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The Body Flex book.  I didn't like that there were no before pictures of the person who pimped the techniques and claimed dramatic loss and she has come under fire by many for not having lost her weight via BF.  I don't care.  The techniques work.

The best yoga video for weight loss I've ever seen.  Very simple and effective.  The instructor is very inoffensive and easy to follow, techniques are gentle and effective.  This tape helps develop both physical and emotional balance. 

Every woman should own this book.  The author, Dr Christiane Northrup is by far the most fabulous woman on Earth (she's the lady from the PBS special shown during telethons).  I want to be her when I grow up.  More great info than you could imagine.

People have claimed outstanding results from her program of isometrics and stretching, but DAMN, it is HARD and there are millions of repetitions.  Plus, the instructors body looks like a teenage boy's.  Hey, it might be perfect for someone!  I may even give it a try again some brave day!  I'll get back to you .  : )

Warm, cuddly, loving words to nurture you through weight loss.  This book is wonderfully spiritual in a nondenominational way and feeds the soul instead of the tummy.  Her very loving, gentle approach to weight loss wisdom is just the ticket for those of us who have trouble loving ourselves, fat or thin.

Bob and Oprah put together this book back when she was at her healthiest and most athletic.  He give good, sound advice and advocates an all out, full blown aerobic workout "in the zone" that makes you sweat and pumps your heart.  He gives good nutritional info and offers advice on exercise.  This book is a GREAT motivational tool!

This books is a fabulous companion in the use of herbs and vitamin and mineral supplements.  It has a wonderful host of current information on what supplements do what and how they should be used.  A must have for the holistic disciple. Finally a concise dictionary or medical herbs and supplements that doesn't kiss the butt of Western medicine.

Don't get me started on Phil.  Dr Phil McGraw from Tuesdays on Oprah ("Tell it like it is Phil") is my Guru.  I adore him.  This book was extremely instrumental in the turning around my life and getting the things I want (or even knowing what I want).  This book will help iron out your inner demons and get real about your fat. Or as he says, "You'll get real fat."  Phil just makes good sense.

I was thrilled when Dr Phil came out with book two and even though Eric and I didn't really need rescuing, I read it just because Phil wrote it.  It accentuated our loving relationship so much that Eric read it as well.  Since support is vital in weight loss, I recommend reading it to reconnect with your spouse, reduce tension and get real with your spouse.  We need them in our corner!

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