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(Iíll take the spoilers behind Door No. 2, please.) 

This week it occurred to me how much watching General Hospital has changed my life in a physical way.  Reasonably sane and reasonably vain, I enjoy clothes, makeup and hair that allow me to live my life and feel presentable.  Whatís changed since soaps entered my life is my perception of what looks good.  A t-shirt can be from Target and boast the latest picture or logo on the front but it must fit.  Skirts can be worn any day of the week just for the heck of it.  Make up has become my friend and I support my local lipstick company.  Years ago, when I worked in marketing outside my home packaging meant a great deal.  As a stay at home mom, looks slid to the bottom of the sock drawer for later.  When later, I didnít know, but later when it mattered.  Watching soaps and seeing women who look beautiful Monday through Friday (they even wake up wearing lip gloss) made me realize a few years ago that later is now and feeling good about myself matters.  So I have my hair trimmed.  I donít feel guilty buying a top or jeans that fit well.  And I may be Mommy-the-Taxicab and housecleaning, but usually Iíll be driving and vacuuming with at least a minimum of makeup.  Am I vain?  Yes, a bit.  Is putting on make up in the morning and planning my casual, but updated wardrobe worth the effort?  Definitely.  My husband appreciates my efforts.  I still have days when baggy shorts and a loose shirt are like comfort food, but not often.  I have General Hospital to thank for raising my standards and making me realize that feeling good about the way I look is an acceptable mindset.


A pinch of this, a little of that and wha-la!  Instant glamour queen. 

OK, I have to confess.  Everything I wrote in the above paragraph is true.  However, itís late, the kids are in bed, my husband is working, and I am writing my thoughts wearing baggy, blue and black plaid pajama pants with a big red t-shirt and make up thatís pretty much worn off except for the black smudges under my eyes.  Apparently, like the carriage that changes back to a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, vanity evaporates after 9 p.m. and comfort rules. 

Can you believe the nerve of that woman?  First, she made a play for the master bedroom and after being relegated to the guest bedroom, she riffled through Sonny and Carlyís personal items going so far as to don one of Carlyís dresses to see if she could entice Sonny into hate sex.  Sonny handled the situation in his usual manly mature way Ė by ripping the dress off her.  Unabashed Faith spun Sonnyís reaction to a woman he despises wearing his wifeís clothes by following Sonny around the room and trying to rub against him in her black Frederickís of Hollywood undies.  ďA man doesnít rip a womanís dress off unless he wants whatís underneath.Ē   ďYou want me more than youíve ever wanted her.Ē  ďYou are on fire and I can feel it.  And you canít fight this any more than I can.Ē  I was cracking up.  She brazenly made her play pushing Sonnyís buttons like a pro until she made the mistake of touching the masterís hair.  I guess itís hard to be deep when youíre speaking through clenched teeth so Sonny knocked her hand away and grabbed her head and made a grand statement, ďDonít.You. Touch. My. Hair.Ē  Ooh, eloquent, Sonny.


Dirty Dancing - sing with me now, ďDo you love me?  Now that I can dance?Ē 

It began with a simple kidnapping by Sonnyís brother to steal his pregnant wifeís child - one bad guy, one kidnapping.  Got it.  But the layers keep stacking up.  Alcazar figured out what Ric did and wants to use the knowledge of Carlyís whereabouts to force Sonny to allow him to run drugs.  Faithís faking love with Sonny so she can make betrayal strides towards Alcazar for the FBI.  Sonnyís playing along so the FBI will search for Carly.  Jasonís investigating Alcazar because Sonnyís insisting, but trying to focus on Ric because he knows Ric has Carly.  Michael knows Ric did the bad deed but only Jason believes him.  I just thought Iíd do a quick review because the layers are about to stack even higher this week and I donít want anyone to lag behind on the who did what to whom and why sidetrips.


Ric tells Carly heís sorry.  Alcazar tells Carly how sorry Ric is.
Neither of them lets her out of the room.

With both Courtney and Carly away from Jason and Sonny, they are forced to hold the same conversation repeatedly.  Jason insists, ďSonny, Ric kidnapped Carly.  We need to go after Ric.Ē  Sonny angrily responds, ďForget Ric!  Itís Alcazar.Ē  Itís like a loop in filming that keeps replaying.  The color of Jasonís t-shirt changes but the words remain the same.


Jason:  Ric took Carly and youíre gonna be sorry you didnít listen.
Sonny:  Forget Ric.  You are not being rational.  Itís Alcazar.
Yada, yada, yada. 

Maybe Jason can become better acquainted with Dillon at the PCPD since Dillonís holding down a chair for running away with Georgie and Scotty caught Jason in the act of listening to headphones in a van.  If Dillon pays close attention, he can learn how to really steam Edward with a few blank looks. 

Donít weep for me, Georgie.
I am Rebel Without a Cause.
Tough guy with cell phone and credit cards.

Apparently, itís open bra season on soaps.  Iím trying to move with the times and while I value modesty, I donít consider myself a prude.  Cleavage and plunging necklines are a good thing, mainly because I yearn for a chest able to pull off a cleavage or plunging neckline.  But bras worn with strapless tops or dresses as a fashion statement, oh and the bedhead look, slips worn as tops, and underwear peeking out, belong in the fashion dumpster for fads that flopped.  Feel free to disagree but these are my least favorite trends of the moment. 

Press the button Liz!  Itís your house.  Thereís a strange button in the bookcase.  Press the darn button!  Even with a headache, how long does it take to decide to press a button?

For the button impaired. 

When Carly and Sonny finally reunite, Iím thinking theyíll have claustrophobia in common.   

Do you think Ric waits until Liz leaves and then dashes into the panic room for Carlyís dirty laundry? 

Carolyn wrote a great column last week about nubies and how we should cut them a break because they areÖwell, new.  I agree and thatís why I rarely comment on nubies or new characters unless I have something nice to say.  This week will be the exception.  On Friday we had the unique experience of seeing a nuNubie in Lydia.  My passing thought was that she came across like a perky red-headed Chloe with a snotty attitude.  Then I noted the testosterone overload at GH as Lydia and Lucky traded insults, Nicholas returned from his blood test and Zander and Emily came by after the chemo treatment.  All three men immediately moved to Emily like she was a magnet and left Lydia standing alone.  I thought, ďGee, sucks to be Lydia.Ē  Not bad so far, right?  But then Lydia and Lucky kissed in the elevator and I saw Lydiaís tongue as she kissed Lucky.  Twice.  Eeewwww!  Part of me felt sympathy for this actor who was handed a kissing scene on her first day with unfamiliar costars.  The other part of me didnít enjoy the way she played it.  I do not want to see French kissing on my afternoon soap!  Not that I am opposed to the practice as a rule, I just donít think it plays well on screen.  Romance makes me happy - graphic demonstrations turn me off.  Donít mess with my rose colored glasses.


Emily enters the vicinity and draws all the testosterone to her.
Lydia experiences MAD - Male Attention Deficit.


Perky but snotty                                                   Sleezy 

Note to hair and makeup Ė if Emily comes on screen and the first thing I notice is how much lipstick or gloss sheís sportiní, maybe it should be toned down a little.  Emily and Zander kissed and I found myself checking Zanderís mouth to see how much lipstick he was wearing instead of watching the scene. 


Emily thinks, ďHmm.  Still have hair, need more red lipstick.Ē
Zander looks at Emilyís lips and wonders how much red
will end up on him.

 ďZander, I am so, so sorry I hurt you.Ē  And Zander replied, ĒNo, Iím sorry.Ē  And I responded, ďNo, youíre both sorry.í  Donít get me wrong, a few days of happiness between Zander and Emily thrills my sappy soul.  However, Emilyís elaborate hurtful ruse to push Zander away should have been scrapped when Zander deduced from all the hospital visits and fainting spells that drug addiction wasnít the correct term for Emilyís problem.  Unfortunately, that didnít happen.  Plus, Zanderís being way too understanding considering his hot temper and snap decision making self.  And theyíre both sorry for kissing and making up right in front of the window at Kellyís knowing Gia was sitting inside witnessing her feelings for Zander being tossed into the waste basket. 

Sigh.  Lost the prince, lost the bad boy. 

That would be principled, nice nuGia as opposed to snotty, blackmailing, Iím-too-sexy-for-mere-earthlings Gia.  I like nuGia but she should be given a different name and considered a new character because the chick I see on screen bears no resemblance to the character first introduced - not in personality or looks. 

Hey Lucky, remember Summer?  Beautiful blond woman who took a dive off a cliff on Spoon Island?  The woman whose death you vowed to avenge?  The kicker here being that the recently visible devil may care, smiling Lucky with Lydia draws me immediately whereas the whiny, angsty Lucky Iíve seen for the past few years leaves me cold.  What if nunuLucky and nuGia get together and the big reveal will be that their names are really Bob and Sally, two completely new characters?  While weíre at it, letís pretend that whiny Lucky and haughty Gia went away to an exclusive charm school in Switzerland founded by Helena using her unique brainwashing techniques.  

Isnít Ned sternly parental with Skye?  ďSkye, if you do one more thing that might hurt Kristina, Iím going to tell you that you wonít be able to see Kristina.  Again.  And if you do anything else that I donít approve of, Iím going to tell you to stop or you wonít be able to see Kristina.  Again.Ē  That about covers Nedís handling of Skyeís vendetta against Alexis. 

Ned, I promise to behave for at least the next 15 seconds.


Could some nice person e-mail me and tell me
Why Alice was wearing turquoise and a hat?

I read a funny spoiler at  this week.  Courtney confronts Faith.  Oh goody, Courtney confronts Faith for about the 800th time.  I hope she brings her right hook to the party.  Maybe Faith can bring her snake and her nany-nany-boo-boo-Iím-sleeping-with-Sonny fancy pants sleepwear.  Letís invite Liz in her tough girl biker chick clothes and Emily can participate in her Jasonís-my-big-brother protective bubble.  It might go something like thisÖ


These are the players.  Pretend theyíre strolling in the park.

Faith and Courtney come face to face in the park.

Faith:  Hello, little bunny.  Do my lover and your lover know someone left the cage door open?

Courtney (eyes narrowed):  Do Sonny and the FBI know youíre out trolling in the park?

Faith:  Thatís the difference between grown ups and little girls.  Grown ups stroll and little girls troll because they donít know what to look for in a man.  I, on the other hand, having experienced your brother as well asÖletís say other delights...know the difference between the real thing and playing house with my brotherís trained dog.

Courtney (eyes narrowed, stepping closer):  Sonny never slept with you.  He wouldnít touch you if you paid him.  He loves Carly, which you will never understand because you donít know about love, only sex. 

Faith (smiling and stroking her transparent cover up):  Think what you like little bunny.  But if Sonny and I donít have anything meaningful, how come I can describe the inside of the master bedroom?  In vivid detail.  Want to know what your brother keeps in his underwear drawer?

Courtney (eyes narrowed and fists clenched):  Youíre a liar, Faith.  (Hey, itís not my fault Courtney doesnít get the snarky lines.) 

Liz in her biker chick clothes and Emily in her protective bubble stroll up. 

Liz states:  You donít scare me Faith!  (She screams when Faith shakes her with her trusty snake-in-a-bag.)

Emily steps out of her protective bubble to shake her finger in Faithís face declaring in her whisper voice that drives me crazy sometimes:  If you touch me or my friends, Jason will kill you.

Emily turns to Courtney with tears in her eyes and says still whispering:  I am so, so sorry.  (I donít know what sheís sorry for, but thatís Emilyís favorite line.) 

Courtney, fists ready to swing, moves to stand beside Emily and itís a face-off between the MOB Moll with a snake and Charlieís Angels of daytime. 

Arenít spoilers fun?  They grab my imagination and send it swirling into spasms of happy dances.  Two other spoilers that entertained me this week were posted at GHH2.  Iíd say some justice is fixiní to roll over Ric.  ďAt Martha's Vineyard, Ric gets tossed down a flight of stairs, courtesy of Sonny,Ē and ďRic gets a turn in Carly's place, thanks to Jason.Ē  Deep inside me a particle of hope must reside vainly wishing that Ric might be redeemed.  The only way I can see it happening is if Sonny and Ric connect on some deep tortured-in-childhood-thatís-why-Iím-a-screwed-up-immoral-miscreant sorta way.  The world of soaps revolves around empathy and so far, Ricís empathy bank is way in the red.  Sage said a while ago that rumors are floating around regarding Ricís father making an appearance so I am curious to see how the brother relationship evolves.  Not that Iíll trust Ric, but it tickles my funny bone to think of Sonny, MOB kingpin control freak, dealing with a sister who wonít listen, a mentally unstable brother, Michael, a baby and Carly.  Whatís that phrase?  What doesnít kill you makes you stronger.  Better eat your Wheaties, Sonny. 

And now, itís time for NIGHT, NIGHT JOHN BOY.

She carefully climbed into bed and pulled the blanket to her chin.  So far, so good.  If she could keep her rebellious stomach calm, maybe she could sleep through the night.  Trying not to allow hopelessness overwhelm her, she wondered how she was going to survive another day with a brave, unfrightened face.  The charade was becoming harder and harder to maintain and a part of her wanted to scream and never stop.  She tried to focus on the love but found the faces of her family hard to visualize.  She would not cave in.  Though the walls surrounding her seemed to be closing in, she determinedly planned her next move.  Let the games begin.

Pausing in the act of washing her face, she smiled at the sound of a baby crying.  One little baby had the inhabitants of the whole house jumping at her every whim.  It had been years since a child ruled the roost, and she found herself appreciating small events like Edward cooing over the pram and family members smiling and talking baby talk.  Turning off the bathroom light, she tiredly moved into the bedroom throwing her dressing gown over the back of a chair.  The bed would be empty again tonight as duty always came first.  Mentally making a list she reviewed her busy schedule for the next day as she faded into sleep.

Satisfaction sweetened his mood as he considered his position.  Through very little effort of his own, he would soon be in a position to force his hand.  He found himself liking this place and enjoying the inhabitants of Port Charles.  Considered aloof and cold, he used his reputation to good advantage, but underneath the hard exterior a passionate man existed.  A few beautiful women had crossed his path and without emotion, he considered who he would like to grace his bed.  There would be a woman soon, he thought as he closed his eyes and settled onto the richly appointed bed.   

Lots of activity swirled around my house this week including a storm on Wednesday afternoon and workers in my backyard building a deck.  Plants happily soaked up the rain, the boards and various materials are looking more like a deck each day and sometime during the activity on Wednesday, my cable went kablooey.  No GH for me.  Though I have SoapNet and I was able to tape the episode on Saturday, taping only works if one sets the VCR correctly - which I didnít.  So, if I made any way off comments, itís probably because I missed an important story changing scene on Wednesday.  Feel free to enlighten me.  May your electronic devices all work properly and may your cable company promptly repair all equipment.  Happy July.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Mama said thereíd be days like this.



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