Comments through January 16, 2004
(Of course there are spoilers, one in every color.)

Sometimes I write this column and worry that no one will read because they値l be sick and tired of cheerful.  Yeah, I hear the analysts out there thinking that I知 hiding from the world behind rose colored glasses.  So what?  I知 here to tell ya - don稚 mess with my glasses!  I値l defend my right to wear them most vigorously.  They must have worked particularly well this week because I found myself nodding along during the week thinking, 的 like that.  Oh, like that.  Definitely like this scene.  I was full of like all week.  So, if you池e in a snippy mood and not up for happy, honey, read this column later.  Notice I didn稚 say don稚 read.  I知 not crazy, of course I want you to read, I just don稚 want you to gag while you do so.   

I liked Sam this week.  She may be greedy and obsessed with 典he Treasure but she痴 up front about what she wants and she痴 willing to go after it without crying, whining, or pleading for help.  What part of  的 want the treasure does Jax have trouble understanding?  It was nice of him to jump into his usual white knight mode and fly through a hurricane to rescue her, but he doesn稚 seem to 堵et Sam at all.  Whereas pulled-myself-up-from-poverty Sonny might not agree with Sam痴 decisions, but he understands them. 

Sam can稚 decide which studly guy she likes best,

Eeny, meeny, miny mo

Catch a hunk by the toe 

A lot has been written already singing praises of the 田hemistry between Sonny and Sam.  Maybe they have it, maybe they don稚, I never quite understand if I知 seeing what everyone else sees.  Sometimes I watch scenes and marvel at how well the emotions and dialogue flow together and no one else appears to notice.  Or maybe they just don稚 have fingers on a keyboard and verbosity issues like I do.  What I see with Sam and Sonny are two characters with empathetic similarities and two actors willing to wear their emotions on the outside and play them to the max.  Yeah, I think scenes where Sonny and Sam explode with passion are going to stand out because of the actors involved, whether we see the whole love scene or an ending that implies what occurred.  If actors ability to play emotions front and center is 田hemistry then Sonny and Sam possess it in spades.

展e done struck oil Sammy Jo and we痴 movin to Hollywood!

Sonny and Sam do the Beverly Hillbillies.

(What can I say?  I look at the pictures and words pop into my head.) 

Sonny said a funny and Jax said a funny.  They were little funnies but since neither of them generally wisecracks, they made me smile.  Perhaps Sonny and Jax should have more scenes together trading amusing lines for our viewing pleasure.  

Sonny to Jax and Sam after he dynamited the cave opening:  Am I interrupting?

Jax told Sonny twice after Sam was trapped behind the second cave-in:  Shut up and help.


Anybody home? 

I知 sure there was deep symbolism in Jax trying unsuccessfully to pull out the sword from the stone and Sonny痴 finesse in pulling the sword out, but I知 not sure what I知 supposed to grasp.


The sword in the stone and Sonny痴 the true, pure-of-heart hero?

All right, already.  I知 just speculating.  You don稚 have to protest so loudly. 

Was that a pirate or a renegade Santa痴 helper bowing at Helena痴 feet?


A gift for M鱈ady. 

Jax fell into a pirate痴 pit.  At least he had skeletons to cushion the fall and not snakes or some other horrific live poisonous critter.

Better to lay among dem bones than a nest of vipers. 

Cameron, Cameron, Cameron (I say, shaking my head) hang it up and practice psychiatry as far away from Carly and MOB circles as possible.  You are waaay out of your league.  A part of me wanted to give in to disgust at his lack of action on Carly痴 behalf, but another part of me understood that Dr. Lewis doesn稚 move in elevated, no holds barred, gangster circles so it wouldn稚 occur to him that the lady doctor had been bribed or that Faith would show up and manipulate Carly痴 mind.  He needs to stick with fascinating head cases like Luke.  And if he were sticking around Port Laugh-O-Rama Charles, he could work at redeeming himself as Zander痴 father.  I am sad that both Zander and Dr. Cam are leaving the canvas because their story never reached any healing conclusions.

Bribery, drugs, hypnosis and violence are just the beginning.

A few days of bland therapy won稚 even scratch the surface. 

NOW, you池e going to go noble, Lorenzo?  Carly came to you, got all kissy faced and naked and NOW you池e going to say no, because she doesn稚 love you?  I hated to see Carly breaking her wedding vows and trashing her life with Sonny (for the near future anyway), but I could sorta buy into it because of the nympho vibes running through her brain due to the bullet put there by Sonny.  I壇 like to believe that Lorenzo痴 love for Carly has matured to a higher plane where he actually desires her love, not just her reluctant attention but it痴 hard to reconcile with the guy who remade Lily to haunt Sonny.  The next few months will be interesting, as Carly and Sonny work their way back to each other - two flawed dysfunctional people who compliment each other in that unbeatable supercouple kinda way.

Noble or not, he looks darn good without his shirt! 

Tamara Braun wowed me this week with her ability to draw me into a huge range of emotions -  passionate with Lorenzo, scared and confused over her own actions, needing Jason, loving her children, hallucinating Lorenzo, reacting to the people around her, and finally afraid of Dr. Cam.  I feel sorry for the people who don稚 watch daytime because they池e missing amazing acting, stop in your tracks scenes, presented by wonderful actors.


Loving                                                   Scared


Fighting                                                 Hallucinating 

Happily, Courtney picked up on Brian痴 duplicity when she walked down the stairs at the penthouse and he was calling Ric with an update.  Of course, that was after she left Brian, a cop, in Sonny痴 penthouse downstairs by himself.  I rooted for her when she didn稚 buy Brian痴 overdone defiance to Ric.  泥amn straight it痴 insubordination.  Go ahead, fire me, see what happens.  Oh, by the way, I know what you did to Sonny痴 wife.  Good for Courtney for seeing through him.  Umm, why then did she leave Dr. Cam in the penthouse, by himself, when she ran out to find drugged Jason?  Remember when A.J. was stalking her and she kept forgetting to lock her door?  It痴 the little things that make me crazy.


Make yourself at home guys.  Really, Sonny won稚 mind. 

What was that?  Was it a tear?  A trembling lip?  A real emotion?  Yes!  It was Faith upset and showing it as she pointed a gun at Justus ready to kill him.  Very cool, I thought, at the beginning of the week, some Faith history coming up.  I kept that good thought until she had Carly drugged and sat at her bedside inserting Lorenzo lovey thoughts into Carly痴 already muddied thought processes.  Deliberately drugging someone and messing with their mind completely ignores any sense of fair play though perhaps Faith feels justified since regularly she tends to be on the receiving end of slaps and slugs.  To make matters worse, she intended to take advantage of Jason in his sedative induced state.  She reached for his belt buckle and I found myself talking to the TV again, 徹h no way are you gettin in Jason痴 pants.  Talk about ready to jump through the TV screen.  I had to laugh at my immediate emotional response.


Faith shows facets of her personality - violence and rampant lust.



Jason saves his lovey-dovey feelings for Courtney. 

No question, my favorite scene this week occurred when Jason confronted Carly over her visit to Alcazar.  Trying to understand, trying to be fair, Jason asked if she壇 seen Alcazar and of course, she lied.  Pain surfaced on both sides.  Carly disappointed her best friend, knowing her life was shattering while Jason absorbed the pain of her betrayal.  添ou池e not just betraying Sonny.  You池e betraying me, your kids, and yourself.  And later, 的 love you.  I love you enough to save your kids.  To sacrifice for you.  I would do anything for you.  But I知 not gonna lie to Sonny. 


I wanted to cry with both of them.  Good stuff. 

Another scene I liked was Emily痴 tearful description to Nickolas at the PCPD of how Zander scared her.  I can relate.  It痴 scary and confusing to realize that a person you love is capable of violence.  For that matter, being afraid of another person is never a good thing and Zander scared her with his declaration of love and the violence in his stance.  (Paraphrased) 的 want you, Emily.  I always have and I always will.  Nickolas took full advantage of your illness and he moved in on you.  If you wouldn稚 have gotten sick, he never would have had a chance.  I believe in the love we shared.  It was real from the start.  You know what I think?  I think you still love me and you池e afraid to admit it.  It痴 also scary to see inside yourself and realize you池e capable of violence which Emily did by imagining shooting Zander.  Emily reacted by running to Nickolas with whom she feels safe and telling him what happened.  Made her feel better, but it brought Nickolas protective instincts front and center.  No more Mr. Nice Guy for either guy.  The ugly between Zander and Nickolas can only get worse.


No, means no. 

Alexis tried to talk to Zander as a friend and move him past his anger and bitterness.  Plus, she looked really good in her red sweater.  Listening to Alexis, I wanted Zander to at least look uncertain about the destructive path he痴 chosen.

I like Alexis.  More please. 

Ric had moved a few rungs up from the bottom of the low life ladder with his love and care of Liz but he fell to the bottom again because he was willing to use Michael to persecute Sonny.  No way should this man have a child.  Ten minutes after Liz has her baby he might decide that the baby looks like Zander and however he handles the situation, it won稚 be in the best interests of the child.


Protective Aunt and Good Nephew take on Vile D.A. and

Bad Cop pretending to be Good Cop. 

Well, now I am going to have to watch the movie 展hen Harry Met Sally so I can know what the deal with the deli scene is.  Georgie told Maxie no way was she going to do the deli scene to make Dillon think she was having sex with pretend Tom.  If anyone remembers the deli scene, feel free to send an e-mail and save me two hours.   

I laughed when Georgie couldn稚 figure out how to moan and groan for sex

but the thought of a perfect score on her SAT痴 brought spasms of ecstasy.

Oh, to be so young.  I can watch and enjoy but you couldn稚 pay me enough

to revisit the pain of adolescence. 

Too bad we described all the characters because you guys sent lots of interesting descriptions.  As far as I can tell no one likes Sage, but since she痴 receiving such a strong reaction, maybe the character is accomplishing what she痴 supposed to.  Alcazar wins the sex appeal category hands down.  The general consensus for several characters is that they need more air time.   

Alcazar:  Stubborn, determined, gorgeous, sexy, needs a haircut, drug lord, determined, in love, relentless, dangerous, stalker, kiss, home wrecker, has no concern for the kids, rowwlll, delusional, sex in a suit, fantasy man, irresistible (c知on Carly), sexiest man on GH, intense, imaginative, intelligent, lonely, needs a haircut or a ponytail, covetous stalker, wants what he can稚 have, learning to love.

Georgie:   Cute, adorable, confused, nice girl, needs a clue, girl next door, creative, smart, sensitive, a lot of fun, bubbly personality, cute, sweet kid, spunky, lost, not a girl but not a woman, book smart, adorable, immature, careless, impulsive, blabbermouth, 鼎ourtney carbon copy actions, nave, insecure, good friend bad girlfriend.

Dillon:  Young Luke, adorable, great hair, funny, quirky, film buff, in love, hurt, sarcastic (in a funny way), weird, hair, lives in the movies, goofy, stupid, no sense of reality, making his own way, the boy your mom didn稚 want you to date, more adorable, genuine, full of personality, insecure, impulsive, nervous, blabbermouth, screw up, 鼎arly痴 male counterpart, baby faced Tom Cruise, lacks self-control.

Maxie:  Beautiful, confused, bad choices, needs her mother, good sister, irresponsible, gives in to peer pressure, boy crazy, dumb, maturing, who?, needs a mom, needs somebody to make her feel special, underused, awkward like most teenagers, pretty, self centered, cutesy, unreliable, ungrateful, needy, learns from her mistakes.

Sage:   Sorry can稚 put that in an e-mail, slutty lonely, flirtatious, impulsive, annoying, fake, go away, trashy teenager, conniving, drug princess, needs a clue, needs a smack, pfft!, arrogant, destructive, blatant manipulator, liar, destroys people, Faith wannabe, slut.

Alexis:   Big hearted, bad choices, passionate, emotional, intelligent, strong (not counting last year), good lawyer, creative, determined, witty, miss her, shadow of her former self, another faceless victim of character assassination, let her be a mom, used to be my hero, ruined character, selfish, liar, destructive, murderer, never repents, short sighted, vengeful, book smart, court smart, life-not-so-smart, lots of walls inside, loving, tough, quirky.

Cameron:   Bad father, bossy, funny, can be kind, psychiatrist, helpful, loyal to Alexis, mistreats his son, where?, he痴 no Kevin, give him a story, voice of reason, great sparring partner with Luke, wasted character, misguided, unprofessional, hides his feelings, comical side, know it all, impressed with himself.

Monica:   Sad, surgeon, loving, smart, needs a storyline, respectable, affair, Emily痴 mom, enduring, been there don that, the Q they should get rid of, weak, misguided, occasionally independent, motherly protective instincts, classy, mature and solid now, needs an adventure.

Alan:   Weak, understanding, accepting, flexible, doctor, affair, Emily痴 dad, former bad boy, Mr. been there don that, understanding, caring, wishy-washy, occasional 妬n charge attitude, finally a grown-up, people pleaser, still his father痴 little boy.

Edward:   Arrgh, rude, nonaccepting, powerful, rich, greedy, stodgy, grim, ineffective, watching the world pass him by, The Man, pompous, funny, scheming, bitter, cold, devious, vindictive, uncaring, stingy, businessman, always redeemable because of his love for Lila, verbally abusive, unable to stop himself from going too far.

Helena:   Wow, lights up the room, fun, exciting, so baaad, love her, bwahhh!!, cold, heartless, conniving, bi***, strong, evil, treacherous, eek, scarily sexy, all hail the queen, best villainess ever, classy, seductive, gorgeous, intelligent, self-absorbed, fanatical, determined, cold, confident, strategic planner, beautiful, icy, unrepentant.

Mac:   Not a popular thing here, bad cop, bad dad, bossy, needs airtime, mullet, responsible, hard worker, loose, dull, in desperate need of parenting classes, rowwlll, needs to be shirtless again, waste of a hottie, self-denial, bossy, ineffective/inconsistent father, lacks follow through, what a waste, needs a girlfriend, needs an adventure, needs to be more involved with his children.

Lucky:  Sweet, lovable, huggable, nice, want him back with Liz, eager to please, kind, cop, sensitive, sweet, in need of a gal, forgot he was on the show, raw sex appeal, needs a female counterpart, finding his own way, waste of a hottie to the Nth power, needs to be rejuvenated, handsome, lonely, hopeful, searching, family oriented, seeks recognition, hurt by father, brainwashed.

Bobbie:  What happened to her?, needs a man, talks funny, top heavy, caring, breasts, Carly痴 mom, moved forward unlike Luke, needs a crack at Mac, plastic surgery impaired, caring, occasional parent, overlooks flaws in others, sympathetic, mature but still exciting, people pleaser, confident, an amazing nurse able to work every department in General Hospital.

Coleman:   Bad boy, hot, sexy, there for you in a pinch, shady, greedy, out for himself, bartender, wasted talent, pool tables, dirty sexy, intriguing, magnetism, worldly, interesting, self assured, people oriented, Skye on the pool table, confident, immoral, sense of humor.

Big AliceLove her, sweet, loyal, lonely, would be a good friend, strong, Dobson lover, fiery, big, could care less, loyal, no nonsense, best use of minimal airtime, entertaining, good hearted, comical, caring, outspoken, dedicated, missing, dedicated to job, hard worker, up for comedy, should work for Sonny in the penthouse. 

Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes to reply.  Your responses were interesting and fun to read.  I was thinking that perhaps every month or so I can post a list of situations and events and you could write a few words describing what you think.  It would be a good way to judge what痴 grabbing people痴 interest and what痴 tanking.  What do you think? 

A couple fun spoilers showed up this week. 

Faith plots to get Carly committed on a permanent basis.  With help from Justus, Jason will have Faith committed instead   (GHH2)

Can this be any more delicious?  As much as I enjoy Faith, she deserves some consequence for messing with Carly痴 head and a stay at Ferncliffe seems right up payback alley.   

Courtney is found holding a gun, by Jason, after Brian is shot.  Courtney faces the fall out of her actions  (GHH2)

Please, please let us not be forced to watch Courtney run from place to place declaring her guilt like when she dreamed she ran over Liz but didn稚 know for sure. 

Nikolas gets some alarming family news.  (GHFF)

Maybe he痴 not a Cassadine, he痴 really a Quartermaine and it痴 a good thing Emily is adopted so they池e not related.  Tracey is a Cassadine who willingly signs up for intense training in Cassadine Conniver Trade School.   

Faith learns that the reality of her past was nothing but a big pack of lies.  (GHFF)

Causing her to regret offing her own grandmother?  Bring on more back story for Faith! 

One thing I壇 really like is to not see any more Zelnorm commercials.  I致e seen enough women痴 supposedly bloated tummy痴 with black marker on them to last a lifetime.  Do the makers of Zelnorm honestly think we are so stupid that we don稚 understand that anyone looks bloated if their pants are pulled tight at the waist and they push their tummies out?   

I壇 offer you an update on Penny the Waitress, but I don稚 have one.  Can you believe I still haven稚 been able to discover her name?  I致e e-mailed, searched the 創et, and asked everyone I can think of and no one knows.  She痴 the Mystery Waitress. 

Can you name the waitress? 

I have a unique item that I bet no one else has.  My Grandma gave us a silver anniversary clock for our 25 year rewedding last August.  Because it needed an odd size battery, which I kept forgetting to buy, I didn稚 get it up and ticking until a few weeks ago.  I put in the battery, set the time and placed it on my dresser.  Beautiful.  It took a few days before I discovered its exceptional quality.  It痴 sorta like the joke about what happens when you play a country western song backwards.  You get your wife back, your truck fixed, and your dog comes home.  Want to know why it痴 so different?  The hands tick-tock backwards.  The way I have it figured, according to our anniversary clock, my husband and I are getting younger by the minute.  When I reach 30 again I知 taking the battery out!

This week, I think you should rush (OK, you can meander) to your local fun store like Wal-Mart or Target, buy a bottle of bubbles, and stand outside for a few minutes blowing bubbles.  Why, you ask?  Because it痴 fun.  It痴 fanciful.  Mostly because you can watch your stresses and problems float away if only for a few moments.  And for you guys freezing in the northeast, I致e read that you can blow a bubble and if it lands right, it値l freeze like a delicate glass ball filled with rainbows.  Go ahead now, try it and let me know if it works.  Thanks for giving up a few minutes of your day to visit Eye On Soaps.



I知 up for a visit.  Wonder if they have vallet parking?


My thanks to GH World, the best screen caps site around!


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