So much to talk about, so little ‘net space!  Get a drink; this is a long one.  It’s a mere fifteen days (yikes!) until my little island hiatus and I’ve already begun to get scatterbrained, so let’s start with the little things and hope for the best. 

Much like my niece’s “Barney” tape when she’s out of the room all I saw of Carly early in the week was a purple blur speeding across my screen.  I’m really a much happier GH viewer when I don’t have to watch or talk about Carly or S&C, so moving right along to SuperJason - Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Able to reach the Canadian border in less than one day and return home! Able to thwart teenage kidnappers when the entire New York Police Force and the FBI can’t seem to do it! What a man!  Buh-bye Jase catch ya’ in a few weeks when Stevie needs the cash. 

There’s nothing much to report on the Stefan and Chloe front.  I appreciate the fact that TPTB are taking this story slowly but it’s about time for something to happen before I get bored.  November can’t get here fast enough for lots of reasons.  I did really enjoy their scenes after she spotted the picture of Brenda that Stefan planted in the magazine.  I think he’s beginning to care for her; however, Chloe being the aggressor would make for a better story.  She'll then have to 'wrassle' (as we say here in the South) with her burgeoning feelings for Stefan and try to reconcile it with the fact that he kidnapped her only to use her as a weapon against Helena all the while putting her life in danger (the tumor).  If we have Stefan pursuing her (and why would he, really? lol) it'll be just like the thing with the Lashamonster.  I don't want him panting after anyone...I want her to go to him!

Lucky’s conversation with Luke surprised me.  I enjoyed the interaction and almost refrained from playing out in my head how the scene would have gone had if we had been watching Jonathan Jackson as Lucky.  I’ll need more convincing but that was a pretty good start.  Afterwards, I really enjoyed seeing Kevin back on GH to treat Lucky.  Welcome home Kevin.

Lucky also found time to share the news with Nik that Hells was controlling him using Faison’s brainwashing prompting Nikki to summon Helena and verbally thrash her again.  One would think after watching Stefan deal with Helena for years, Nik would know better than to tip his hand like that, but what’s done is done and now Helena is aggravated.  He might want to see if that ATM card is still working. Gia also had some pretty uncalled for remarks to Hells.  Both, Gia and Nik should be getting fitted for some new cement boots before long. If Liz and Gia had any sense they'd be sucking up to Hells.  I'd be her #1 good buddy if for no other reason than to stay out of her path while she's wielding a kitchen knife.  Plus you know she's got a fabulous wardrobe and awe inspiring jewels!  Then there's the fact that she can brainwash any guy you desire (let's not even discuss Andreas privileges!!!) and she's pretty handy when it comes to disposing of undesirables (most of the time!).

Now onto the big stories of the week, first up is the trial.

Genie Francis amazes me. Laura never said a word during Flea’s testimony yet I could not only see the various emotions, hurt, disbelief and anger playing across her face...I felt them too.  After months of eye-rolling at less than stellar actresses trying to portray highly emotional scenes it was a breath of fresh air to watch a master at work once again. Laura is definitely back in my good graces.  I hope Flea saw the horror on Mac's face and I damn sure hope she saw Laura's face and took note of the fact that she left the courtroom in tears. I hope Maxie and Georgie disown her and move in with Mac.

Can we please keep Scotty on GH?  More importantly, can Laura keep Scotty on GH? Um, Luke who? Paybacks are hell baby and I would have supported Laura 100% if she’d headed upstairs at the Port Charles Hotel with Scotty, clothes a'flyin' from the bar through the hallways and elevators without a backwards glance. Dontcha just love how she still calls him "Scotty", how he still wants to rescue her, but he won't do anything that she would regret in the morning! Ugh...I may have to turn in my keys to the L&L chapel and remove my candle from the shrine!  I find it odd that I was honestly revolted at the mere thought of Luke nailing Tammy and Count Stefan The Hottie gettin' his underused groove on with Lasha.  I also still shudder at the mere mention of the Fluke Fluck, BUT a little sidestepped suggestion of Laura and Scotty getting a lil' somethin-somethin had my toes curling! I hate how much I wanted it to happen! I'm really still firm in my belief that L&L RULE ALL, but until the first L realizes the same, it wouldn't bother me one D-YAMN bit for the second L and Scotty to have a little fun together. I would actually relish in this extracurricular activity! Hell I'm rooting for it! *VBEG*

I know some people (lots!) are frowning on Laura for drinking at the PC Hotel bar rather than going home but as I’ve explained to a number of people this week Laura didn’t want to be in the home she shared with Luke at that particular moment in time.  Plus, sometimes and only sometimes, a night of drunkenness (or drunken bliss, but we missed out on that!) can lead to clearer thought the following day. 

Luke is acquitted.  Aw man, that was a real nail-biter. (NOT!)  Hey Bubba, apology accepted, dude!

As for Laura’s little display on Friday at Luke’s club, yes I think she was also justified in making an ass of herself there too. (Cut her a little slack, it was Friday the 13th and a full moon!!) Luke hasn't even been over to ask about his daughter, after not seeing her all summer, but he has time to get his groove on with Flea. Flea has time to be all giddy while her beloved gurrrrrrrrrrrls are with her soon-to-be-ex, despite her fluckin' (tehehe, I really love that term Karlyn!) testimony and Laura was the one being harassed by the press. Hell yes I think she's got a right to be pissed, outside of the fact that she still loves Luke and is pea-green with jealousy.  It might have been nice for him to go and apologize for her finding out that way and thank her for supporting him by showing up at the trial.

Next big story is the impending nuptials that are still impending.  MyNed whisked Alexis away to an unspecified island and into a hotel suite that looked remarkably like the one Jax and Chloe used on their most recent island escapade, but no matter.  The bellhop almost immediately, recognized Alexis.  Later, MyNed (on bended knee, no less!) pops the question to Alexis through a haze of nervous laughter and as the song goes “she said YES!” without any convincing.  I seemed to have placed more emphasis on Alexis’ commitment issues than on her desire to marry Ned.  Very sweet a combination of both performers’ comedic and dramatic strengths. Bravo!  

The following day they go wind surfing a sport Alexis apparently excels at with a little coaching from her former husband.  Ned then starts choking when Alexis mentions the word marriage.  She’s already becoming more comfortable with the idea because she actually said the word.  That brings us up to Alexis setting out in search of a wedding dress while Ned gets dressed.  When Ned returns (looking mighty spiffy) AJ is sitting in the living room or so we think.  It’s actually a hallucination and it was even more heartbreaking once I realized that this is what Ned thinks of himself: unlovable, without any friends and that Alexis is going to leave him.  Ned has issues of his own to deal with and I’m so glad the focus wasn’t all on Alexis’ fears. 

Alexis comes in right on cue then and notices that something is wrong.  The both try to give the other the opportunity to bail on the wedding and neither does or wants to.  My favorite (being the sap that I am) line of the week was Ned’s statement to Alexis: “Tonight, when I swear to you forever, I'll mean it.”  That’s a huge statement coming from someone who has said, “I do” five different times.  With Ned’s fears quelled for the moment he goes to the lobby while Alexis gets ready and her hallucination in the form of Helena appears spelling out all of Alexis’ fears of having her identity lost in that of the Quartermaine household. Constance Towers is so fabulous that I can’t even bring myself to really hate Helena.  She’s just a joy to watch.  The Q survival was nothing short of hysterical and I especially loved the way Alexis dropped those diapers like a hot potato! 

Ned returns with the minister in tow and wouldn’t you know it….somebody has tipped off the press!  Now we all knew this wedding wasn’t going to happen that easily didn’t we?  I confess that I prefer the small intimate island wedding that they could have had.  The one that Ned described to Jax many moons ago, but I’m liking the idea of a big bash for my couple.  They deserve a big ol’ party after four years of being backburnered.  Is it too much to hope for that Tracy and Hells will both crash the ceremony and really give the reporters something to write about?

Some of my favorite lines from the week with my editorial comments:

Dara to Flea:  “Are you a promiscuous woman?”  bahahaha!  Dara scored points on that one with me.  Sure, it’s irrelevant, but hey, it amused me and that’s really all that matters, right?

Scotty to reporter:  “Beat it Scribbler!”  Go Scott!

Scotty to Laura: The first girl that you really, really, really fall in love with, that stays with you forever”.  Rrroowwwwlllllll!! Like I said Luke who?

A.J. to Tony and the Qs: “What I need, Dr. Jones, is a little privacy. Unless you-all want to watch me take a shower and get dressed.”  Wait, wait, wait!!!  Let me get a chair!

Luke to Roy: "Hey, I'm back. No streamers, no strippers, no synchronized swimmers?"  Oh yeah, Luke, big party!

Luke: "Worse, it's one of those pretty little white boy groups isn't it?"

Roy: "Actually, Luke, it's not a pretty boy band."

Luke: "Don't tell me it's country!"  Thank you Luke!  Please no more boy bands and refrain from using anybody on the “pop” country charts.  It definitely wasn’t a “pretty” boy band.

Laura: "Excuse me, I hate to interrupt your little party over there, but I'd like some service over here."   MEEEEyow!  Normally, I’d say retract those claws, but since I’m on your side I say, “That’s my girl!  Get ‘em Laura!!”


1.      Apparently L&L2 have better hair after sleeping in the woods for a couple of nights. Also, it's amazing that a few days ago they were wearing coats and saying how cold it had gotten but sleeping in the woods along the Canadian border didn't seem to bother them....hmmmmm. Then they seemed to get back to PC just about the same time as Jason and Em.  They must have borrowed Helena's transporter! Crazy weather! Freaky highways!

2.      One two-second scene between Emily and Zander possessed more heat than the entire year and a half of scenes I had to endure of Emily and Juan.

3.      John J. York performed beautifully in his scenes at the courthouse.  I wanted to cry with Mac when he saw Flea standing in the courtroom blubbering.  It wasn’t necessary for tptb to make me watch her cry for a minute and a half.  I’m not going to feel sorry for her no matter what.

4.      Why is the head of neurology treating AJ?  Shouldn’t that have been left to one of the interns, perhaps one Dr. Ian Thornhart? *ng*

5.      “What’s-his-name”?  My, my, my how soon we forget, Lasha.

6.      The big Q reunion made me cry! From Monica's first reaction at the sight of Emily all the way through the scene of Jason, Em and AJ holding hands. MyNed finally showed up to show some interest in AJ's plight (shave damnit!) I hoped this is the push AJ needed to decide FOR HIMSELF to get sober again.

7.      If the writing had been this interesting for the last three years perhaps I wouldn't have constantly been calling for the soon-to-be-ex-head writer's skull on a pike!

8.      Dara needs to see a proctologist about that stick up her ass, it appears to be growing roots and before you know it, she'll be sprouting leaves from her head.

9.      MyNed was on every day last week.  Ah, see how happy I am when TPTB listen to me! 

10. Has anyone spotted Anabelle lately, because I think Emily was wearing her fur this week!

11. A couple of my wishes from last week were granted.  MyNed put on a suit, it was a white suit, but a suit, nonetheless, just add a razor to that equation, please!  I saw the GH promo for this week and looks like I’m going to get some more Luke/Hells scenes and I can’t wait!

12. Memo to Taggs: Cut her loose babe, she’s FOS and definitely not worth it.  Same memo to AJ.

13. Chloe.  Mohair underwear?  Yowza, tell me how you really feel!

14. Claude should have a recording contract at L&B before Juan!  His band kicked!!  Not to mention the fact it got me warmed up for my island adventures!

15. Wouldn’t the better story for the headlines of the Port Charles Herald have been the fact that the Police Commissioner’s Wife was the alleged murderer’s alibi???  Luke and Laura have been separated for two excruciatingly long years; does any reporter still care about either of them having an affair?

16. Liz is off to New Orleans to check on Grams after a bad fall.  Apparently Audrey was only going to be gone for the day.  That’s quite some day!  It’s at least a four hour flight from New York to “N’awlins” one way.  Maybe Hells is leasing out that transporter to save some cash for a rainy day when Nikki takes over the Cassadine Estate. 

This was a really good week.  See ya’ next time!




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