she served hors d’ouvres.   

Cool deal for Alexis that she impersonated a butler and admitted to faking DID after killing Luis Alcazar.  She should be feeling some successful oats.  But what did I see on Tuesday?  I saw meek, uncertain Alexis willing to bow before cunningly complicated Stefan.  “Pfft!” I thought, “She better start negotiating and stop pleading or Stefan will make her do all his unscrupulous machinations.”  I knew he wanted her to do something she wouldn’t like when he told her he didn’t want any “breast feeding or eleventh hour regrets” from Alexis.  Yep, Alexis will be trading ethics for Cassadine manipulations.  

Oh, please Mighty Stefan, Master of the Icy Face,
your humble servant Alexis begs for your assistance.

Mac told Georgie that Dillon’s unsupervised.  Hello?  What do you call two teenage girls living by themselves until a few weeks ago when Mac supposedly moved back into his house to keep track of the little wild things? 

Dillon, repeat after me.  JUST – SAY – NO!  Protests that you don’t want to work for Alcazar don’t hold much water when you keep accepting the money.  C’mon, try again with feeling – NO, I won’t make the phone call.  NO, I won’t take your money.

Dillon says, “No, I am not working for Alcazar.
But I will accept the money.”

I laughed when Mac threw the BIG AS A HOUSE hint to Lucky about taking the cop test.  If it weren’t already a spoiler, we’d sure know in what direction Lucky’s headed now.  Whatcha bet he’ll take the test, survive Police Academy within a few weeks, and move right into detective mode? 

Is that round thing attached to Lucky’s neck with the leather thong the famous Liz and Lucky subway token? 

Sorry, I couldn’t find a clearer picture. 

On Thursday, I taped GH but I turned on SoapNet in the evening.  In the middle of General Hospital during a commercial break, I heard a serious voice inquire, “Tired of peeling hard boiled eggs?”  I couldn’t help myself.  I turned around and said, “No, I’m really not,” then I watched the funniest product pitch I’ve seen in a long time for a $19.99 egg peeler to assist those  who ARE tired of peeling hard boiled eggs.  I don’t know about you, but the only time I peel more than one or two hard-boiled eggs is around Easter or on the rare occasions when I prepare deviled eggs.  If ever I meet a professional deviled egg maker, I’ll recommend this product.  AND, if I ordered in the next few minutes I could receive an egg slicer for free (valued at $10), plus a second peeler and slicer for a total value of $60.  Yeah, right, I think I have an egg slicer valued at 99 cents, which works quite well, plus the peeler might be worth $1.99.  I guess it’s worth a shot to try the marketing.  I read that body parts and babies have been marketed (unsuccessfully) on E-Bay, so comparatively a $3 plastic product selling for $19.99 plus shipping and handling seems mild, but funny. 

Couldn’t find a picture.  Darn it! 

Finding the perfect pair of black or brown dress pants has become my new quest.  My friend Carolyn informs me how difficult it is to be, umm…what’s that word she keeps telling me?…oh yeah, petite.  (Apparently short is offensive to people of below average height.)  I, on the other hand, being 5’-8” must seek out stores retailing tall sizes.  They are not easy to find, lemme tell ya!  Judging by what’s available, store buyers consider average and short (hey, that’s what the labels say) to be the norm and a person may only be tall and wear larger sizes.  One must not be tall and size 8 or below or they are out of luck.  I need these slacks for the GH weekend coming up in August where I will attend the GH luncheon with hot GH actors and fashionably dressed fans.  I’d love to be hot too but I’ll settle for well put together in an elegant, dignified sort of way.  After all not only will I be in the presence of GH celebrities, but also in the presence of EOS celebrities - Katrina and Carolyn to name two.  It is amazing to me that people I e-mail and speak to regularly (Carolyn and I speak on the telephone almost every day) can be a part of the fabric of my days yet we’ve never met face to face.  So you see, I have to look good.  I have to look like the me I yearn to be.  I so need the perfect pair of brown or black pants.  Please, everyone close your eyes for a moment and send successful shopping thoughts my way since I do not particularly enjoy trying on clothes and dashing from store to store.  May all your errands be successful and your time plentiful (I always seem to run out of that stuff).  Thanks for stopping by.

As always, my thanks to Terry who works so hard on her screen caps site.

Last week I forgot to give photo credit for the actor shots I used.

My apologies to Mr. Warren. 

Why we need friends.

(An e-mail pic so I don’t have a photo credit.  Wish I did.)



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