Ned Ashton

Played by 

Kurt McKinney

1991 - 1993

Wallace Kurth

1993 - Present

The son of fiery Tracy Quartermaine and her fickle husband, Lord Larry Ashton, Ned first came on the scene under the name of “Ward,” working as a tennis instructor at the Green Meadow Spa where Monica had gone to get away from it all.  They had a brief affair, neither aware of the other’s identity until, to their horror, they were later introduced at the Quartermaines mansion.  The two still maintain an affection for one another.

Shortly after his arrival in Port Charles, Ned became infatuated with Monica’s daughter (whom she had given up for adoption at birth), Dawn Winthrop.  Decker Moss also had an interest in Dawn, but Ned prevailed and the two were to be married.  On their wedding day, Dawn learned about Ned’s affair with Monica and dumped him.

Ned’s next relationship was with Jenny Eckert, who was in love with Paul Hornsby, who was married to Ned’s mother Tracy.  Ned and Jenny were married, but the marriage ended when he learned that she had lied to him about her virginity and had actually, in fact, had an affair with a senator named Kensington, ultimately suffering a miscarriage. 

Ned became CEO of ELQ and ran the company with a fine tuned expertise.  Grandfather, Edward Quartermaine, continuously harangued the young man, who usually took it in stride.  Ned, in fact, became the family spin doctor, forever getting the Q’s out of any number of mishaps.

When drunken cousin, AJ Quartermaine, insisted on driving and his brother, Jason, jumped in to stop him, the resulting accident caused Jason to be in a coma for a long period of time and incur irreparable brain damage.  Ned was the first to arrive on the accident scene and quickly made it look as though he had been driving the car and took responsibility for the accident, swearing AJ to secrecy.  AJ had been in trouble recently due to his drinking and the accident would have resulted in certain jail time for him, besmirching the family name. This act, coupled with Edward constantly pitting the two against one another, solidified the animosity between the two young men.  Eventually, the truth did come out, much to the family’s disdain.

In 1993 Ned met the manager of the band The Idle Rich, Lois Cerullo, in a club in Buffalo, New York.  The front man for her band was AWOL and they chatted with one another at the bar.  He told her his name was Eddie Maine and that he was a pharmaceutical salesman.  Lois convinced him to get on stage and give rock and roll a try.  He blew the place away and they consummated their relationship that very night.  Ned fell in love both with performing and with Lois.  Ned lived a double life…ELQ CEO by day and Eddie Maine by night.  At the time, Ned was dating public relations queen, Katherine Bell, who had learned that Alan had accidentally killed a man named Ray Conway and hidden the fact.  She successfully used that information to blackmail the Q’s into forcing Ned to marry her.  Ned decided to get the upper hand, and eloped with Lois, making sure that his real name was placed on the marriage certificate without Lois finding out, ensuring Lois was the true Mrs. Ned Ashton.  They enjoyed a romantic honeymoon on Coney Island, eating cotton candy and riding the roller coaster.    

Ned also married Katherine, under duress, and lived with her in the Q’s mansion, and commuted to live with Lois as well, convincing her he was on the road a lot with his job as a salesman.  Ned's friend, Brenda Barrett, had found out about Ned’s little secret when Lois called the Q mansion and they struck up a friendship.  Ned told Lois that Brenda was his sister.  Lois came into Port Charles to visit her new friend often, making Ned very nervous, and there were several close calls.  Eventually she convinced “Eddie” to let her stay with him at the gatehouse, where one fateful night she learned of her husband’s deception while watching the TV.  Katherine Bell was introduced as Ned’s wife, much to Lois’ horror.  Then she planned her revenge.  A birthday party was thrown for Katherine at the Outback and Lois decided that they should meet.  Lois popped out of the birthday cake, saying something like “Happy Birthday Mrs. Ashton from the other Mrs. Ashton”.  Lois promptly left Ned.  Eventually Ned divorced Katherine and worked long and hard to get Lois back.  They were finally reunited as a couple on a trip to Puerto Rico for a Miguel Morez concert.  

Ned and Lois were remarried in a lavish ceremony in Brooklyn, but not before a lovesick ex-beau of Lois’ tried to kidnap her.  Brenda was best person and Lois wore Lila’s wedding dress.  They were happy for a time and Lois became pregnant.  Things were okay until Tracy showed up, with an immediate dislike for Lois.  Lois couldn’t stand how the Qs acted and especially the fact that her child would be raised in such an environment.  Ned and Lois broke up when Ned refused to give up his family and Lois moved back home to Bensonhurst.  Brook Lynn Cerullo Ashton was born a few weeks later, without Ned.

Ned was lost after Lois left and not prepared for a relationship when he met Alexis Davis in 1996.  Alexis was a high-powered attorney brought to town to defend Monica when ex-lover Pierce Dorman filed sexual harassment charges against her.  Alexis and Ned became friends, bonding in their desire to not have a relationship and their positions within their families (hers with the Cassadines and his with the Quartermaines) of being the family “Gatekeepers”.  This developed into a sexual relationship, which has since developed into a deep and abiding love.

In 1999, Ned, Alexis and their friend, Jasper “Jax” Jacks, met Chloe Morgan, as distant cousin of Ned’s grandmother, Lila.  Jax and Chloe were immediately attracted to one another, but took their relationship very slowly.  When a strange clause in her Uncle Herbert’s will caused Chloe to be subject to losing her company if she was not happily married within a few months, Ned offered to step in as husband.  Alexis agreed to the idea, knowing that she would not have to lose Ned to do it.  Jax was a little less enthusiastic about the idea, but went along with it and soon the four were jetting to Vegas to be married.  When Aunt Gertrude, Herbert’s widow and heir to Chloe’s company should she fall through on obeying the will, showed up at the wedding chapel, Jax pulled some quick thinking and said he was marrying Alexis.  The two went through with the ceremony and ultimately, Jax was married to Alexis and Ned married Chloe in a large, traditional wedding.  For eight months, the foursome played the musical partners game, pretending to be happily wedded to their spouses while being with the ones they loved in secret. The plan was foiled when Aunt Gertrude, widow of Uncle Herbert set to inherit Chloe's company if she was not happily wedded, caught Chloe and Jax together and snagged the company. Alexis and Ned then became engaged and the divorces are final.  

Interesting Tidbits About Ned

*His parents married when Tracy got pregnant and divorced not long into the marriage.  He has a half brother Dillon Hornsby from his mother’s marriage to Paul Hornsby.

*Ned bought Spoon Island as a wedding present for Dawn (and it was later purchased by Cesar Faison).  After the aborted wedding, Dawn ran off with Decker and was eventually beaten to death by EJ Jerome.

*Ned’s father, Lord Larry Ashton, was not actually a Lord as it was revealed that he had an older brother.  He was also involved in the evil cartel along with Cesar Faison, Leopold Taub, and Harlan Barrett. 

*Ned's mother, Tracy, ran over his fiancée, Jenny with her car in an underground parking lot.  Edward helped her cover the accident up.  Once the scandalous truth about Jenny’s teenage years was revealed, Ned started an affair with her best friend and his business associate, Julia Barrett, which ended when she realized that he didn’t return her feelings of love.

*The red sports car AJ crashed, causing Jason's brain damage actually belonged to Lois.  Ned had just purchased it for her under Edward's tutelage and Lois promptly rejected it.

*Ned and Alexis’ first kiss was at the 1997 Nurses’ Ball as they danced together on the terrace (her date was actually Jax).