Comments through Friday, February 20, 2004 
(If I said no spoilers would you believe me?  I wouldn’t.)


Alexis let her secret out and now Carly’s using it for leverage.  Coleman has hold of at least some of the treasure.  Tracey realized her life’s goal and wrested control of ELQ from Edward.  Courtney became rich and powerful while still blaming herself for all evil in Port Chucky.  Jason got his jacket back just in time to protect him from crooked cop Capelli.  Nikolas survived the hotel inferno unscathed.  Sam, Sonny and Jax realized that they are suffering from the same STD and now must.…(sigh) just kidding…sorta. 

I know the Port Charles Towering Inferno has been extinguished but there were a few funnies I feel compelled to note:  

-         If the electrical system is fried then it doesn’t matter how skilled Sonny used to be hotwiring cars, the elevator ain’t gonna move.  It’s like hotwiring a car when the battery cables have been cut.

Sonny opened the elevator panel and discovered Brenda’s magic genie lamp.

He explained to Lorenzo and Carly, “If I rub juuusst right, the elevator will go down.” 

-         It really bugged me that Sam and Jax used the conveniently dead fireman’s equipment to rappel down the side of the hotel without showing an ounce of compassion for the dead firefighter.  He deserved an honorable mention at least. 

-         Wasn’t it forward thinking of Jax to make sure he slid his cell phone into his pocket during the emergency?  Because he used it shortly after they landed to move his funds around.

“Hello, Dominoes?  I’d like to order a pepperoni pizza to be delivered.” 

-         Sam must keep an emergency stock of black jeans and black leather accessories on her boat since she was in her normal clothing the next day.

-         I won’t even address the lack of basic safety precautions around the fire gutted building.  Emily walked into searching for Nikolas (still wearing her purple dress) and Niko walked out a day later. 

Can you look under that bench over there?  I’ll check under the bush.  I know I’ve seen a set somewhere around here…  What’s that?  There’s no set of balanced values on GH?  Oh, well that explains Courtney’s reaction to a chauffer with a $10,000,000 check made out to her.  Courtney sidekicked him with her stiletto heel in a place that men hold sacred.  When she discovered her mistake, did she apologize?  Offer to help him up?  No, she acted like it didn’t matter that she may have ruined his chances to make babies.  Louise wasn’t any better.  Her thanks to Courtney was a 10 mil for saving her dog, but she showed no concern over Gerald her faithful chauffer who deserves a bonus or workman’s comp.  Something’s definitely out of balance when a dog holds more value that a human.

Gerald debates the merits of kidnapping Skippy and holding him for ransom. 

Because I’ve made fun of Courtney for the last few weeks, I have to give her credit when I see it.  She sat with Brian who cared about her and watched him die.  One time in my life, I’ve been with someone I loved as they died.  It’s hard.  It takes a long time to process such a huge event.  That being said, Courtney taking responsibility for Brian’s burial wasn’t out of whack, even if she did wangle a burial about an hour after his expiration date ran out.  Now that was odd.


Now you see him.  Now you don’t. 

Courtney informed Jason through her tears, “I can’t watch you die.”  Hmm, where have I heard this before?  Oh yeah, that’s what Robin said when she ran away to Paris.  Same lines, different woman.  Let it be known right now, if Robin returns she gets my vote over Courtney.  Except if Robin returns as the holier-than-thou-sanctimonious chick she left as, in which case I’m jumping on the Carly/Jason bandwagon.  Where’s the campaign?  I might need to sign up.


Did anyone else find it funny that Jason had Ric’s cell number programmed into his cell phone on speed dial number two?  I’m sure it’s just to save time whenever Jason needs to contact the crooked D.A. because a slick cop might try to gun him down.  As much as I love Jason, his superpower ability to be all, see all, save all, sometimes goes a bit overboard.  OK, I know the eyes are rolling.  What can I say, I find him HOT so I’m willing to forgive a lot.

Jason puts his hands up to make Capelli talk, knowing that he’s wearing The Jacket

And Capelli’s bullets can not harm him. 

My nine year old daughter wandered into the room as Carly was demanding custody of Michael and Morgan at the airport from Sonny.  She watched for a few moments and asked, “Why does Sonny have the kids?  They’re her kids too.”  I love when my children are astute.

Swing me!  Swing me! 

Sonny better realize who makes the world go ‘round in the penthouse, cause it isn’t him!  It’s Leticia.  I wanted to smack him when he yelled at Leticia, “If two kids are too much for you to handle, you need to let me know.”  Much as I like Michael, the kid has been known to sneak out on a regular basis.  We all know the guards are light bulbs on low wattage.  Michael probably asked one to check the mail while he strolled to the elevator and then went searching for Mommy.  Luckily he ran into Uncle Jason and Auntie Courtney having their unending Why-I-Can’t-Be-With-You-Whose-Fault-Is-It discussion. 

Leticia remembers the good old days when Michael stayed where she put him and

she had the occasional day off. 

I hear independence but I’m seein’ dependent.  Can we say needy?  Sam showed up at the penthouse, ran to do Sonny’s dirty work at Carly’s, and then like a good little puppy wanting her treat, she headed right back to the penthouse.  Flawed man, I’d like to introduce you to Dysfunctional woman, they may be made for each other.

Wanna come visit my boat?

We haven’t had sex for almost 24 hours. 

Can someone tell me when Carly and Lucky bonded?  Did I miss those scenes?  Maybe it’s a power thing.  Lucky has moved to the top of the policeman’s status scale since all the PCPD police are dead except for Lucky and a few day players, Capelli bit his own bullet, Scotty’s cruisin’ the Caribbean, and Mac is lying in a hospital bed swathed in bandages.  What if that really isn’t Mac?  I knew Brian was a goner the minute he showed up on my screen after his surgery because he had the black eye make up around his eyes and the white pasty stuff over the rest of his face.  “Yep, Bubba,” I thought, “you’re definitely moving into the PCPD retirement village in the sky.”

It must be the new hair color making Carly everyone’s new best friend.

When they put the black circles around your eyes, you’re a goner.

How do we know that’s REALLY Mac under there? 

Talk about your busy day.  Ric became District Attorney by default and then went after Edward for criminal negligence.  Excuse me; I recall a scene where the electrician informed Ric, right after she informed Eddy, of the overloaded electrical system.  I don’t see him admitting any guilt or culpability.  But then this is Ric who would hire someone to walk his crooked mile and take the blame for his cheating, but by golly he hates crooked cops.  (Insert eye roll and snort of disgust here.)


Ric runs around informing folks, “I’m the boss.  From now on you have to do what I say.”

No one cares. 

“Oh my, it’s finally happened.  I’ve died and gone to Hell.”  Edward summed up life with Tracey.  Seeing Tracey fill out her character was entertaining and informative, if hard to watch, as she informed Dillon, “I don’t need you to think fondly of me.  What I need is for you to stand up for yourself,” thereby abdicating her role as mommy.  Skewed though her perspective is, that’s how she perceives Edward’s love for her, and her love for Edward shone through loud and clear. 


Tracey fulfilled her daughterly destiny by taking control of ELQ

And abdicated from parenthood breaking Dillon’s heart. 

Helena vented in fine form this week with little effect.  She went all melodramatic and vengeful on the Quartermaine’s at the hospital who stood en masse gazing at her like a she was an angry terrier who suddenly learned to speak English.  I cheered when Helena tried to threaten and demean Alexis and Alexis (formerly known as tough) planted herself in Helena’s face and informed her, “I’m running this family now.”  You go, Natasha!  Rounding out Helena’s unsuccessful matriarchal bullying, Emily, far from running out the door in tears when Helena blamed her for Nikolas’ death and ordered her out of Wyndemere, informed Helena that she’s “not going anywhere.”  I like any scene with Helena and I love scenes where Helena doesn’t win. 


The Q’s debate, “She looks hungry.  Let’s buy her a candy bar and see if she’ll go away.”

Helena stubbed her pride on the collective backbone of Alexis and Emily. 

Love her or hate her, Natalia Livingston can be crowned Cry Scene Queen.  She cried because Jason was safe, sobbed over Nikolas’ assumed death, shed hysterical tears blaming Edward for the fire, let the tears roll down her sad face remembering Nik’s love, and wept tears of joy at her true love’s return.  Courtney held the title for a while as she unsuccessfully dealt with The Life, Carly carted it around after she awoke from her bullet-in-the-brain coma, but now Emily wins the crown hands down.  I liked when Jason staggered out of the building surrounded by smoke and Emily’s face went from joy at her brother’s safety and then agony as she realized that it wasn’t Nikolas.

Cry fest for Emily 

Nik, where ya been?  Emily gazed with sadness and longing at picture of Nikolas and low and behold, she conjured him up, singe marks, scrapes, and all.  I tried conjuring too, but I couldn’t figure out how he managed to crawl out from under the steel beam on the 16th floor, down the indestructible hotel stairs, out the doors of the cinder pile, through a town, and across the moat to the castle without anybody noticing the burnt walking corpse.

“Everyone else got to go home and take a shower,” Niko thinks resentfully. 

I loved Nik’s lines to Jason as he swung the ax to cut the handcuffs. 

Jason to Nikolas as he hoisted the ax to his shoulder:  Do you know how to use that thing?

Nikolas:  Are you kidding?  I’m a Cassadine.  We don’t do manual labor.  I’m not even sure this is the right end to swing.

A moment later:  Oh good.  I didn’t cut your hand off.

Uncle Stefan should’ve warned me about days like this. 

Another fun scene occurred when Skye and Luke arrived at Skye’s cabin, almost kissed, and then were interrupted by Jax. 

Jax:  I didn’t mean to startle you.  I just needed to take a shower.

Skye:  What, and my house was the only place you could take one?

Luke:  The shelters were all full?

Jax to Luke:  Why is this your concern?

Skye:  His concern!  What about my concern?  My concern is why is it your concern as to whether or not it’s his concern.

Jax and Luke together:   What?

Get out of my house and take your towel with you. 

And a few moments later: 

Skye:  I don’t go into your house and take a shower, do I?

Jax:  I don’t have a house anymore.

Luke:  See, he’s got you there, Blaze.

Skye:  Oh, don’t call me Blaze.

Jax:  Why does he call you Blaze?

Skye:  He doesn’t call me Blaze. 

Maybe it was the levity inserted between dramatic scenes, but I laughed out loud.  A smile hit me again later in the week when Luke faced off with Faith.  The imp in Faith played off the rogue in Luke as they traded barbs about where Faith, Luke and Skye stood regarding partnership in the Haunted Star.

I love these three together. 

I see Robin Christopher has reached the shawl and big purse stage.  Like Rebecca Herbst, I bet she glows throughout her pregnancy.

Skye contemplates a future in loose clothing and big purses. 

Luke and Alexis offered a fine eulogy for Cameron.  Too bad no one else was invited, not even the hospital staff he worked with.  Somehow that made it sadder.

Alexis shoulda talked to Courtney.

They could have gotten Cameron buried the same afternoon. 

Not much excitement in Spoilerville this week.   

Michael doesn't want to choose which parent he'll live with in the future.  (GHFF)

It’s a sad fact, Michael, that Mommy and Daddy really don’t care what you want.  They only want what they want.

Ever notice that it’s always Jason standing with Michael? 

Ric offers his help to Carly. (GHH2) 

Ric helping Carly.  Lorenzo wants to help Carly.  Courtney stands with Carly.  Jax offers to testify at the custody hearing for Carly.  Wow!  When did Carly hit the jackpot of Custody Karma?   

On SoapNet, SoapTalk airs after the evening showing of General Hospital just as I’m fading into sleep.  Last week I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to see Alicia Leigh Willis guest on the show and a few days later Ted King showed up.   

Alicia Leigh Willis offered these tidbits about her work and herself: 

- By the time they finished filming the fire scenes, her hair was so full of soot and dirt that people didn’t recognize her when she walked by.  It took her three days to wash it all out.

- She once landed a commercial for Frosted Flakes and Tony the Tiger but every time she tried to say, “They’re Gerrreat!” she got the giggles and so the commercial never aired.  She was teased throughout high school, hearing “They’re Gerrreat!” from friends. 

- She’s known for giggling on the set.  Steve Burton, Maurice and Tamara set her off on purpose. 

- She and Tamara Braun are close friends in real life. 

- Not a morning person. 

- On Sunday’s she plays soccer in a women’s league.  She’d planned to play soccer in college but took up acting instead. 

- She has a cat, Sydney and a dog, Louie, that don’t get along.  The dog is about a year old and chews on everything. 

Ted King’s interview was more revealing (no not THAT way) and he looked hot in black jeans, black shirt and black leather jacket.  As I told Katrina, he’s kind of hard to read, inscrutable, making him that much more fascinating in my book.  (Don’t worry Carolyn, I can admire from a distance.)  

- Lorenzo is not Luis’ twin brother.  Ironically, they look alike.  The writers didn’t like the whole twin thing because it’s been done so often on soaps.


- He loves doing theater. 

- He stayed up nights trying to differentiate between Luis and Lorenzo when he first agreed to return to GH.  The main difference between Luis and Lorenzo is that Lorenzo has a heart.  (He also has Carly.) 

- He returned to GH because he enjoyed the people he worked with. 

- For the episode of “Sex in the City” he was naked.  Kim Cattrall knelt in front of him with prop guys all around and one dropping hair over his shoulder. 

- He’s training to climb Mount Whitney.  (Ty asked him how do you train to climb a mountain to which he replied, “You climb lots of other mountains.”) 

- He grew up on a ranch in California. 

Ted King answered 10 actor’s studio type questions: 

1.  What’s your favorite word?   “Onomatopoeia”

2.  What’s your least favorite word?  “Content”

3.  What food can we always find in your refrigerator?  “Salsa”

4.  The one magical power you’d like to have?   “Invisibility”

5.  What sound do you love?  “The sound of water like a stream.”

6.  What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?  “Make coffee”

7.  What is your greatest fear?  “Unemployment”

8.  What do you like most about your physical appearance?  “I like that I was blessed with a full head of hair.”

9.  What do you dislike most about your appearance?  “I have hairy toes.  I don’t like that too much.”

10. What is your favorite curse word?  “Bleeep.”  (I tried really hard to read his lips, but all I could see was that his favorite curse word has more than one syllable.  I’m thinkin’ someone needs to ask him to repeat it [Carolyn] at the Fan Weekend.)   

On February 12th I happened to be in Wal-Mart right when the new Norah Jones CD hit the shelf.  Of course I bought it and played it as soon as I arrived home.  I’ve been playing it ever since on a regular basis.  A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, so the saying goes, with undercurrents of bluesy jazz, describes this CD.  It’s like eating comfort food while wearing your favorite pair of sweats or comfortable jeans.   

For the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating showing up for my own life.  It sounds trite, I know, like a Dr. Phil catch phrase.  However, I find myself way too often running through my day, goal oriented, list in hand as I try to accomplish what my head thinks has to be completed.  When it comes to lists, I am a master and my perfectionist tendencies urge that each task be accomplished in full.  However, at what point does The List become master demanding my slavish attention, draining joy from the moment I am in?  Several times over the past few weeks I have found myself stressed and out of sink with the world around me.  How come I went to the cleaners and didn’t ask the lady behind the counter how her little girl was doing?  How come I couldn’t smile at the Best Buy guy when he helped me find the cord my son needed for his X-Box?  Why didn’t I appreciate the puppies playing in the yard as I drove by?  It has to stop.  I’m not brave enough to tear up my list, with my scatterbrained self, if I didn’t have a list I’d never remember milk and bread for my kids cereal and lunches or to charge my cell phone.  My commitment is to not allow what needs-to-be-done/should-be-done/might-be-nice-to-have-done dictate my day.  What earth shattering event will occur if I don’t cross out an item on my list?  Nothing.  It’ll be waiting patiently for me the next day.  So, is anyone with me?  Go ahead, let a few things slip and smile more.  The only moment you have to live in is right now.  And personally, I’d rather enjoy the moment than worry about whether I have time to get the oil changed today.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Isn’t she beautiful? 

A standing ovation to GH World, the best screen caps site around!

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