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(I’m a spoiler girl, in a spoiler world) 

I feel like a kid the week before Christmas.  Time is marching by at an agonizingly slow pace, but a part of me is glad because when the big day finally rolls around, I lose the fun of anticipation.  Of course, I am referring to the upcoming GH weekend.  My head is filled with what I’ll wear and what I should pack.  It’s filled with possible scenarios and my reactions as I don my social face, refuse to give in to shyness, and prepare to absorb and remember all the tiny details that make great memories.  Sternly, I tell my stomach to stop flip-flopping with excitement, but it doesn’t listen, while my feet and body yearn to break into a happy dance.  How will I manage to act like a normal person as I drive my bus next week with Friday and the beginning of the adventure looming ever closer?   

Even as I think these thoughts, I am laughing at myself and shaking my head at how I’ve changed.  10 years ago, I’d never watched a soap, not even in high school or college.  Not a huge TV watcher, I adored reading and pursued a good story like a voracious predator.  Once found, the story became a meal.  And as meals go, some satisfied better than others but all regretfully, came to an end.  8 years ago, as I helped care for my ailing mother-in-law I learned about a great story that didn’t end.  You got it, General Hospital.  Then came the computer, websites, e-mails and finally, writing.  A couple years ago, I first heard about soap weekends and kinda internally rolled my eyes at fanatics traveling cross-country to meet over a TV show.  But as I read about the weekends, they sure sounded fun and I thought in an abstract sort of way that maybe I’d like to try one.  Last year, when a couple of my favorite sites went dead because the people involved were at the GH weekend, I decided that I really wanted to be there.  And now, so I shall!  Don’t you love a good story with a dreams come true ending? 

Maybe I’m just in a good mood but several of the smaller scenes caught my attention and provided enjoyment. 

- Alexis reminded Ned that she still holds the daddy trump card.  She didn’t use it when she tested the waters at the penthouse with Sonny, so she isn’t helpless yet.  Does Stefan know that Sonny is Kristina’s daddy?

Alexis explains the birds and the bees to Ned.

We didn’t have sex.  You’re NOT the biological father. 

- Maxie spoke about her pain and mixed feelings regarding her heart transplant to Georgie and Dillon and then to Kate at the hospital.  Rumors have been rampant over whether Emily will survive her cancer.  I had to wonder if Kate the needy heart patient is a set up for later if Emily doesn’t get to play out a cancer survivor story. 

A little history, a few tears and what do you get?

A good scene, that’s what. 

- Carly hesitantly, almost reverently stepped into the penthouse after weeks of captivity by Ric and then Alcazar hardly believing that she was home.  Well done. 

- Nik and Zander put aside their differences to create a united front of care and love for Emily.  Reaching for the higher ground doesn’t happen often in soaps so I have to appreciate it when I see it.

One for all, and all for Em. 

- Carly visited Emily in the hospital and they shared a meaningful conversation - no sniping, no sarcasm, no anger.  Since they’ve never particularly liked each other, I enjoyed seeing them interact with kindness.

In a groundbreaking scene,

Emily and Carly smile and speak. 

- Kyle made a cry face when he eavesdropped on Maxie explaining to Kate how she might feel if she has a heart transplant.  Jason made a better one as he sat on the docks worrying about Courtney.


Kyle’s got a cry face.  Jason’s got a better one.  

- Jason wore close fitting black t-shirts all week.

Tight shirt for our viewing pleasure. 

- Lydia perched on Stefan’s desk and gleefully went through his papers disrespectfully tossing them on the floor after leafing through the folders.

Ms. Lydia Boop-Cassadine tries some office work. 

Lydia has become my favorite funny girl.  She’s Betty Boop crossed with a valley girl on Zoloft.  Plus with the bare shoulders and around the neck collar shirts she wears I keep thinking she’s related to Betty Rubble of The Flintstones.  Think about Wilma and Betty giggling together, can’t you see Lydia laughing like that?  OK, I’m not being very nice here, but I really wish they (they being the maker uppers of characters) would figure out what kind of person they were presenting before tossing her into the mix.  It seems like she should be tougher, smarter and more conniving instead of perky.  That’s really the best word I can use to describe her.  Oh, I know, remember the movie Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon?  She’s like her – only not smart.  Hopefully, we’ll see a solid character with ideas and ambitions soon so Lydia doesn’t float along bouncing between Nicholas and Lucky always the lightweight, never a player. 

Wasn't it funny that Stefan PAID a guy to hit him?

Stefan sports his owie with pride because he’s a Cassadine.

And Cassadine’s don’t whine.  They lie and scheme, but they don’t whine.

I’m confused how Nicholas saw his uncle’s black eye and moved into anger mode over Summer’s murder so that he’s willing to actively assist Lydia and Lucky.  If I were Nik I’d be angry at Lurkin’ Lucky for always hiding in the walls at Wyndemere and listening to private conversations.  I’m thinking Lucky moved into the secret tunnels to save himself on rent since he doesn’t work anymore.   

It’s hard to say this cause I am gonna catch soooo much flack!  Umm, I liked Courtney this week.  I mean if you’re going to be held prisoner, don’t be a simpering, help me girl, try to save yourself.  That’s not an implied criticism of Carly, she’s pregnant so she couldn’t do much to fight back, but Courtney refuses to give an inch.  Good for her.  Jason would handle the situation by fighting back too, no matter what the consequences.  I know, I know, but what about the fact that she’s pregnant?  Well, I have a few thoughts.  She’s young, physically fit, and never been pregnant so she probably has no concept of vulnerability within her own body.  On the other hand, mommy instincts should be kicking in and making her think twice before jumping off a boat into cold water to swim a mile to shore.  Lately (and I say lately because she flip flops back and forth between helpless and not), her personality demands that she take action now, take prisoners later.  On the other hand, Jason trusts her to be truthful and to keep her word, which she immediately broke when she left the penthouse to deal with the briefcase of cash and then to fly to Columbia when she should have utilized the magic of the telephone.  Spoilers say that Courtney begins to spiral out of control as she deals with the guilt over losing her baby.  As long as she doesn’t decide to pick up her stripping career, I’m hoping for a good story.  A spoiler also says that Courtney faces danger and someone unexpected saves her.  AAAA JJJJJJJ QUUAARRTTEERRMAAIINNE….COME ON DOWWWNNNN!!!!!  C’mon Mr. Guza, Mr. Pratt, loosen up those pen caps and do it for us.  Just one time let A.J. have a hero’s moment.  The delicious irony of A.J. saving Courtney as she has problems dealing with the effects of Jason’s life should be too good to pass by after Jason saved Courtney from A.J. and his twisted concept of stalking his own wife.


The old hide behind a door with a stick trick didn’t work, so she jumped overboard.

I know why Jason had a head knockin’ while he spied on Lorenzo and Faith.  It was so Steve Burton could have a day off. 

Liz talked with God about her mixed feelings for Ric.  He’s wicked but darned if she doesn’t still love him.  Quite the quandary of emotions she’s dealing with.  Consistent to the end, when Ric called her name at the chapel, Liz with teary eyes hugged him and then let go, hauled back and slapped him a good one.  I guess since she’s feeling both sides of the emotional coin she ought to act on both sides of the coin.  Grab a coin and flip it with me and we’ll decide Ric’s future.  Heads – he’s damaged beyond repair by his father’s cruelty and deceit as he grew up.  Tails – he’s angry and emotionally scarred, but his innate goodness (that only Liz has experienced so far) will win in the end.  And many storylines hence, Sonny and Ric will move closer together.  I am hoping for tails.  What turned up on your coin?


Hug ‘im, then hit ‘im, then make a grand statement and walk away.

Oh yeah, then find him the next day and do it again. 

Duh, Ric, Mr. Anonymous Bentley in a private room at the hospital.  Don’t you think you should stay in your room and not be wandering the hallways or following Elizabeth to the chapel?  I truly admire Rick Hearst’s ability to make Ric insanely terrible but still show his hurt and vulnerability when Sonny told him in the hospital – again – that Ric means nothing to him.  That occurred after Carly showed up to give him her own version of a mental beat down.  Not that I blame Sonny or think he should accept Ric because he’s done so many emotionally damaging deeds, but I feel for Ric because he still manages to convey that neediness for acceptance and yearning to be valued by his big brother. 


I don’t care how many times Carly pinches my face.

I will struggle to my feet and follow Liz down hospital corridors.

Since Liz and Ric are still married, if Ric had died in South America, wouldn’t Liz be a rich widow?  Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants for Faith, the money hungry black widow who loves him too? 

Excuse me, where was Max while Carly was sitting at Kelly's and Lorenzo was gazing soulfully in the window?  Running a quick errand for Sonny, picking up Faith.  Guess Sonny's over the Carly kidnapping or he wouldn't be so loose with the security. 

Carly sips her tea and dreams of the day when one of Sonny’s

guards will actually guard her. 

And while I’m addressing the pitiful security muscle surrounding Sonny let me also point out that Lorenzo’s tough guy, caved in less than sixty seconds and spilled the beans about following Carly.  Does that mean Sonny doesn’t order Max to kill him?  Won’t the guy now have to run for his life for betraying Alcazar?  Someone please help me move past the little details that make me crazy.  If guys in suits are supposedly paid to protect the ever so popular Fab Four, it’s not nice to make them look like total dorks at their jobs every time they appear on screen.

Alcazar’s tough guy tells all as soon as

he realizes that Max is wrinkling his suit. 

And another small detail struck me.  At GH, apparently sterile = yellow hospital gown.  Whatever happened to masks and ooh, here's a basic concept, WASH HANDS BEFORE ENTERING.  Poor Emily doesn’t stand a chance against germs. 

What happened to Lucas?  Wasn’t he working at Kelly’s? 

A few spoilers intrigued me this week.   

(GHH2) The Cassadine's, the Corinthos', Jason and Alky, all find their paths crossing.  Cassadine's and Corinthos' paths crossing sound new and exciting.   

(GHH2)  The teens cope with sexuality, the drug scene, crushes on an older woman (Dillon and Faith), and peer pressure.  Dillon and Faith?  Ewwww!  Except it could be comical to watch the consternation on Faith’s face if Dillon panted after her declaring his love and devotion.  Faith would use him up and throw him out in a heartbeat with both hands tied behind her back and zero twinges of conscious.   

(GHH2)  Stefan has crossed the line of no return.  Pfft!  He hasn't gone farther than Ric and Ric's still kickin'. 

When I awoke I felt relatively sane and normal.  With an unstructured Saturday ahead of us, my husband and I began the day by making breakfast for our kids and their overnight friends.  Saturday and sometimes Sunday are big breakfast days at our house.  I stock the shelves with cereal, poptarts, breakfast bars and milk and during the week, it’s every person’s stomach for itself.  Perhaps, the sausage and eggs affected us so strangely.  We cleaned up the kitchen and went to buy weed eater string because Saturday mornings mean yard work.  Arriving home a bit later, we both changed clothes and instead of heading out my husband picked up the remote and began an invigorating bout of channel surfing.  His inactivity spurred me onto the computer to check e-mail.  About half an hour later he commented, “I guess we aren’t going to do the yard.”  To which I responded, “I was waiting for you.”  To which he responded, “Well, I was waiting for you.”  You get the idea.  Finally, I said, “Race ya.”  He said, “OK.”  And still we sat until a storm warning scrolled across the TV screen.  Tropical Storm Erika was preparing to roll through our area.  Galvanized, I stood up and said, “Race ya” again and ran downstairs with my husband right behind me.   

There’s an expected rhythm to our Saturday morning yard work.  My job is mowing and he deals with the temperamental, arm vibrating edger.  Just as I was yanking the cord to the mower, a few sprinkles began to spatter the ground.  Undeterred, I quickly began mowing the front determined to finish before my husband and before the storm hit.  The rain fell a bit harder as I finished the small side of the drive and the grass between the curb and sidewalks.  Suddenly, a deluge fell immediately drenching us.  Why stop now?  We were already thoroughly soaked.  So, with the rain pouring down in sheets, he edged while I mowed and our 15-year-old son sat in the garage laughing at us.

Yard work during Tropical Storm Erika 

You know, soggy shoes or not, sometimes a person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do.

And we had to do the yard.   

One more thing, because I’m feeling verbose and funny stuff keeps happening.  This afternoon after the rain, my husband and I were sitting in the kitchen when we heard the Twinkle, Twinkle song of the ice cream man.  In the right mood, I grabbed $2 from my purse and went out through the garage with my husband behind me.  “Oh,” I said calling to my husband in the garage, “it’s the yucky guy.”  On our street we don’t buy ice cream from the green ice cream van because he’s rude to the kids, only the white ice cream van.  My new cute young neighbors across the street were having a housewarming.  Parking on the street in front of our house, a guy who had just climbed out of his pick up truck and was helping out his lady friend paused to look down at his pressed khaki shorts and button down tucked in shirt before looking at me inquiringly.  When he looked at me with a question on his face, I realized that he thought HE was the yucky guy.  My face immediately turned red.  “No, not you.” I quickly said.  “I mean the green ice cream man, I mean van.” I explained as my face turned redder.  Helping me, my husband reiterated to the guy who was laughing at me, “She’s means the ice cream man.”  Humiliated but laughing I gave up and went back inside.  A bit later, I had to drive to Wal-Mart for ice cream and chocolate covered raisins to remove the taste of my foot from my mouth.  Hope your week is filled with entertainment and adventure.  Thanks for reading.

As always, my thanks to Terry who works so hard on her screen caps site. 

Just follow the highway to the GH fan event in LA!

We’ll all get together in the lobby of the hotel on Friday evening.

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