Scoops By Stephanie!  By Stephanie Cabrera
For the Week of Aug 12-16

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It seems like our real lives are more involved than our soap opera residents these days, doesnít it?  With Katrinaís announcement about discontinuing EOS and Sageís great rescue and commitment to keep it going, itís given me some time to reflect on my status with EOS.  As you know Iíve contributed two columns for EOS the spoilers and SOS.  In recent months my SOS contribution has been minimal at best, as my real life has kept me from my Internet one.  As a result, Iíve come to a few decisions about my EOS future.

First of all, I want to say that I have enjoyed contributing to such a kick-ass site.  This creative outlet has been my salvation on many occasions and Iíll forever hold dear all the wonderful experiences and people Iíve met as a result of this association.  But I just donít have as much time as I used to to devote to these columns.  Every time Iím late with the spoilers or months go by until I post a column I feel such guilt.  As much as Iíd like to believe I could do it all, itís been proven to me in many ways that I cannot.

So this is my last spoiler column.  Iíve decided to just go back to being a soap watcher (and retire the commentator in me until January 2003 at least).  I donít want to shut the door on this and throw away the key, but with a new baby on the way (October 1st is looming believe it or not) and other commitments, this seems like the perfect time for me to take a break.

Please feel free to continue to e-mail me with your comments and questions about AMC.  Iím always happy to correspond via e-mail (which I check daily no matter what) and dish our favorite show.  My e-mail address is  Drop me a note anytime you want to know what I think or whatís coming up. 

Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer, have a blissful fall and a wonderful holiday season!

What's Up in the Valley

As Kendall makes herself at home at Treyís loft, she notices that his voice sounds a lot like actor Richard Fields.

It looks like weíre getting closer to learning the real deal about Trey Kenyon (or who ever he really is).  Isnít Richard Fields Kendallís father/Ericaís rapist?  Donít tell me these two are going to be brother and sister?  Thatís a scary thought and just might prove that the children of Richard Fields are truly the devilís spawn.

David searches for Maria and breaks into Wildwind in hopes of finding her.  When heís there, he has a flashback to the time when he told Maria to disappear (five years ago).

What a strange twist to have David involved in the Maria story, but a great way to incorporate more characters.  But how will her return affect him?  This guy canít stay away from trouble, can he?  I imagine the adrenaline rush of keeping so many secrets motivates him, but I wonder if he ever fears getting caught.

Other Haps In The Valley

Anna is suspicious about Davidís ďsecretĒ.

Treyís Proteus files are almost discovered by Leo and Greenlee.

Aidan and Kendall bond when they are trapped at Enchantment.

Oh baby Ė Anna discovers sheís got a bun in the oven.

Tad is still searching for Maureen Gorman and gets hold of her medical file and a photo.

Leo learn one of Treyís secret.

Bianca tries to get Maggie and Tim together.

Palmer reassures Kendall that her mother will accept her some day.

Brooke has doubts about her relationship until Edmund surprises her with a night of romance.

Aidan and Maria decide to crash Brooke and Edmundís party.

Anna gets hold of Mariaís cell phone, which makes her husband nervous.

Mateo defends Tim to Hayley.

Maria explains why she was hiding and was in the Witness Protection Program.

Maggie rejects Trey.

Aidan tries to keep Kendall from finding out about his mystery woman.

Next Week

Trey confesses to Maggie.

David gives Maria information about her past.

Nessa confesses.

Brooke and Edmundís wedding is interrupted by Maggieís disappearance.

Summer Preview

Upon Mariaís return, Brooke will struggle between doing the right thing and being the upstanding citizen sheís always been or doing whatís best for Brooke.

The Chandlers will cut the crap (finally) and get down to the nitty-gritty with respect to their future.

The teen scene returns with familiar characters (in name only) Tim Dillon and Frank Hubbard.  Tim will be involved with his cousin Hayley and her family and may be followed to Pine Valley by his sister Amanda.  JR will learn about his inner strength and get a story of his own.  Bianca may experience love and will also get a story.

There will be a shift in power at the Chandler mansion due to the results of Lizaís illness.  Stuart, Marian, Mia and Jake are all affected.

Bianca gets a story (possibly with the return of Sarah?) and Maggie will also be involved.

Chris and Erica begin to plan their future and a new home, but it wonít be smooth sailing.

Comings and Goings

Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin, AMC & GH) is being pursued by TPTB to return to her role as Robin Scorpio (Anna Devaneís daughter).  Sources report that the actress is in talks with AMC.

Rumor Mill

Rumor has it that the older Amanda could be brought on as a love interest for Bianca.  The search for Amanda Dillon (who will be aged to 16-17) continues.  There was no word about their parents and no confirmation from AMC.

Eileen Herle (Myrtle) is ready to close up shop and retire.  The actress is expected to leave the show.

Rumors are circulating that Jonathan Bennett (JR) is leaving AMC since he nabbed a role on the FOX pilot ďEastwickĒ based on the movie ďThe Witches of EastwickĒ, which will tape in Los Angeles.  Since AMC tapes in New York Bennettís schedule would be hectic at best.  But there has been no confirmation from AMC or Bennettís people that he has left the show.  Since there hasnít been much story for JR, his lack of appearance isnít questionable.  However, if the pilot is picked up, that may change.

Remember Gloria?  She may be on her way back to Pine Valley.  Teresa Blake portrayed the ex-Mrs. Adam Chandler, and she was also involved with Tad Martin.


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