At his ill-fated wedding, we heard a sincere Jason tell Emily, "I'm good at two things:  my job and being a father."

I would add "staring" to that and it would have been hilarious if he'd actually said it.  I was talking to a friend of mine about Jason's "two things" and the conversation evolved into the prospect that everyone on General Hospital probably had at least two things, so what would they be?

As you read this, it's important to remember that I consider myself to be what Kate Brown, our resident cynic, calls "a fan of the genre" and of the show.  I don't back any one particular couple or character, although I do enjoy some more than others.  These observations are from a broad and objective perspective and pretty much no one is safe.  It's just for fun.

See if you can match up the "two things" to their owners.  Some are easier than others and some seem like they can be applied to more than one person.  You can read my answers by using your mouse to highlight the blank space after each "two things."

Have fun!

Lying and whoring Sam
Singing and rebelling Lynn
Singing and scheming Sage
House claiming and remarrying Monica
Scrunching her nose and making excuses Felicia
Ad libbing and doing movie quotes Dillon
Breaking glasses and getting shot Sonny
Wiping tables and losing money Mike
Applying gloss and saying, "Um...uh..." Emily
Staring and killing people Jason
Wooing women and being an ass Jax
Posting bail and twelve steppin' Alan
Babysitting and ranting Lesley
Picking up men in bars and waking up to find them murdered Skye
Drinking and bitching Luke
Obsessing and stalking Lorenzo
Kidnapping and vendettaing Ric
"Carpe Diem'ing" and jumping in the river Mary
Brooding and cheating Nikolas/Connor
Leather pants and corporate raiding Ned
Imitating Dad and getting his way Michael
Grandstanding and baby brokering Edward
Rubbing her forehead and blinking Courtney
Smiling and step-parenting Mac
Picking boy toys and getting even Helena
Litigating and cross-dressing Alexis
Making bad choices and learning from them Maxie
Making bad choices and NOT learning from them Georgie
Blackmailing and castrating Tracy
Maximizing pool table versatility and making a mullet look good Coleman
Enabling and gardening Lila
Manicures and making ears hemorrhage Lois
Painting and recovery from injuries Liz
Yelling and giving birth despite incredible obstacles Carly